Friday, 22 April 2011

A neat find!

Yesterday my son Jeff and I went "treasure hunting". He has metal detector so we picked out a few spots where we might find something. We found an old bronze lock, some arcade tokens, several pennies and some other change.

However, our best find for the day was a dime similar to this one. This one is a 1936, the one we found was a 1925 "Mercury" dime minted from the Denver Mint. It is in good shape, not very worn which is nice. Its value is worth more than the original 10 cents. May be worth 5 to 10 dollars.

When the metal detector started "pinging" we started to think maybe its just another penny but it was not. It was "deep" (6 inches or more) which always gets you excited as you know its been there awhile. The unanswerable question is how long has the coin laid there with people just walking over it? Buried as deep as it was, probably many years, maybe as many as 75 years or more. Now the dime has a new life and will be viewed by many, in fact yesterday we showed our find to many people.

Hopefully you and I are using our worth that God has given to each of us to serve him. He does not want us to hide or not be of service to others. Easter Sunday is just a day or two ahead of us. But today is Good Friday. Today we recognize Christ being crucified and buried. Fortunately He is Risen! Make this Easter season a time of renewal to him and serve him with great Joy. And be sure to tell others about your great find!

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