Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My sweet grandchild!

Now this picture is of my "sweet" grand daughter Sara! I sure do love Sara. She is precious. However, she is "fitting in" to her family with her other 2 siblings just fine. She is the youngest and I was concerned that maybe with being adopted, and wondering how quickly she would "adjust" into the family - NOT A PROBLEM! For her anyways - we had to adjust quick!

This picture? An interesting situation for Papa! Want to guess what Papa did wrong? Oh my! If I remember right, Sara had only been in the family a few (couple?) of months and we took her to a parade, her first parade. Remember? They throw candy? Well I got into her "space" - she learned quickly that this was her space and I had crossed the line! Even mama, behind her, backed up!

We all (including Sara) had a great time and laugh over the parade - it was special.

How do you do when someone gets in your space? We do set limits and have our lines drawn. We learn to do that quickly. Even as husband & wife, mama and I have to be careful with drawn lines. I am learning to be flexible - it doesn't always have to go my way. Even though I am probably right!! (smile)

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