Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mama is sick!!

Mama is sick tonight!! I don't like that!! Please pray for her!! She is running a temp of about 101.

It started about mid-night last night - upset stomach. At 5AM this morning she lost her cookies and had a real tough time with that. She never gets sick like this. The real tough part was that we were almost 200 miles from home.

Monday AM we went on a trip visit my brother in Stuart, FL. My Swedish family followed us down in their rental car and are going on to Miami to fly out to a beach in the Caribbean somewhere. Mama and I had to cut our trip short and come back to Central Florida. Hopefully she will recover quickly!!

I do not like it when my best friend is sick. I hope I am a good caregiver and help her to get back on her feet quickly!!

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING!! Mama feels much better today!!! Much!!! Now I won't have to do the laundry, dishes or put away the Christmas decorations!! Well - I probably should still help!! LOL !!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day? Are you shopping today??

Today is a day for shopping! Maybe you will find a nice Nativity Scene at half price!!

Have a great New Year!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sleigh Ride!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Mama & Papa

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

YIM !! YIM !!

Two words that became precious to me yesterday!! Yim!! Yim!! Yesterday Samuel and I played hide n seek at the park - we would take turns with his mother Anna-Lena counting to 10 and then looking behind the Cypress, Live Oak, or Magnolia tree's. Hiding wherever we could find a spot.

Samuel is 4 years of age, Swedish, and speaks very little English. But he has learned my first name very well - Yim! When we first met he was quite shy, I think our language differences scared him - now we are best of buddies.

Even though we do not communicate well with words we communicate. Hugs, kisses, smiles and approving looks at each other do it. And - one more, laughter!

I have learned to laugh more with Samuel.

Maybe we should all use less words and just smile more at each other and laugh with each other.

Oh, Samuel did use a phrase that I recognized right away, " na nah na na nah na nah!" (You can't catch me!) The race was on as I darted after him on the park play ground!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Today was a very special day!

Today was a special day for mama and I. For three winters now mama and I have been volunteering on Friday mornings to work for a homeless shelter here in Citrus County, Florida. Today, Friday, was a typical Friday morning - almost. We arrived at THE PATH at about 8:30am. We went in and met with staff briefly and then we were introduced to three men who would be going with us for the rest of the morning to look for employment.

Each time, as we start down the road, I ask mama to pray for us. As she prays for us I drive. After she gets done praying, several ask if I had my eyes closed!! LOL

We went to several places, most of which were not hiring, but work applications were completed anyways to be put on file.

One of the stops was special. We usually don't go in with them, we want them to do the work. We are the encouragers. But this one was different. We were at a fast food restaurant and talked with the shift supervisor, after mama and I gave him a hug and I tried not to cry.

One of the men with us got an employment application blank and completed it while we waited. After completing the application the young man gave the shift supervisor the application. Again, I struggled with tears as I watched the supervisor take the application and tried to reassure the young man.

Almost two years ago we had stopped at this restaurant with a van load of young men who were seeking employment. One of them that day was a convicted felon who had an extensive rap sheet. We had been working with this young man several weeks. He was struggling with his spiritual life, self esteem and what the future held. He had completed several food culinary courses and was hoping. He was hired that day!!! Two years later - he is that shift supervisor today!! He now has his own apartment, a new baby girl and is trying to walk where Jesus leads him.

Yes, today was special - and I am crying. Do you know that God answers prayer?

Monday, 7 December 2009

Glad to be in Florida! Kinda!

I always look forward to coming to Florida for the winter. It is not a necessity to come here, but I certainly do not miss the cold weather and the snow.

We have friendships here, very special friendships, a wonderful church, and we keep busy with our church activities and working with the homeless. But we miss "home".

You see, our children and grand children are now close to 1200 miles from us rather than less than a 100. That is hard. Separation from loved ones is hard. Especially this time of year - Christmas. Mama and I will miss all of our children and we pray that the Christmas Season will go well for them. We also will pray that you will make sure that your family relationships are stronger this year than ever before.

Friday, 4 December 2009

We have arrived!!

We are in Florida! When are you all coming to visit?? We love it here - busy already!! We worked for the shelter today. We took two nice ladies out looking for jobs. Pray for them.

We love our trailer down here!! It is just the ticket for us. We have two bedrooms and two baths - works out great.

You all have a great day!! Stop by!!