Wednesday, 30 April 2008

"Look! The grass is coming up already!"

It was Easter Sunday 2005 and I was attending church with my daughter's family and the grandchildren. As I was sitting there "evaluating" this new church they had chosen for their family, I began to be less than positive in my evaluation. Nothing specific, just dumb personal preferences that really don't amount to a hill of beans.

Suddenly, during the message about Easter and new beginnings the pastor came off the platform, out from behind his pulpit and went over to the window and pointed to the new lawn that was trying to spring up. He tried to describe, but words were not coming freely. He looked at the congregation and asked; "Children, come here, look out the window at the new grass!" The children flocked to the window to see. My granddaughter, age 4, was the last to arrive, she was smaller than many of the bigger children, and could not see. The pastor noticed she could not see, picked her up in his arms and held her to the window and stated; "Look! the grass is coming up already!"

I broke down, because I knew that at that moment the pastor just became her pastor! do you know how significant that is? He became a personal relationship just as much as Jesus wants a personal relationship with us. I later emailed the pastor and thanked him for his personal interest he has shown to my family.

It is now 3 years later - has that incident had any impact on my granddaughter? I think so. Several weeks ago she went to the alter at the age of 7 and asked Jesus into her heart! Yahoo! This past Sunday she went to the altar with her mommy again to pray.

Many of you who visit my blog are pastors, worship leaders, or work on the platform in religious services doing various tasks. Please, do not ignore the children. Forgive us as spoiled adults who are offended when you seem to ignore us and don't give us the attention we seem to demand. We need to apologize to you - give that attention to the children. Their lives and souls are at stake.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Go Fly A Kite!

Today we celebrated my daughters birthday! Our son suggested we go fly kites - so we did! Family time is so precios - cherish it - make wonderful memories! Here are some of our memories! Here is the birthday girl!
Here is brother and sister trying to learn how to fly bro's two wire kite!!Success at last! For the moment! That kite was wild & tricky! What a blast!
Even mama and papa got into the act - mama was cold! It was about 55!
Even the grand kids got into the act! Fun was had by all! Today was a great day!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

The Altar

I am not sure where to start this - to me this will be my most exciting blog yet! I have saved this one for awhile. Now for a little background. While in Florida Mama and I worked as volunteers for a shelter (most are aware of those details) we picked up residents on Friday mornings and for almost 4 hours we would take them job hunting. One Friday we picked up two new men, James and Bob, James was about 25 and Bob 19. James had a real attitude issue about life and was angry, cocky and quite blatant about his use of drugs. Bob was scared, nervous but polite. I prayed out loud(mama was not there this Friday - she was on a mission trip, she usually prayed) as we headed down the road. James was talking about church, he had never been to church before and was not excited about being required to attend each Sunday.

Sunday came and James and Bob, and another Bob were there at church - sitting on the very front pew! Sunday evening they were there and again on the front pew. I went down said Hi and they invited mama and I to sit with them - I also shared this earlier. So there we sat! Right up front! I sat between James and Bob, mama between bob & Bob! Now for the rest of story!!

Sunday the 20th of April was our last Sunday. Monday the 21st we were heading back to Michigan. Sunday morning mama and I sat in the middle of the church the three guys went right up to the front pew, I could barely see them about 15 pews in front of us. At prayer time the pastor always invites anyone that wants to pray to feel open to coming to the altar up front if you have any prayer concerns. As we started to pray, I noticed I could not see the 19 year old Bob. I stepped out of my pew and went forward, there was Bob kneeling at the altar - several were already praying with him and I crowded in and put my hand on his shoulder, knelt and prayed with him. We both hugged and sobbed after prayer time. God is so good. I smiled at James as I walked past him to go sit with mama. He gave a half hearted smile.

