Saturday, 30 January 2010

Pay Attenton!!

Scripture: “My son, give attention to my words, Incline your ear to my sayings.” Proverbs 4:20

Do you have trouble hearing what the Lord is saying to you? I know sometimes I really do not listen well. Amos is a good listener! He relies on his ears for paying attention to what is going on around him. He can sense danger with his hearing and he can sense pleasure or anger in your voice. However, horses ears are a great visual tool for me as well.

When Amos has his ears forward he is paying attention – usually to what he is seeing directly in front of him. It is a sign of alertness and interest. Sometimes he will rotate the closest ear to you indicating he is “connecting” with you. I am constantly watching Amos’ ears. I know whether he is relaxed, paying attention to me or if something else has his attention. One other thing, Amos’ ears are a dead give away when he is angry! If he gets angry his ears will be laid back against his head. Not a good visual sign. It could be directed at me or another horse. When a horse lies back its ears be aware that they may follow up with actually attempting to bite or even kick.

Aren’t you glad that your ears don’t react to your emotions? Maybe it would be helpful at times. We would learn to stay clear of those people who had their ears laid back! We could also tell when people are listening to us. Are you a good listener?

Prayer Thought: Jesus, help me to listen to you today.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Wedding Day!!

This is probably one of my very favorite pictures. Must have been taken in about 1940. The picture is of my "Morfar" (grandfather, mothers father), My mom and my dad. This was on their wedding day. I found this picture in a photo album on or about June 19th, 2003, 63 years after it was taken. I was sitting at the table eating breakfast and looking at old photo albums that someone had dropped off. Not a real unique story until you realize that I was across the Atlantic, sitting in a home just a couple of miles from the homestead of my grandfather in Sweden.

I stopped eating, stared at the picture and realized, from other photo's who these people were. I was speechless. After looking at other pictures, I found over 20 pictures of family back in "America" that my grandfather had sent to his sister in Sweden.
I got permission to scan the photos and emailed them back to my computer in moments.

As you reflect on this story, several things should be going through your minds. How technology has changed, memories of loved ones, family ties, all kinds of thoughts. I sat there all teared up. What upset me the most is that six months before finding this photo, mom had died. Dad had died in 1980 and grandpa just a couple of years after this photo was taken. Oh how I wish I could have shared with mom what I had found.

Families are special. Our histories are amazing. You will find fun memories, heartaches and hard work. Whatever you find - build on it. Try to keep your roots in tact.

Friday, 22 January 2010

I am not going to quit!

This is a picture of Papa's truck - it would have been elgible to turn in for "Cash for Klunkers" program. It is 13 years old, gets poor gas mileage, has 135,000 miles on it and has worked hard - it has done what it was designed to do. It has every right to be retired. The problem is, I need it and I enjoy driving it! So, sorry truck you are stuck with me.

It has a nice rumbling V8 with twin straight through dual exhaust pipes, no mufflers as such - the neighbors won't let me start it before 8AM - it wakes the neighborhood up. It rumbles !! Very cool! It has a solid box to haul a good load, the neighbors like to "borrow" it. It has 4x4 drive and large oversized Mudder tires that will allow it to go about anywhere. Has a class III frame hitch that will tow more than its own weight and then some. Want this truck? Sorry its mine and I need it.

I am tired, wore out, old age is sneaking up fast and I just want to quit. But I won't. You see, my Master, Christ still wants to use me. Maybe my assignments are different that 30 years ago, but He wants to use me - And, just like my truck He likes to spend time with me as we go down life's road together. Yep, its a great life belonging to the Master.

Monday, 18 January 2010

The end of time!

A couple of years ago I woke up one morning and I could not find my watch. I always put my watch on the dresser at night but that particular morning it was not there. I wasn't too alarmed as I was sure I would find it somewhere in the house. After two days of no watch, I was puzzled - where had I put it? I searched the car, asked mama if she had seen it - it had disappeared.

