Monday, 31 March 2008

My trip to Mississippi - & - poor Papa :) !!

Hi to you all! This is mama !! I had a wonderful trip! Nine of us left in our church van and drove 9 hours to Gauthier, MS. We arrived at 1AM Friday morning and had to set up our cots & sleeping bags in a local church recreation center. 140 other people were there already so we had to be quiet as we went to bed.

At 6:30AM they woke us for breakfast. Short night! After breakfast we had devotions then they bussed us to Gulfport, MS where we did various construction tasks at different sites. I was assigned to a local church that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. My job was to help lay floor tile in the men's restroom! :( ! They fed us well and all activities were well planned. On Saturday we did the same thing. Evening activities included such things as table games and just meeting new people. You know I like table games! Too bad Papa couldn't have come, I beat him quite often at table games, but I still love him! :)

On Sunday Morning we left at 8am to go home. I surprised Papa at church at 6PM. He wasn't expecting me until later! I grabbed him and gave him a hug and a kiss! He was very busy wrapping up church elections for the day. He was the elections coordinator. We finally got home about 8:30PM. Let me clear up one matter - I have no tattoo's! :) Papa told me all about that and read me Tam's "story". Very funny! I want to thank you for keeping papa entertained and somewhat out of mischief. We missed each other very much. He is my very best friend.

Love you all -

Saturday, 29 March 2008

My first date with Mama!

On October 3, 1963, Mama walked into the store cafeteria - I was a 20 year old nervous young man, we had planned this first date over a year earlier! It was about noon, I was 30 minutes early. She smiled at me, and I smiled back - It was the very first time we had seen each other! I had driven over 3 hours to meet her. I lived in Northwestern Michigan she in Southeastern Michigan.

We had written close to 375 letters to each other but had never met. Now I was "'home" on leave from the USAF from Italy for 60 days. The first week in December I would head to Crete, in the Mediterranean Sea. I would be gone for 15 more months.

She looked pretty, but nervous. We were to have lunch together, she worked at the store. So I had to wait. We talked - went to a park and swung on the swings. The weekend was a blur. We went to a special service at church that night. Mama considered it our first date, I considered it our second date - I wanted a kiss! Mama said; "no!" I was disappointed! :o( The "3rd" date I got my first kiss - since then there have been many kisses and two children.

On November 21, 1963 mama and I got engaged. We were excited! We have been best friends ever since!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

One of God's greatest gifts to me - Mama!

Mama is special blogging family! Sorry, there is only one and she is all mine! She is my bestest friend and has ALWAYS strived to be the perfect mate - and has done exceptionally well! One of her strongest attributes is her compassion. For example, today she leaves at 4pm on a Work & Witnessing trip to Gautier, MS. She will be working on relief effort related to Hurricane Katrina. She will be gone 4 days.

I am not sure (weeping right now) why God gave me such a gift. I can think of many humorous comments right now, but the bottom line is I am grateful. I pray that someday you get to meet the greatest gift that God gave me next to my salvation! Just like Sydney, our grand daughter, I feel secure when I am wrapped in Mama's arms. I love you mama and will miss you!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mama can be mean! she can be down right evil!

I need your love, compassion and understanding! I try to do my best but at times mama really puts the hurt to me. She can make me feel so bad. It is not fair. She should show compassion to her husband. And - as scripture says she should be submissive and obedient! Let me share our problem and then I am sure you will take my side.

You see mama loves table games like Skipbo, Uno, Domino's, Spinner Domino's, Sequence and others. She is a vicious player and goes for my throat! As her husband she should help me win. She should play those cards and domino's that help me - right? She is a good player, never gets angry if she loses, but she sure does let you know when she wins. She will look at me, smile, say sorry, then stick it to me! Thats just not right! Please let her know in your comments that she needs to show me more respect.

Mama wants to make some comments now: This is Mama "POOR BABY"! Isn't that the way you play too?? :o) Mama

Monday, 24 March 2008

The "Scariest" Bible story - My Opinion!

