Monday, 25 July 2011

Miss my Dad

I was 37 when my father passed away. That was 31 years ago. I still remember him as a very precious father. He never said verbally " I love you." but he loved his children very much. I would have liked to have heard that once in awhile, but I never doubted he loved me for a moment. His "actions spoke louder than words". He provided for needs and even a few wants - smile. He was a great mechanic and an even greater electrician. I don't think there was a mechanical situation he could not solve. We always had bikes, go-carts and mini-bikes tearing up the farm property. He would let us at age 10 drive the tractor on the road to the swimming hole about a mile and a half away. Unsupervised! We were good swimmers!

I remember family altar time and Bible Devotions. Mom & dad were both involved with that. God's word has always been a critical part of our heritage.

Dads, how are you Doing? Praying For all of you out there. Thinking of one particular "DAD" right now that has three boys under the age of 8 and now suddenly two young girls that are living with their family as well. God, bless this family as they endeavor to raise 5 children now. Help dad to be a great dad to all.

The picture above is our family in the summer of 1946. Mom was in a TB sanitarium at the time. Had been for about a year. I am the one next to my sister. Yep dad, you were the best.

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