Thursday, 27 November 2008

Whats wrong with this picture ???

This is my son - on his 1970's Yamaha Enduro that he is restoring - a collector's item. This video clip was taken today - 11/27/08. A few weeks ago this bike would not even run - he has really stripped it down and began to restore it - he got it for less than what he paid for the license plate! When he got it - it was headed for the scrap heap - now it's on its way becoming a collector's item. He knew it had value and could be functional again.

Now, what's wrong with this picture is that white stuff in the background! When he pulled into the driveway to his sisters house this morning the temp was about 25 !! When he left, it had warmed up to about 32! He drove this thing about 12 miles each way !! Fortunately the roads were free of snow and ice!

Now - when Jesus pulled you and I off the scrap heap we had found ourselves on, He began a restoration process that is unbelievable. My dirty old heart sure needed cleaning up, my mind was in a bad state as well. I have seen parts taken off this bike, put into a cleaning solution, soaked (some for several days!) and come out just like new - amazing! Have you got any parts that you need to give to the Master Restorer to clean up - He does an excellent job.

"Lord, please clean me up - I want a total restoration, but is it too much to ask to use me when the weather is nice? What??!! You want to be able to use me at any time ???!! Oh my !! I need to pray some more!"


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Job Wanted!

Have you ever helped someone get a job? Papa has a couple of times. A few year ago "Bill" came by and asked papa to "tweak" his resume' on the computer, scan a picture, and then send it on to a prospective employment agency via email. After several weeks of waiting to find out if he got the job he got that call! Very excited! The only problem now was where would he work? Well, not the north Pole, but close! He is employed at one of the large mall's in the area. He works from noon till closing six days a week from the week before Thanksgiving until Christmas eve. He will go to work today and has been doing this job several years. You see, he is Santa Claus! He loves kids! I even found out that Mrs. Claus has a pretty first name - Martha!

I even know what Santa does in the winter, after Christmas! He likes to head for Florida!

Nope, I never thought I would help Santa get a job!


Monday, 24 November 2008

No Presents for Mama!

No presents for mama this year from papa! Yes, she has been a good girl - mama is the best! But no presents for papa from mama either. Papa's behavior may be debatable.

We have decided we only have things on our lists we would like - not need. My list has about a dozen things so does mama's - but we have decided to concentrate on giving to others who are in need this year. Some of our own family has needs and there are others in our circle of friends that could use some help. Pray for mama and papa that we are obedient to our Savior during the holiday season. You may think this early, however we celebrate Christmas with our family this week. On Sunday we head for Florida.
We will be praying that God will use you during the Christmas season. Have a very Merry Christmas! We love you all!!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Mama's Prayer Group

Mama has a prayer group that meets each Thursday at 10AM at the prayer cottage here on the campgrounds. The ladies bring their prayer requests and then for the next hour thy all join in prayer. Yesterday a lady mentioned the following prayer request. A young married man needs a heart and kidney transplant, has been in the hospital for 6 months waiting. His 8 year old son looked at his father the other day and asked this question: "Daddy, does this mean somebody has to die to give you their heart?! I don't want someone else to have to die!"

What do you say to a child who is trying to sort through life - who wants his dad to live? What do we say to a God who gave His Son to die on a cross - for our sins? I am overwhelmed at God's love for me that He would do that.

The boy in the picture is cleaning up the cake batter bowl. He obviously does not want to miss any. In fact he is getting as close to that bowl and batter as he can. He is not holding back - God did not hold back - He gave his only begotten Son - for you. He wants all of you so you can have life - Are you holding back anything - let His love get in you and all over you - right now!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My buddy!

I know I have said this before - but this is my best friend, my buddy. What's neat about this picture is where it was taken and who took it! Mama is trying to figure it out - she just got it.

Actually, one person on my blog roll took the picture. It was a good day last April.

