Sunday, 28 February 2010

Do you need a bath?

We live in a single wide trailer here in Florida. It is nice and comy for mama and I but the bathtub was very uncomfortable - a pain! Last year we pulled the tub out and put in a walk-in shower very nice. But I miss a good bath.

Don't tell anyone but when in Michigan I love to soak in a tub and love the bubble bath stuff - I love to relax and soak it in. Well, this morning I took a bath.

As I was sitting in church the Holy Spirit just washed all over me. It wasn't a shower, it was a real soaking. It lasted almost the whole morning. I needed that. His presence overwhelmed me and I just soaked it up. I wept, I laughed, I wiped away many a tear and yet rejoiced in God's presence. It was one of those special moments with my Lord. I hope you had a bath today. I sure enjoyed mine.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heaven Bound

Scripture: “Because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven …” Colossians 1:5

Riding Amos is heavenly! I love horses and to be on a wooded trail on horseback is heavenly. All the hours that I will spend with Amos will be so that we can go trail riding. The training is all preparation for him and I to enjoy the ride. Even the trailer loading training, which is nerve wracking for any horse, is done with trail riding in mind. When he backs out of that trailer, he knows it is time for a heavenly trail ride. I am not sure what he enjoys best, my company? Probably not, rather the company of other horses that are there getting ready for the trail ride as well.

The irony of it all is that when Amos was born and started his “training” he had no comprehension of what trail riding was all about. And through all the years of training he had no idea what a trail ride was until he finally got to participate and go on one.

You and I are in training for our arrival at our heavenly home. Although we know in part where we are going, I don’t think we have any comprehension of what this “heavenly” place is or what it is all about. Not even the best of theologians can agree on this one. I know I am excited to know what my heavenly Father has in store for me for eternity. Wouldn’t it be sad to screw up my training here on earth and miss it!

Prayer Thought: I pray that today I will be a good student.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Down & Out? Well Maybe not!!

Sometimes when we think life has hit us the hardest is when we need to really get going! I admit at times when things seem the roughest I want to just give up - but I refuse. I struggle with my attitude with Parkinson Disease more than the disease itself. This next week I am going to really try and kick an exercise program in gear - based primarily on bike riding. Starting with 5 miles a day or better. How are you doing with your attitude when life seems tough? Feel trapped? Be confident - remember two important things - 1) God is Sovereign! 2) All His resources are at your disposal! Never give up!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

It All Comes Down to A Choice!

Choices R Mine - thought about that a lot today - Valentines Day. How are you doing with your choices?

Tomorrow I will go through the day making choices. I am not facing any major decisions so no problem. Wrong, even though my choices may be simple - easy, that does not guarantee that my choices will be the best. We need to be in prayer each day that God will guide us as we make choices that will come along our path.

Have a great day tomorrow! And remember tomorrow is already here - it's in Australia right now!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Passion for ---

This is my son Jeff Snowboarding. Would you believe this is a picture of him at his first attempt at snowboarding?? Well its not!! No Jeff has been snowboarding for several years and loves it. He has competed in some snowboarding events and has even been ranked nationally. He has a good board, does his best when he practices as much as he can. He even developed his own brand of wax to try and improve his speed. He wants to be at his best - so he works at it. He has books, magazines and even DVD's about snowboarding.

I profess to be a Christian and I say I have a "passion for my lord". I wonder if I really, really do? Lets see - what determines if I have that passion? I guess it requires my time - that is if I can squeeze in a little of that. Oh, probably should read something about it- I guess maybe my Bible?
Maybe go to church? Naw, I can serve Christ with a passion without that - right? I mean, I need to be out in "the mission field"!! Maybe I could go once in awhile to worship for maybe an hour or so.

Well gotta go now - not much going on tonite, guess I will watch a little TV. Don't want to miss my favorite shows!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Walk on!!

Scripture: “…how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace...” Romans 10:15

When considering buying Amos, one of the very first things I looked at was his feet. A horse with problems in their feet is a serious issue. Amos’ feet are fine. There were no cracks, no open sores, well trimmed and he walked on them fine. If I am going to ride Amos any distance on a trail I want his feet to be in tip top condition. I want his feet to take me any place I want to go. When I was in my teens I had a horse whose feet went lame. I had to get off that horse and walk him home very carefully – 6 miles! Not what I had intended.

My feet need to take me where God wants me to go. - I wonder what my feet would say to me if they could talk and make spiritual conversation with me. Would they say; “Jim, why did you take me there today??” Would they be pleased with our journey? Amos’ feet are critical to him. Without the use of his feet he cannot go anywhere. Fortunately for you and I, even if we have lost mobility because of a foot problem, we can still make a spiritual journey each day. How was your journey yesterday? Why not look down at your feet and say, “were you proud of me yesterday?” Maybe today you can even do better.

Prayer Thought: Before I take another step Lord, help me to make sure I am going where you want me to go.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Study Hard !!

Do you have a good study Bible? If not, get one! There are many good ones out there, just make sure you have one! I loaned my ESV (English Standard Version) Study Bible to a neighbor for the past two weeks and I was anxious to get it back!

The ESV Study Bible requires a wheel barrow if you plan to carry it to church! LOL !! I use to carry it in a large cloth bag, but decided against it - just too bulky. I would spread it out on the pew and go to work with my pen and highlighters!

The ESV is a "Word for Word" translation of the original texts. The NIV (New Interntaional Version) is also a great translation but is more of a "Thought for Thought" translation. Also, the NIV is up for revision in 2011. I am not a big fan of the Thompson Chain Reference as most of the study aids are in the back where as you will find most of the ESV study aids right with the scriptures. I have previously owned 3 Thompson Chain References.

The important thing, is to get into the Word - and study. Remember, try to get a good "Word for Word" translation - paraphrases are okay for general thought reading but are not the best for study applications. Just my thoughts! Now I need to go study!! I have A Sunday School lesson to prepare for that I teach. I love my Burgundy, genuine leather ESV study Bible - cost was around 60 bucks, the hardback is around 30 bucks.

God Bless!