The story in the Bible that scares Me the most is found In Acts 5: 1-11 - The story of Ananias & Sapphira - take heed my friends. If you are not familiar with this story be sure to read verses 32-37 of chapter 4 to get some background.

They lied to God & the Holy Spirit! Whenever we lie to our fellow Christians, our brothers & sisters in Christ, God considers that serious. It is as if we had lied to the Holy Spirit and God directly. We must be honest with each other.

When Ananias lied he died instantly! When his wife was asked about the same situation - she lied to the church as well. Following her husbands lead as they planned and she also died. Look at verse 11, great fear came upon the church. Peter challenges Ananias - verse 3 - "'Why has Satan filled your heart ..." We have a tremendous responsibility as Christians not to let Satan get a foothold in our hearts.

I have heard my brothers & sisters in Christ say some cruel things to each other in the name of Christ. I have done the same. I offend the Holy Spirit when I do that. I have sought His forgiveness and made restitution when necessary. Gossip and rumors are in this same category. Do not offend the Holy Spirit - we are to be Christ like!

I love you all and know very few of you personally. But my prayer daily as I blog is that I show love and compassion to all as we share our Christian beliefs. Some do not share my beliefs but
yet we are friends and have love and compassion for each other. Thanks for your friendship and your comments. God Bless!

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Monday Night, 24th, (9:00PM EST) I am going to post what I think is the "scariest" story in the bible. This will be my opinion - not backed up by any profound theological theory, just my thoughts.

What story/incident in the bible scares you the most?? Tell me in your comments. Use the following simple format.

1) Give scripture reference.
2) Describe the incident briefly.
3) Does it have any spiritual application today?

I guess this is kind of a Bible study - we are all facilitators - lets enlighten each other.
Thanks for participating.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Fun Time! Please play with me?

Today was a goof off day! Four of us went on a guided tour trip in an old Florida gulf coast town. The tour took us through residential areas, old shopping district and along the gulf coast beach area. I think the tour was about 8 miles round trip. We saw some 10 million dollar homes! Oh my!

Here is how I want you to play with me -

What kind of transportation did we use for the tour??

I will watch for your comments - my answers can only be yes or no until the mystery is solved!

Please play with me? Please?

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Sorry, I was sleeping!

"40 Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping." Matthew 26:40 NIV

My pastor spoke on this very topic tonight - "Maundy Thursday" service. When Jesus needed his disciples the most, they slept through it. In hours - He was gone! Shortly thereafter Jesus was crucified. He wanted their prayers, he wanted their support.

All through the service tonight I kept coming back to one question; "Am I available when people need me? or am I sleeping?" When those we know are going through difficult times can they count on us?

I have seen the blogging world in action - you guys are wonderful. When those that are going through difficult times need encouragement - you have been there. I have appreciated your words of encouragement - so has mama. God bless and have a wonderful Easter.


NOTE!! Monday, the 24th, new post - be thinking - "What story/incident in the bible scares you the most ??" I will share mine Monday evening.

Monday, 17 March 2008

I have failed as a father

The words to the title of this post should never have to uttered by a father, but sadly, on occasion I have failed.

It was May 1972, a warm spring day, mama and I were working at Teen Ranch inc. in the "'thumb" area of Michigan. We were Resident Cottage Parents for 10 teenage boys plus we had two small children of our own. Jo, my daughter in the picture was just learning to walk. That warm May day I was suppose to be watching my little girl, I got lax. I left her outside and went in to take care of an "errand" and left her unattended - I never even heard the scream.

The day was beautiful, so warm! The ranch decided that this would be a wonderful day to put fresh hot, very hot, tar sealer on the driveway.

Suddenly a man came bursting into the front door with my little girl in his arms! She was crying, screaming in great pain! She had walked out into the hot tar barefooted, screamed, and then fell into the hot tar getting large portions of hot tar sticking to her feet and her legs. The man immediately ran cold water on the hot tar cooling it down and instructing us not to try and peel the tar off her legs as it would pull the skin right off.