Sunday night came. Mama and I went to the front row and sat with the "boys" as was our usual routine for Sunday evening. The pastor preached a great message about giving our all to Christ.
At the end of the service as we stood by the front pew, everyone was leaving. We started hugging the guys farewell for most likely the last time. Tears were flowing - we gave them each a self-addressed envelope, already stamped, telling them to write us. Suddenly James, who is about 250 pounds, 6' 4" - looks at me and with a very somber look says; "I need to pray - I want to give my life to Jesus." Mama and I knelt with James and I led in prayer. We all sobbed openly at God's faithfulness and tenderness. Others who were leaving saw us praying and also came and prayed with us all.

Pray for James and Bob. God has answered prayers, James found a job the last Friday we were there and Bob has place to go stay now. Bob is looking at going into the military. The other Bob found a job as a diesel mechanic! James also needs serious prayer - he has some legal charges to over come in the next couple of weeks. He is also taking classes for anger management. He has really done well!

I have a serious question for you. How big is your God ??? Mine is even bigger than the story above!!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The road home

Mama and I left Florida at 6:30am Monday morning. A couple of times in the morning we called crossview to make sure we would connect alright. At about noon we arrived at Cracker Barrel and had lunch with crossview, her daughters and her mom. It was a wonderful visit, We were there close to two hours. Her husband wanted to come but had a work emergency so couldn't be there.

Friends - this blogging family is precious. I enjoyed meeting crossview. Agreed, there is some risk in meeting strangers, but if we use a little common sense it can be a great encounter. How many times have we pulled back when Christ has asked us to "step out of the boat"? I think the visit was God ordained. I fell instantly in love with two beautiful young ladies - crossview's daughters, they are precious, Pray for them - the oldest is now a college student and is getting ready for a summer mission trip (mom is petrified!). The other daughter is being home schooled by crossview so REALLY pray for her!:o) Crossview's mom was also there and we all had a great visit.

After meeting crossview, we traveled on to Tenn. In the morning we went to Mammoth Cave for a short cave tour, and then stopped in Indiana to see my sister who is in a nursing home. On Wednesday we finished our trip and arrived "home" about noon.

i just want you to all know that Papa and Mama consider all of you our family. Crossview and I talked quite a bit about what our "role/purpose" in blogging is. Mama and I want oour lives to shine for Jesus and hopefully what we share on our blog site can be a blessing to you. We pray for you each day - and consider this "our" ministry. God Bless!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Life is Good - God protects!

I decided to try and do a post tonight. we are so thankful for God's protection!

Two weeks ago I noticed that one of my van tires had a cut on the sidewall. It was not leaking air. I went to a dealership a week ago and they were confident the tire was okay - wrong! Today, 800 miles into our trip home a warning alarm came on "low tire pressure!" (I love this option on my car!) It was the tire with the cut ! In the next 50 miles I had to stop three times and add air! Finally I found a tire shop! A large one! Here comes a large expense - I thought! God jerked my chain and said: ; "Got it under contol - relax!" I got out of the car and air was actually whistling out of the cut! Not Good! It was ready to blow! This is the spooky part - I looked up and there was a 3'x5' white board with a scripture verse; James 4:8 referencing that God is near. The board was right at the entrance to the business! God had it under contol. They told me they had a used tire just like the tire that was on the van - plenty of tread. In less time it took the three of us to use the restroom they were done! Cost? 30 dollars total! God is so good!

Our trip home has been fabulous! Today mama and I took a tour of Mammoth Cave. Yesterday was the big highlight though - We met Crossview, her two daughters and her mom! As nervous as we were the visit was terrific. Crossview has pictures on her blog. Check it out! Iwill blog more when I get set back up at home! I am tired! :o)

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Going home soon!

Mama is ready to go home - to Michigan! Florida has been wonderful the past few months - no snow - but we are anxious to get back home. Our family is there plus mama will get to see her first husbands children - it has been a long time. Her daughter and son from her first marriage have stayed in close contact with her and I feel a part of that relationship as well. Life is good and it pays to work through those difficult times. Equally as important are her grand children which are from "our" daughter. In fact on Sunday the 27th we will all get together for a birthday dinner for our daughter. Mama's first husband will be there as well! He is planning to bring his wife.

We leave Florida this Monday morning dark and early. About noon we will stop in Alabama at a Cracker Barrel for lunch. We plan to meet Crossview (Blogger we have never met!) with her family. We plan to go to Mammoth Cave on Tuesday and then on Wednesday get home.