Husband and wife should be the best of friends. Yet - mama and I have cherished your friendships as well. We have met bloggers from the southeast to the northwest - fun! But nobody beats my mama for friendship. I have had hugs and kisses twice - just since doing this blog. All from mama. So if you have hugs or kisses for either papa or mama today you will have to stand in line. It would be nice if it was a long line - heh heh! Love you all - have a great day and thanks for stopping by 'our' blog! xoxoxo from mama and papa

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The sun is shinning!

I am looking out the window and the sky is clear! A beautiful day - what could be better ?? Well, let me tell you - the snow could be gone - rather than being 17 degree's it could be 70! I do not like this kind of weather - but looking out the window from inside - it is pretty.

Pray! There are a lot of families and couples that look great, sound great from the outward appearance but are in serious trouble. It just scares mama and papa - are you okay ?? Can we pray for you ??

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Our Church - Our Family

Our church, our family is located 1 mile from our house in Michigan. Our church in Florida is even slightly closer! We like that - you see our church is a major part of our family - which means that includes you! On Wednesday nights, prior to the 7pm service is an open altar time. Mama and papa try to be there by 6:15pm to have a special time of prayer - for my children, for YOU and to have Jesus look at papa's heart one more time.

Mama and papa have always had the church play a large part in our lives. Even as we get into our senior years now we try to be active members in your church. Mama is the best nursery worker! She loves the babies - and we don't have to bring them home! heh heh!

Guess what ?! Our church isn't perfect! Surprised? Well - papa attends there so it couldn't be. Sometimes papa gets caught up in non-essentials of worship and forgets why he is there. But I pray I am doing better - sometimes on those Wednesday night prayer times papa gets the message straight from Jesus. If you find that perfect church, don't invite papa, I will mess it up.
If you find one that's not so perfect? Go ahead and attend, I am sure you will fit in fine.

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day - please take time to worship HIM !!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Life Stories!

Recently I have observed several 'life stories' on various blogs. I would share mine but it really is non-eventful. I was raised in a Christian home with a wonderful family - I never saw my mother or father drink alcohol or smoke - they were great parents. I have never drank a beer, only tasted wine on occasion, the most alcohol I have had has been in cough syrup! We have had our family crisis' and have worked through them. Soooo, papa's life story would be boring.

However, it has been exciting. I have been married to mama longer than most of you have lived, except Tam is catching up quickly (birthday tomorrow - 11/14)! Mama and I have been married 43 years.

Some of you have been through serious crisis' and some are still going through crisis'. As I read your stories, see your lives unfolding, I take them very personally, so does mama. A significant portion of our time in prayer, every evening, is for you - our blogging family. We see this as a ministry - a very personal one. Some of you have visited our home, we have visited yours, we have hugged, wept and prayed together. We have emailed and talked on the phone.

I just wanted you to know that mama and papa care. When we pray for our children, our son and our daughter each evening and throughout the day, we also think of you, by name and whisper that name to Jesus.

If you have burdens and prayer requests, pass them on to mama and I. We care about you.

Sorry, can't give you money, that goes to Amos for hay!

Monday, 10 November 2008

A great Day!

Papa had a great day yesterday ! My 7 year old granddaughter was baptized. Yes papa wept! You see Sydney is a miracle child to papa - a long story. but yesterday Sydney made a commitment and a memory for a lifetime.

Several months ago Sydney asked Jesus into her heart! Now she was baptized! Yep, mama and papa are happy. Our prayer is that we will be a blessing to her on her spiritual journey as long as we both shall live -

Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Long driveway !

Can I tell a story?

One day, at about noon a mother was looking out her kitchen window over-looking the sink. The sky was cloudy, no sunshine anywhere, and there was a slight mist in the air. As the mother was staring out the window she saw a strange car stop at the end of the long driveway. A disheveled young looking woman gets out of the back of the car and begins walking up the long driveway carrying a bag of what must be some of her possessions. The young woman appears to be weeping and begins to walk slowly up the driveway, hesitates, turns and heads back towards the car. The driver, not seeing her turn around, pulls away leaving her standing in the driveway. The woman turns back facing the house - staring.