We quickly loaded her in the car and rushed her to the emergency room where they slowly removed the tar with what I believe was liquid ether. Mama had called our pastor and quickly the church family was in prayer. That night our daughter had major blisters on her feet and on her legs - but God took away her pain! She slept just fine that night, the next day was walking, trying not to bump her blisters. Me, I had a major question for God! God, you took away the pain, why not those ugly blisters??!! He waited - then said; "I gave you that daughter, I took her pain away, but the blisters are for you. A reminder you are to watch over her!" I asked his forgiveness and learned a hard lesson on fathering.

God never fails us! He has promised us eternal hope and He will get us there. We can sometimes fail or make mistakes as an earthly father, but our Heavenly Father never does. My little girl? Never had a scar - but I had to look at those blisters a long time!

Friday, 14 March 2008

We have had a perfect Marriage for 43 years!

Last night when I went to bed I cried a lot. I am now. You see, I have a perfect marriage - really. I got to bed after mama had went to sleep. I think I came to the bedroom at least 3 times before mama went to sleep to tell her "I love you!" I cried each time - I'm too gushy. I don't do this every night but yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about mama - I am blessed!
What makes a perfect marriage? Here is my list. What else would you add?
1) Both husband & wife must have a personal relationship w/Jesus!
2) Each must love the other more than self!
3) Must seek forgiveness when you screw up!
4) No pouting - if you do, go back to #3.
5) Communicate - intimately & personal - no hidden feelings. Be kind!
6) Pray together -
7) Very important - touch each other! I love to hold mama's hand in church!
8) Never ridicule, tease or put your spouse down - it hurts. I am a big tease - not w/mama.
9) Remember special days! Birthdays - especially anniversary! Make them special!
10) On occasion, make an ordinary day a very special day!

There are many more ideas on how to have a perfect marriage. Can you add to the list?

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Family - I am totally confused!

As CDC says, I am a tease, but what I am about to share is the truth! The names are accurate to identify the guilty! I am telling the truth! Really!

The past several days Mama (yes, she is my first and only wife - 43 years) and I went to see my brother (we have the same mom & dad). But as I visited with extended family also there and tried to sort out the relationships, I began to wonder if my brother is now my cousin and if my dad may be his uncle? Now Al, (my brother) married Berta. Berta's dad Edsel was my dad's first wife's (Vera) brother. Berta's father-in-law, my dad, was also her uncle. Sometimes she would call him uncle Joe or "dad". Al & I are offspring of Joe & Alice. Alice was my dads 2nd wife. So if dad was Berta's uncle, and she married his son, that would make them at least cousins by marriage - right? So now maybe my brother is my cousin!

All I know is a few years ago I went to Berta's mothers funeral. When we entered the church for the service, one of the funeral director's assistant's asked us; "Are you family or friend, where can I seat you?" I said; "I have no clue!"

What I am excited about is that I am a "Child of God!" If you are, we are brothers & sisters in Christ! So someday when I pass away, and if you can attend my funeral, and they ask if you are family or friend, I hope you can say; "I am family!"

P.S. I just got off the phone with Berta, she said to be sure to tell you all their children turned out normal!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Off Line a few Days

Will be "off the air" for a few days I am having a "getaway" long weekend with my daughter's mother, my first wife. See ya late Wednesday.

By the way, I have a favor, a friend of mine, Carol, (cdc Version) started a blog today! Drop by and say hi! She is a terrific Christian lady, her husband, my friend needs a lot of work, but she is okay! They are both terrific! She is a humble Bible scholar, loves Greek, and speaks at retreats on occasion.

Lets encourage her at her blog.

I gotta go, my first wife just came into the bedroom!

Friday, 7 March 2008

Man, The Predator

Scripture: “Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid…” Isaiah 12:2

Man is a predator and a horse is a prey animal. The natural response of a horse to man is to flee. Most predators like man have their eyes close together, ears farther back and a horse recognizes those traits as traits of a predator. Yet God has designed the horse so that the horse can develop a trust in man. This kind of trust is amazing. Amos, my horse, sees me and quickly comes to me; he senses no threat in me as a predator. He even allows me to subdue him by putting a bridle on his head, a bit in his mouth and a saddle on his back. Finally, he even lets me climb on his back. This is not natural for a horse. A horses basic instinct is to rid anything that is on its back. Training and development of trust by his trainer is what convinces a horse to trust.

