Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Class of 1961 - 50th Reunion

I graduated in 1961 from Buckley High School, Buckley, MI. The picture here was taken in 1965 at my wedding but it does show me in my youth. Times have changed. So have I.

In two days, Friday the 27th, I head back to Buckley for our class 50th reunion. There were 18 in our graduating class. Two have passed away. Out of the 16 remaining, 14 will make a showing at the reunion activities. Friday night we are all having dinner together. On Saturday evening we have the annual school alumni dinner - a small school so it is open for all classes - a very special time. On Sunday we will have a worship service for our class & friends at 11am. I am in charge of that service and will be doing the speaking/devotional. After the service, about noon, we will have a carry-in picnic lunch. The service and lunch will be at an open pavilion in a small community park, very informal. My message Sunday morning will be about "Choices". Humm, same as the theme for my blog.

Regardless of our age, all through life we will be faced with making choices. what "drives" you in making your choices/ Are your choices "self-centered" or are they Christ focused? Stop by Sunday morning and find out what mine are driven by - besides I need someone to help me with a "demonstration" sunday morning at 11am.

God bless - have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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