As I was riding my bike around Indian Lake, which is a ride that is 12 miles long, I kept wondering where could I have put my watch? Suddenly, I began to wonder if maybe the band had broke, could the watch have fallen off and I did not notice. I decided to retrace my bike route and check. The bike ride was quite routine so if that was the case - maybe I would find it. Well, I did - not good. I found it in the road ran over by many a car. Destroyed. Time had ceased for that watch.

Some day - time will cease to exist. I am not talking about death. I am talking about time. No, I don't have this all figured out but I believe when God sounds that trump, time will cease to exist and we will begin a "new time". God's time table. Not sure exactly what God has planned, but I think right now I have a choice as to what I can do when time shall stop to exist as we know it. After the moment that time ceases to exist, our choices will be very limited. I'd suggest that you make the right choices now so that when you no longer can alter your choice - make sure it is right.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Can't we just get along??

I posted this picture on my facebook page a few days ago with the question what is special about this picture. I am intrigued with this picture.

These two boys played together for several days and got along just fine. They are related, but very distantly - 4th cousins. What amazes me they really can't even talk to each other. The boy in the hat, Sam, is from Sweden. Coleman is from the USA. It may be sometime before they get to see each other again.

In the picture they are watching a DVD together and as you can see they are sharing. In fact I think the DVD is probably a Disney story - in Swedish!! Amazing!!

I am angry today. Our own country can not even agree on issues. We make life so complicated. All of our branches of government are in almost total chaos and functioning minimally. We are self-centered and acting very ignorantly. We think that our national debt crisis can be solved by printing more money rather than reducing our debt - that is foolish.

We need to change - the two boys above had major differences - yet got along great. Why can't we?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

"play Ball!" Sorry, not now!!

It is now the New Year and time for resolutions.

I was thinking of what things I want to improve on in 2010 and was reminded of one my supervisors/friends from years past.

One day I went into my supervisors office and was discussing work projects. I glanced at his desk and noticed a baseball sitting on the desk. I guess I just had not noticed it before. After we had finished discussing work items I asked him what was the significance of the baseball on the desk?

He got a very serious look on his face, picked up the baseball, sat back in his chair and with tears filling his eyes began to share his story.

His son loved baseball and loved to play catch with his dad. The problem was that Dad was a VP (Vice President) of the company and worked long hours and traveled out of town a lot. Dad struggled to find time to play catch and even when home was often exhausted when he got home from work.

At the age of 8, his son died quite suddenly from a children's disease. The family, a wonderful Christian family was devastated.

My supervisor leaned forward in his chair and said, "I keep the baseball on my desk to remind me of having correct priorities. I miss my son, I cannot go back, but I can go forward."

I pray, "Lord, as I start into year 2010, help me to see the needs of others, my work responsibilities for you - and please help me to see the needs of my family - amen."

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!! Where are you headed?

Scripture: “just as he chose us in Him before the foundation of the world…”

Ephesians 1:4 NKJV

Introduction to my first horse

Lady, my first horse, was a beautiful part Quarter horse Strawberry Roan foaled probably on a farm in Michigan. Her Sire (father) and Dam (mother) was both unknown. She had no impressive pedigree. Not much was known about her early years and her upbringing but two things really stood out about her. She was a beautiful horse and very gentle and laid back with children. However, when an adult or experienced rider climbed on her back, she knew. She was ready for action. Now Lady didn’t have much choice about her pedigree or her looks. Those were hers whether she liked it or not. Her gentle and laid back attitude with children and her change of attitude with adults she chose.

I too did not have any choice on my “pedigree” but as I look over my life I have had the choice about my attitude and spirit as I face the challenges of each day. Each day as I start it with my devotions I pray that the day will belong to my Savior and that I will be His instrument through it.

Prayer Thought: Lord help me to choose the attitudes and spirit that you want me to use this day. Keep me focused where you want me to go each day of this new year.