Please pray for us as we travel and if you can remember, pray for the birthday dinner, especially for mama's first husband. I will be off line starting Sunday the 20th at about 2PM.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sense of balance - good foundation!

Mama stacked 66 domino's the other night! The whole set! I take some credit - I started it - I did the first four! I set a good foundation - like a good husband should! How is your sense of balance? Mine is pathetic - I have tremors - moderate, I was lucky to get the first four!

I was thinking that our life is made up of balancing many things - family vs work; Christ vs personal desires; marriage vs personal plans. Sometimes we just need to get out of the way. I backed up and gave mama the space she needed - by the way, ain't she cute? heh! heh! and she is mine! However, this morning I am having to get beyond the Ben-Gay odor to concentrate on her beauty!

BY the way, mama and I will be traveling 1200 miles back to Michigan next week, starting Monday. Please pray that we have a safe trip. I will probably do one more post on Saturday then be off line until Thursday the 24th God bless, my friends!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

My Teacher! The Master's Touch!

When I was in high school my English teacher invited the senior class over to her house to ride horses! I was excited! I loved to ride horses, had my own horse but this was special. When we got there we all got to ride. Then my teacher went out in the paddock and got this beautiful horse and gave us a demonstration of great horsemanship. She tacked up the horse, mounted the horse and then rode the horse flawlessly. The horse walked, trotted, performed at various gaits, and turned on cue. It was confident! It recognized the Masters touch.

Do you recognize the Masters touch? When Jesus cues you up do you hear Him? Are you obedient to His touch? Does He have to convince you that you have worth? He created you and He wants to use you no matter what you think your worth. Just do what He asks.

Oh by the way, my teacher got that beautiful horse absolutely free. She had taken one of her other horses to the vet and saw the horse at the clinic. She asked the vet what he was going to do with the horse and vet said it was there to be destroyed - put down. The reason? The horse was completely blind. What one person saw as useless and wanted to destroy, my teacher recognized potential and worth. Christ see's that in you!

The horse in the picture? That is a wild mustang that was adopted and trained by the young lady trick rider. Christ can use you regardless of your circumstances and background. Give Him all of your life today.

Monday, 14 April 2008

"My name is Jesus, can I come in?"

If as you were reading this you heard the door bell ring, and you went to the door, answered it, and there stood Jesus, and you knew it was Him, no doubt, and He said; "My name is Jesus, can I come in? Would it be too much to ask you for some lunch?" What would you do? What would you talk about? What would He say to you?

I'd like to suggest some things. First no one that had Jesus in their home was embarassed or felt out of place - especially the sinners. They were excited! Second, the ones that felt out of place and uncomfortable were the religious leaders of the day. Remember, most people were relaxed and made to feel at home with Jesus. He is your friend!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Bible Study Survey - Where & When

A couple of blogger friends asked if I would ask the following questions on my site:

When do you study God's Word and Where? When & where do you have your personal devotional time with God?

I believe they are looking for ideas and suggestions.

Here in Florida I do both morning & evening. Not always both. In Michigan we have a "Prayer Cottage" on the campgrounds where we live. I go there most mornings at about 8:30am. They even have a CD player where you can play music in the background if you like. People can also leave their prayer requests on 3 x 5 cards. The cottage is open 24/7.

Any ideas? Comments? God Bless!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

I believe in Magic!

Magic is a ten year old white Arabian stallion. All his life He was abused and neglected. The day this picture was taken that stopped. No more! This picture was taken March 2007 by Theresa at the horse rescue farm where I work as a volunteer two days a week. Magic had been beaten with chains, ropes and 2x4's. Men could not get close to him. Even Theresa was cautious, he did not trust anyone. He was not mean or aggressive, only totally frightened. Theresa was concerned about his health, his feet were horrible, not sure of his teeth, he needed blood work and vaccinations but how? A couple of months later she had him drugged to calm him down, it did not work, the vet could not get close to him, what to do?

