Monday, 22 November 2010

I know, I need to work on my Prayer life.

I like this picture of our Universe. When I think of God I think of this picture as if it was God's eye and He is watching me. I know its probably not God's eye, but He IS watching me - and listening for my prayers.

It is only 8:30AM and already we have received several urgent prayer requests. I have prayed for them as they have come to my attention and will be praying throughout the day.

Max Lucado states in his book 'Out Live Your Life' that we need to pray in earnest. More often than not my prayers are whispered as they cross my mind.

Mama is a genuine prayer warrior. Prayer is an important part of her life - I know because I see her in prayer often throughout the day. I believe that prayer is important as well - but I just need to live that more than just saying that!! I WILL Be praying for you !!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Pray Without Ceasing !

I Thessalonians 5:17 says that we should "Pray without ceasing." A very short verse but one that has a terrific challenge. It does not appear that this is just a "ho Hum" kind of challenge but one that requires strong action.

My ESV Study Bible suggests "a mental attitude of prayerfullness, continual fellowship with God, and consciousness of being in his presence throughout each day." Wow! I need to work on this.

Do you realize God has to answer our prayers? He has no option. He cannot refuse. Read Matthew 18:19. But we have to do our part - we have to pray. If your "prayers' are hollow, hurried, kind of "oh by the way ..." - that's not what He is looking for. Read Acts 12:5 - 17.

The scripture above is one of the funniest stories in the bible. It really is, from start to finish. But does show you that God hears us when we are earnest in our prayers.

Max Lucado in his book Outlive Your Life, asks, when is the last time you were on your knees, begging, cajoling, pleading, pounding your fists on the floor, even shaking your fist toward heaven, confessing and reconfessing every sin and reciting God's promises as if God needed to be reminded. "Our passionate prayers move the heart of God" says Max. I really need to look at my "ho hum" prayer life!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Christian? What's that?

Are you a Christian? Lets rephrase that a little. If you were in a crowd listening to a speaker and he said, "If you are a Christian, would you please stand to your feet?" Would you stand?

Lets rephrase the question again, "If you believe you are "Christlike", would you please stand?" Humm, did you struggle getting to your feet? Did you look around to see who is standing? Our pastor introduced this thought the other day and I, like others, struggled with a response. If we are Christians are we not Christlike? We should be working towards being more like our Savior each moment of the day. Admittedly we fail at times, Christ did not, but I don't think that is what He is asking of us. We are 100% human - He is God's Son - perfect in every way. He gives us a pattern to live and strive for.

The picture above shows a man giving comfort to what appears may be his wife. Do we fail to give comfort when we could? Is that Christlike? Comfort is one of those things we can do. There are other things we can do as well. I remember when mama had her 33 radiation treatments - daily - a 35 minute drive one way each day. I was able to go with her all but 1 day. That was a comfort to her.

How are you doing with the stranger? How about your spouse? Children? Are you being Christlike? Lets take today and start being more Christlike - I know mama would like that. Maybe next time I won't hesitate to stand.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Fishing - A time to relax!

I like to fish. Its relaxing. Just about every place I have lived I usually could find someplace to fish. I have fished in many states and Canada. I even fished off the shores of the Island of Crete. I have "solved" many of a problem while fishing.

Fishing is difficult for me now. My tremors in my right hand are too severe for me to tie on a hook or even put a worm on a hook - lucky worms. i was going to try and fish this past summer but never got there. I live by a lake and have a pontoon and all the equipment, just couldn't get it together to make it happen - disappointed.

Life requires adjustment. We see some of those coming. Other times we get blind sided. This summer we got "blind sided". Mama had a run-in with Cancer which required mama to have 33 radiation treatments in a 7 week period after her surgery which was June 1st. She is fine - clean bill of health. But, we adjusted.

Now we await for what lies ahead as we go down the path that God has laid out. Pray for us as we walk down this path that we are obedient to His leading. We want to be good followers.

God bless you as we all journey together - it is a great life!!