Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This year has been a challenge so far. Mama and I are doing fine but Have been watching family after family seeing their lives change instantly - within seconds. Several by the news of a medical report, some because of bad choices by themselves or those they love. Our lives can change in an instant. I think we all admit that. The first thing we do is try to determine what course of action do I take now? How will this impact those around me?

Purpose - what is your purpose? What is mine? Is our purpose in concrete? Or, can it change? I think we have two basic purposes.
1) We were created by God for God. What we do with that is critical. He wants a personal relationship with each of us. He wants fellowship with us - there was not to be sin, we screwed that up. The picture above is interesting. The lake behind is approximately 7,700 years Old - Crater Lake in Oregon. It has not changed much in 7,700 years. It is still there as I type this. Will not move to another State. I think it will always be there - God placed it there. His purpose for man is still the same - to love Him.
2) We were created to love and serve each other. How are we doing. I am sitting next to mama in that picture, taken in 2008. We still sit next to each other - but probably not at Crater Lake again. Tomorrow, one of us could be gone. Tomorrow we could have to make changes because the other is gone. I don't expect that to happen, but it is changing almost that fast for some of you I know. But it does not change purpose 1 or 2. But it may go another direction.

Praying That as you read this you renew your purpose to God and to those around you. Be always ready to serve - but be aware, how you do that may sometimes require change. So lets grab tomorrow and serve.

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