Monday, 10 October 2011

A Commandment

When I took Amos trail riding I expected many different things but one thing in particular was total obedience. I never tolerated his not obeying. If he failed in the slightest there was consequences. I NEVER mistreated him, but I did scold him or dug in my heels and he knew my tone of voice as well when I scolded. When I gave a command, either verbally or with a cue from my body, he obeyed.

Obeying my commands were important. If Amos disobeyed and got away with it, it would get worse the next time. ANd, more importantly, if we were in a potentially dangerous situation, I wanted to know he would obey me - and trust me. He could hesitate, question, some of that was okay, but if I urged him on I expected obedience.

God expects the same from us and yet we have the nerve to say no! He gave us 10 commandments, not suggestions. How are you doing? I have been reading the Bible through in a year. I am amazed at how many times I am coming across the word command. Sheeeesh, you would think the children of Israel would catch on - I guess we just keep working at it.

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