Sunday, 24 April 2011

Will miss my friend!

Amos died last week from a series of sudden medical issues. I will miss that horse - he was a great horse and a friend.

Susan, who owned Amos will miss him as well. Thank you Susan for letting me ride Amos as often as I liked.

This picture shows something that most horse people would pick up on. What is Amos paying attention to? Many would say the photographer, which would be only partially true. Look at his left ear. That ear is focused on me - he is aware that he has to pay attention to me as well - his mind can do both - that is amazing for a horse. If you notice at the time the picture was taken I had just slightly snugged up the lines and got his attention. He was always very aware of me on his back, he never took that for granted. Amos was a great horse - even if others were riding him, if he could see me, he would put a major part of his attention on me. That was a problem in an arena! lol

Amos, will miss you old buddy. Hope we get to ride again!

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