Saturday, 31 January 2009

Patient Advocate

Mama and I years ago filled out "Patient Advocate" forms. Basically that form tells an attending physician who can make medical decisions in your behalf if you are not able to do so. We obtained the forms from our family doctor, followed the instructions, and have them on file, and have given copies to our designees. The forms in Michigan, are free and do not require a legal rep to sign them.

In the body of the form you indicate what kind of care you want such as life support decisions. Your designee then instructs the medical profession of your instructions.

I have three questions for you to answer in your comments.

1. Do you have Patient Advocate designee's ?
2. If not, when are you planning to do it?
3. Last question, do you have questions?

Friends of mine just lost a 39 year old son unexpectedly to a heart attack. No, you are not too young to die or to young to do this.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Papa has a green thumb!!

Ed from CT has done a post about "green thumb". I thought I would show you what a green thumb can really do! The top picture is our row of beautiful cedar bushes - probably about 12' tall. I decided that they were getting too over powering and needed trimming back. So I trimmed them a little - lower picture.

What do you think? Good job eh? If you ever need any bushes trimmed just call PAPA'S TRIMMING SERVICE -1 (800)-HACKER.

MY neighbors just love the new look! Yeah, right!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Having a bad day?

Ever have one of those days when you thought you had life all figured out? And then from out of no where, every thing just seems to go to - well, lets just say "go to pieces"?

Today is Monday, and it has not really gone well. Mama and I are in the midst of a "remodeling" project and what a mess! Nothing went easy all day, but finally, about 4 pm thinks are looking better. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be done! Whew, I hope your week goes well!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

ANy Questions ?!!

Some have asked why we go from Michigan in November to Florida and do not return until April - Any questions ??

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Papa's' first new car!

Papa purchased his first new car in July 1966. It was a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible just like the one in the picture except it was a Robin egg blue with white top and white interior - I was 23 and had been married for a year. Total price I believe was $4162.00. The purchase story is quite unusual.

I ordered this car in July - before the 1967 models were even available. No pictures to choose from, no idea what it would look like. In other words, I had purchased a car that did not exist but I knew it would be available the end of September. Even today the new cars are available in the fall, the year before they really are designed for. The 2010 models, most will be available in September 2009!

Back to my story - well, by September 1966 I was excited - but no car yet! I had purchased it and wanted this convertible before winter set in! :o( !! The dealer kept assuring me it would be in any day now. One Saturday morning we decided to go north in Michigan to see the fall colors and family, a 3 hour drive. I decided to drive by the dealership on the way up north, about 20 miles from home, but on the way. As I pulled in to the dealership I glanced into the showroom window - you guessed it - there was my car! My salesman came out all flustered, apologetic, and said he was sorry he had not told me it was in. I asked when had it came in, he said, "three weeks ago." I went ballistic ! Papa was not a happy camper! He stated that the car was just too pretty not to give it some show room time - I admit, it was a beauty! But it was mine, we had an agreement, I had purchased it. I told him he had 90 minutes to prep it! He did, we laughed and I drove out in my new convertible.

About 2000 years ago Christ purchased us, sight unseen and paid the price. He does not want to give us up. My car had no choice, it was mine, but even though Christ paid the price for our sins, we can refuse the offer. As excited as I was when I looked into that show room window, that is nothing when compared to the excitement that heaven displays when we accept Christ's purchase for us.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Update on Peter!

This is Peter Olson in the picture - the bald one. Yesterday (Monday) he had his bone marrow transplant. The picture was taken today at University of Michigan Hospital at Ann Arbor, MI. The young lady in the middle is one of the nurses that checks on him. The other lady I believe is Kim his wife - I think! LOL May be his daughter - eh?

That nurse is very pretty! She must have got her looks from her dad. Don't tell mama I said that, you see, she is our daughter - Joellen! :o) Peter says, "she is the best nurse in the world." Papa is about to bust!

Joellen and her husband leave Thursday, February 5th to go to China to pick up our 3rd grand child - pray for them as well! Yep, papa is about to bust for sure!

Monday, 19 January 2009

I miss Amos my horse!!

Most of you know I have horse named Amos. When I come to Florida for the winter I have to leave him back in Michigan at a stables. I sure do miss him. He gets great care though and four sweet ladies, Pat, Jaye, Carrie, and Susan take good care of him. This clip about Patches makes me so homesick for Amos! :o( Boo - Hoo !! This short video clip reminds me of Amos so much - hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Family Moments!

Mama and papa have two children. Jeff age 39 and a "younger" sister, Joellen. I won't give her age but she is pushing 40 as well - oh, are we getting old!

Here they are flying kites last spring after celebrating Jo's birthday. I remember the day, it was cool but sunny.

I love my children and cherish the memories. I am glad we are still making memories. As I look at their faces in the pictures I am reminded of a wide assortment of memories. Some memories were made in difficult times, most were not. But as a family we have stuck together regardless.

Jeff And Jo have always been close. We have lived as a family in five different states, papa's career took him around the U.S. But as I put these few notes together, we are separated by 1200 miles but love each other dearly. Jeff and JO are only 15 miles apart! Memories keep your hearts close - make a good memory today.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snow - Yuk!

This is my grand daughter waving - I think. The only skin I can see is her nose - brrrr. As you can tell from the picture, snow is awful! Snow gets on the roads and can make for very dangerous conditions. Too much can collapse your roof. People have died in avalanches - serious frost bite can occur. We probably should ban snow.

However - if we (or at least papa, mama & Ed) were younger we would want to be out on that hill - on the sled. I would put Ed up front, to catch the snow, mama in the middle (I would hang onto mama real tight - heh heh!) and me on the back. The more on the sled the better!