How do you see your Heavenly Father? Do you trust Him or do you see Him as a predator? Someone you have to fear? Look at our scripture today, the words tell us we need to trust. God is our salvation. Fear is not something that we have to worry about as we approach our Heavenly Father. He wants to walk with us each moment of the day. Why not place your hand in His today and walk and talk together. Tell your Heavenly Father how much you love Him.

Prayer Thought: I will not fear you Father, I will trust and love You.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Baseball

Recently there has been a commercial with a little boy who slips on a baseball glove, goes out in the yard, throws the ball - but there is no one to catch the ball or throw it back to him. The father killed by a drunk driver.

I once worked for a VP of a large drug company. On his desk was a baseball. If you asked him why the ball was there, he would tell you. It belonged to his son who died at 8 years of age from a sudden onset of a child's disease. He regretted the many times he could not play ball with his son and stated that family time is critical and precious. Then he would ask you; "What are you doing with your family today?"

Monday, 3 March 2008

She was mean, nasty, verbally abusive and no one liked her

Years ago mama worked as a "general laborer" on a packaging line. The factory probably had a couple of hundred employees. Mama worked day shift. Usually we both got home around 4:30pm. Friday was no exception, but this one Friday I will not forget.

We usually had supper around 5:30pm and this particular Friday it was quieter than usual. Our daughter, Jo, a nursing student was eating with us. Jo suddenly asked; "mom, are you crying?" I had not noticed. Mama nodded and smiled weakly and reassured us she was okay. "Whats the matter?" I asked. She proceeded to tell us what a miserable day she had at work.

Apparently another lady (term used loosely) chose to make Friday miserable for mama. She belittled her all day, cussed and swore at her and just made life "hell" for her that day. In the past many workers had refused to work with her. In fact at times this lady caused people to be fired and others had actually quit because of her. However, mama was able to survive the day but was not looking forward to going back on Monday. Suddenly my daughter looks at me and says; "what are you going to do about it dad ?!" My reaction was; "What?!" Not my problem I commented. I don't know anyone there even! Now in my self-defense; I love my wife and will always be her knight in shinning armor, but I did not think my involvement was "appropriate". My daughter bugged me all weekend. She knew if I got involved it would get resolved but not very pretty and would be ugly! Mama did not want that! She had to go back there to work. Now a little insight into my personality, I will work extremely hard to give you the benefit of the doubt - but don't even interpret that as weakness. Because the last place you want me is in your face!

Well enough of the story for now. You can speculate. Mama does not know I shared this much but I want her to finish this drama and give you her perspective. So stay tuned! If you are willing to share; What would you have done? We will be back later today. Mama just saw this and is contemplating her comments. 8:48 AM

Update 3:30PM EST
Hi - this is mama;

On Monday morning the "gal" wanted me to go to the bathroom with her. I was afraid she was trying to get me in trouble so I said wait until break time. She said our boss had given both of us permission to go into the bathroom.

I said ok but that I had work to do and couldn't take long. What I didn't know was most of my co-workers in that end of the warehouse already knew what this gal was talking about but I had NO idea. She started out by saying what a wonderful husband I had. She couldn't understand why he did what he did... she kept this up for a short time and I said i didn't know what she was talking about. Then she told me that my husband had sent her flowers with a card saying: "You are missing a great opportunity for a good friend in Judy!" Signed Judy's husband.
What a difference that made with the whole working group. Our boss said that was the first time anyone had tried being nice to get through to this gal. After that she was always nice to me right up until the day we moved away and I had to quit my job. Love you all, mama

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Family Festival time! Every 4th of July!

WE live on a large (300 plus acres) church campground. Approximately 80 churches call this their campground. We have lived here 14 years. Each 4th of July is Family Festival Time! What fun! We have a family reunion each 4th of July that runs for several days. Each year they have a parade - our float has taken 1st place each of the last 4 years we have competed!

Family is so important. Handle the relationships with care - please?