Suddenly - the mothers heart begins to pound, could it be? Its been several years! Is that my child?? Immediately, before the child can take another step mom rushes out the door, down the long drive and embraces her daughter. Her daughter, sobbing says simply; "mom, I am sorry, will you forgive me?!"

This story, or one similar is found in Luke 15;11-24. This chapter is filled with the love of a Heavenly Father who is eagerly wanting to seek the lost and have them return. What is heaven doing as we struggle whether to return home or not? I speculate the angels and heavenly host are in prayer, weeping for the lost - just as we would for our own lost child. Not with a heart of wrath or condemnation, but a heart filled with love and concern for that child of ours that is not home.

Do you notice that in all three parables in Luke 15 that they all end with rejoicing?!
Even the angels rejoice as a sinner comes home!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

My Savior - Jesus

Hi - this is papa. I want to share with you about my Savior. I did not become a Christian until about 16. I knelt at an altar in a small independent Holiness church and asked Jesus to forgive my sins. As 1 John 1:9 says, He forgives if we confess. My walk with Christ began that day. He has lovingly walked with me helping me each day to draw closer to Him.

The picture is when I was about 3 - it is not a real happy time in my life. My mother had been removed from our home and placed in a TB sanitarium. I never saw her again until I was almost 5. I missed my mom and struggled as a little boy who had lost the person who loved him the most - who had given him life. I felt abandoned.

Christ never abandons us. Regardless of the trials and difficulties we go through, as His child He NEVER abandons us. He is always there trying to encourage and always understands our dilemma's. He loves us with a Holy passion.

My mother returned to our home and was a good mother for many more decades. I remember my mothers last question at the age of 94, almost 95; "Was I a good mother??" I smiled and reassured her she was. She is now with Jesus - no more questions - I pray if she can see me, hear me; "mom, am I being a good Christian ?"

Monday, 3 November 2008

Friendship - nurture it - with your best friend

Is your spouse or significant other your best friend? Your best friend next to Christ? What do you do to nurture that friendship. Here is the list from papa's perspective what you can do to keep that best friend.

1) This may surprise you as #1 but be willing and eager to forgive if you have been wronged. Usually it is me who has done the "wrong" so this may almost be moot for mama. But I have hurt mama, and yet she is eager to heal the relationship! She has always had a tender heart.
2) Pray together - out loud - for each other - to God. This step is so very important. It is very hard to be critical of your best friend when you are talking to God. My prayer usually follows the theme of thankfulness for mama and and help me to be a better mate.
3) Communication - no clamming up! I use to be bad about that! When angry I would clam up! Now we talk - and I need to listen. Try not to say words that are unkind - especially when upset!
4) I try to let others know how much mama means to me - she is the best. I am careful how I tease her, no put downs!
5) Encourage each other - look to make sure the other is okay - pay attention!

Just a few thoughts - (as I was typing this line mama just shouted going out the door; "Bye baby, I love you!" - I just saw her out the window, go by on her bike to volunteer at church. Heh Heh, yep, papa is a blessed man - a great day already! SHE LOVES PAPA !!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Trunk or Treat!

Each year during the Halloween season our church has a "Trunk or Treat" night. Children are invited from all over the area to come to the church for a special fun time. The kids come in a variety of costumes! The first hour is a presentation inside for parents and kids with a spiritual theme - this year we had a juggler do the program. After that we serve donuts & cider plus hot dogs.

After the festivities above they go to the parking lot where all the cars are lined up with their trunks open and ready to pass out candy treats. We had close to 250 children plus parents participate. It was cold the night we had it! We bundled up. I did not wear my wig, too cold on papa's ears - mama did though! We dress up in bib overall's & wigs each year. They have a "Best Trunk" judging contest - we did not place. Next year we will be ready! Come & help us - we would love to meet you! Some have corn stalks, one even had a walk through trailer! Very neat! If you get a chance, stop by, we have candy left over - we gave out packages of "fruit snacks" - somewhat healthy - we think! Hope to see you next year!