Sunday, 20 February 2011

Prayer time - with your soul mate!

This is my Soul Mate! My best friend, the lady I share my life with. She is one of a kind. Nobody puts up with my nonsense like mama does. She knows with out a doubt I love her. She is confident beyond any doubt that I love her very much and would give my life for her. We have been married for over 45 years.

To me, one of our most cherished moments is at night fall when we pray out loud together. Most times I pray first then she does. We both pray about some of the same things. Almost every time we both pray for those of you we know through blogging or facebook. We both sometimes forget to pray for things but then usually the other reminds the other while they are praying.

We have become one - we are. Either one of us would be lost without the other. But, we also know that God could take either one of us or both of us at any time. that is His decision. I hope that if I go I have taken care of things that mama can go on and not worry. That is important.

I mentioned prayer. To me prayer can be a measuring tool. Husbands, do you pray out loud and openly with your wife? why not? Is it a macho thing? A "master" thing? Do you think it is being too submissive? I May be wrong, but I think your wife would cherish those moments. I know mama does. As soon as I start to pray she snuggles close, clasps my hand and cherish these precious moments. Why not try it?

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