Monday, 28 February 2011


This is an interesting photo - there is more going on here than what actually appears. Before you read any further take a moment to try and figure out what is really going on. Hopefully you have taken that moment. The two horses in the picture are two beautiful Arabian trail horses - well behaved. Very special. The lady in the red jacket has 'loaned" me a horse to ride, I am taking the picture while sitting on that horse. It was only the 2nd time I had rode that horse. In fact I had not been riding horseback since about 1986 - 20 years earlier.

This day was important - can I still ride? I want to buy my own horse, should I? Am I enjoying this? I have Parkinson Disease should I be doing this? Lots of choices on my mind - what do I choose? And, what about the problem at hand - how do I get across this stream - my horse says no!

The horse I am on does not want to cross this stream. He can tell his rider is nervous - thats not good. I am really inexperienced at this - It has been probably 35 years since crossing my last stream on horseback. Now what? I decided to try and relax, the stream was shallow, and I began talking softly, stroking the horses neck and he stepped into the water. The other two horses began to move out and my horse went on across the stream.

What choices are you facing? Whats keeping you from moving forward? I decided after crossing that stream, yup I can do this. This picture was taken in 2006. In the Spring of 2007 I found a horse and have been riding ever since. Even though I sold my horse 3 years later, I still ride as often as I can in the summer months. It was a good choice - no regrets. Make your choices, talk with those who will give you good advice - and always pray about your choices. God Bless.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Prayer time - with your soul mate!

This is my Soul Mate! My best friend, the lady I share my life with. She is one of a kind. Nobody puts up with my nonsense like mama does. She knows with out a doubt I love her. She is confident beyond any doubt that I love her very much and would give my life for her. We have been married for over 45 years.

To me, one of our most cherished moments is at night fall when we pray out loud together. Most times I pray first then she does. We both pray about some of the same things. Almost every time we both pray for those of you we know through blogging or facebook. We both sometimes forget to pray for things but then usually the other reminds the other while they are praying.

We have become one - we are. Either one of us would be lost without the other. But, we also know that God could take either one of us or both of us at any time. that is His decision. I hope that if I go I have taken care of things that mama can go on and not worry. That is important.

I mentioned prayer. To me prayer can be a measuring tool. Husbands, do you pray out loud and openly with your wife? why not? Is it a macho thing? A "master" thing? Do you think it is being too submissive? I May be wrong, but I think your wife would cherish those moments. I know mama does. As soon as I start to pray she snuggles close, clasps my hand and cherish these precious moments. Why not try it?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sin and Repentance

I like this picture. I see a very young lady who takes her praying seriously.

I heard a story tonight of a man who went to the church altar to ask God to forgive him for stealing money from the business he worked at. Another man went up to pray with him and counsel him. As the man explained his problem to God and the counselor, the counselor asked him how much he had taken. He stated I have stolen over $1500 dollars. That's a lot the counselor said. Here is what you need to do. God has forgiven you and now next year you only steal a 1000 dollars, the following year only 800 dollars until you finally get to where you are down to zero dollars. That way you can withdraw from this problem slowly.

I think we all agree that is not acceptable. The man needs to quit stealing immediately. If he does not, he needs to get with his boss and try to solve this problem. Continuing to steal is not the solution.

Colossians chapter 3 is very strong about us not continuing in sin. This chapter is for Christians.
Verse 5 tells us to put sin to death, not to sleep, or in a closet, but death. If we have an area in our life, such as Pornography that has engulfed us, seek help immediately. Stay away from it, flee from it, don't try to live close to it - flee. You can do that. Mama and I will be praying for you because God wants you to live a victorious Christian life!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Pornography! I am ticked off!

Now this picture looks innocent enough. And is just fine, but its the beginning of a problem. Those three little critters are baby porcupines. They will someday be nasty critters. I have several horror stories about porcupines and have had a porcupine quill in my hand once - curiosity can be dangerous.

Pornography is destroying our country. Don't ask me to define it, you know what it is. I am upset. Almost daily I have to delete a posting to my blog that is pornographic. I have to block my blog and moderate all comments coming in. So if you are one of those attempting to put garbage on my blog, it ain't happening. And its not funny. Its stupid and ignorant. I delete it and report it to my account as SPAM.

There is another side to this coin. Pornography is destroying our homes and families. I am surprised and shocked how many of our "Christian" families within our churches deal with this issue. Whats going on folks? Don't we believe anymore that there is a thing called sin? Pornography is sin, if you mess around with it your going to hell - period. Sounds rough? Well, I hate to burst your spiritual bubble and theology - but remember, God loves you and sent His Son to die on a cross to redeem you from your sins. But, don't mock Him, He is also a God of wrath and you don't want to go there. I think that pornography is one of those issues that God doesn't weep over, He gets very angry over this issue. You don't think so? Well, you need to read His word and may be read the results of King David and his life. His life ended in destruction.

Praying much today.