Snow sometimes reminds me that as I look at an issue I sometimes see the negative side when others see a positive side. Who is right? Probably both sides are. I know I need to be very careful with my negative attitude at times.

If you want to go for a sled ride - papa will send you directions how to get there. By the way, the temp up there today is going to be a high just above zero ! Papa is staying in Florida!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Sacrifice May Require Risk

I have shared in the past about my brothers log home. Here is another picture of the kitchen area. The walls, cabinets, counter top, and floors are from trees that my brother actually went out and harvested out of the woods. He cut down the trees and milled them with his own equipment. This was his first and only log home. It is Beautiful.

He planned and saved money for years to do this project. He sacrificed much to make this dream a reality. he put himself at physical risk by harvesting over 200 to 300 logs for this home. That is a lot of chainsaw use - which is risky at best - I know I have been there. My brother had dreamed of doing this for years but hesitated because of the size of the project - today, several years later his dream is reality.

How are your dreams doing? Are you holding off because of the risk? Is the economy scaring you? Maybe its time you followed your dreams - I am not advocating foolishness, but maybe God is asking you to do something but your scared. Cost? Time? Life-style change? What is holding you back? Maybe it is not building a log home - maybe it is adopting a child. Maybe a career change or teach a Sunday School class. Me? Mine is writing a book and now I am going to finish it- pray for me that I don't quit - I am almost there. I believe God wants me to do this.
Lets pray for each other - what would you like me to pray about?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Memories - of times gone by!

Oh memories! How are you doing at creating good memories? This picture has a lot of good memories for papa. Tractors - papa has spent many hours on a tractor. My brother and I were driving tractor before our teen years. Fond memories - especially afternoons in the summer. We would pile on the tractor and head for the swimming hole 2 miles down the road.

But you know what is special about this old tractor in the picture? Really nothing, first time I ever saw the tractor. What's special, is the church - papa met Jesus In that church over 50 years ago. An altar call was given and as a young teenager papa went to the altar and met Jesus. I asked Jesus into my heart and to forgive me of my sins. The picture was taken just last year and the church is still a 'lighthouse' in the community. The tractor? Oh its just an antique, not very functional - but interesting to watch.

I hope that my life, over 50 years after an encounter with Jesus, is still very functional as a Christian serving Him. One thing is for sure, others say, just like the tractor, I am interesting to watch!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Children Are Special!

This is the most special girl in the world - she is papa's daughter - and she is the world's best RN ! I asked her yesterday for a picture of her in her grubs - work clothes. So here she is - say hi to Jo !

Very late in her senior year of high school she said, half-heartedly; "I think I will go to school to be a nurse!" Papa choked ! I kinda encouraged her, but in my heart, said; "ain't no way!" Well - she did it !! She got her RN in 1994 - against all odds - her life right up to almost graduation was in major turmoil. I will not share - but as a father during the years 1990 - 1993 papa spent many sleepless nights, many in tears - praying for my precious daughter. She has a wonderful Christian testimony of God's miraculous intervention in her life. She is a story of; "Never give up, you can win!"

Today? Well if you haven't seen her families blog, My Family, stop by.

Jo is an RN at a major university hospital in Michigan. Several of papa's friends have had medical treatment there. When asked, Jo will go find them and stop in to say hi for papa. Thanks Jo, I love you !


Monday, 5 January 2009

Children are worthless!

The doorbell rang and mama went to the door. We had noticed seconds earlier the car pull in the driveway and mama had already started for the door.

As mama opened the door the child looked up at mama's smiling face and had very little emotion in her own - maybe some fear in her eyes as this was a new stranger in her life. The 'mother' of the child laughed and stated; " We call her 'Klutz', she is always stumbling and tripping, (laughs even more), at the table we call her the 'Human Garbage Disposal', she eats too much!" The lady stated; "Thank you for baby sitting for me, I Should be back by about 5pm to pick her up." Mama immediately reached down and hugged the child and said; "We are going to have a good time aren't we?!"

As the lady left, mama began to fume - (fume may be a mild term for how mama was feeling). To describe a child as this lady had was almost more than mama could take. This child's worth had been brought into question and mama was angry. Every child is God created - in His image. How can we treat a child so cruelly, and think that this is humorous?

The above story and words are true - this really happened in our home. You don't want to hear the rest of the story - but here it is.

Mama called Social Services at the next possible moment and explained to a case worker what had just happened. You see, this was a foster child, the lady mentioned above was a foster mother to the child. The irony of the story ? The lady had dropped the child off as she was on her way to attend a training session for child care for foster parents. We never saw the 'mother' or child again after that day - hopefully, she realized the error of downgrading children.

You need to know mama. She is the best - she loves her children and grandchildren. If given the chance, she would love your children as well.

Our society is quite screwed up right now - we need to do our best to let our children know they are loved and have great worth. I have to go now and send an email to my son and daughter and tell them daddy loves them - both are close to 40 now - oh my! But I think they still like to hear; "We love you!"

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Worship & Fun

Mama and papa spent the last couple of days on a Sr. trip with about 40 other seniors. We went to a dinner theater presentation in Ft. Myers, FL on Friday night. We ate way too much food. We spent 8 hours plus sitting and riding on a church bus.

Papa found himself looking out the bus window praying a lot - probably part of that praying time was for you - by name, if you follow papa's blog. Mama and papa had a a good time - but papa's spirit was troubled at times as well.

I felt that at times I was getting distracted from worship. You see, papa thinks we need to be tuned-in to worship 24/7. My pastor mentioned the other day that real worship begins when we walk out of the church service - when we begin to serve. In order to do that, I need to stay focused on my Lord - "How can I serve him right now?" - sitting at a dinner table, watching a secular play - I felt "uneasy" - distracted. I am curious, what distracts you from worship - service? I'd like to see your comments.