Finally, yesterday, April 9, 2008, a year later something had to be done. The vet arrived and after much discussion a plan of action was decided. The vet went out with an air rifle and darted him twice from a distance to calm him down. After a few minutes Magic calmed down and Theresa went up to him and placed a shot/drug into a vein that quickly knocked him completely out and down he went. He was alert, did well but did not even twitch.

The vet immediately examined his teeth, ground down some sharp edges, took blood, gave him his shots and Theresa groomed his mane & tail which were heavily knotted. Me, I am the one with the cowboy hat. I took some pictures and also helped with the grooming. Ola, the farrier, an excellent one at that, a 26 year old young lady, did his feet. She is one of the best farriers I have ever met. Definitely the prettiest!

You would think that after a year of great care Magic would have relaxed and learned to trust us. But no. His memories were too strong and he was not going to risk being beat or abused anymore. Horses do not forget. As a result, for his well being the extreme measures had to be taken. By the way, Magic recovered well. He will still be somewhat groggy today.

I have a question for you reader. Are you having any trust issues? What is in your background of memories? How do you relate to all of those around you? Maybe you even have had physical abuse, get help. Poor Magic, he had no way of knowing a year ago that the physical abuse was over, he cannot reason that. You can reason, get that help I mentioned. Learn to trust in Christ and seek His guidance. Find a Christian counselor, maybe a pastor. Find Christian friends - who are you hanging around with? Christ will never use a 2x4 on you, He loves you and so do mama & I and we may never meet you! We are praying for you!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

An Unwed Mother

I just left Heathers blog site where she was talking about adoption and foster care. My mind flashed back to this incident in our lives.

The phone call came one afternoon; "''Would you be willing to take a newborn temporarily for about 90 days until adoption arrangements can be made?" Mama immediately said, without hesitation , "Certainly!"

Now mama and I had agreed that we would be pleased to use our home as a temporary foster placement home. We were prepared and expecting a call just like that one.

Within a couple of days the social worker brought the new baby boy to our house. What a precious child. The bio mom was a 17 year old girl who had dropped out of school. Her mother was NOT going to have a grand child who was born out of wedlock - no way. Major family dispute and the mutual agreement was to put the child up for adoption.

After about two weeks we received another phone call from the social worker. "I have a very special request (pause) the bio mom is having second thoughts about giving up the baby for adoption. Would you object if she came to your house to see the baby?" Mama said; "That would certainly be okay and I would be glad to show her some basic child care steps." By the way, no one takes care of babies as well as mama!

In a couple of days the young lady arrived, by herself, at our home. When she came in we smiled, she trembled and was extremely frightened. I immediately put my arms around her, and held her, hugged her why she sobbed. I told her, looking her in the face; "You are facing one of the toughest decisions of your life! We are not here to judge you and are not in competition with you for your child. We are here to help you decide whats best!" She then hugged me and sobbed some more. Mama then went and got the baby and placed the baby in her trembling arms. It was the first time she held the child. The rest of the afternoon mama helped her take care of the baby. She then had to leave. She came and visited a couple more times.

Within a week or so the social worker called and said that the bio mom wanted to take the child home for the weekend - "grandma's" heart was changing. The weekend went fine and the bio mom eventually took her son home to stay.

One of the little neat things that happened during this process was that every once in awhile we would dress the baby up extra special, go into town and stop at a very special restaurant. The one where the bio mom worked as a waitress. The first time we did this the mom screamed with delight and took the baby and showed him to everyone.

Those of you in foster care or considering adoption, what a serious responsibility you have. Make sure you have Jesus direction in your life, because the child you are responsible for, now or later, their life depends on that.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Serendipity For Sure! An unexpected Blessing!

When is the last time you sat on the very front pew in church?? For the whole service! 200 plus people behind us, preacher almost on our toes and the choir staring at us trying to figure out why we were there and who we were sitting with! What fun we had and what a blessing we received! Let me explain.

Remember Sean, Bill & Tom from the PATH? Well as residents of the shelter, they are required to attend church both Sunday morning & Sunday evening. Last evening three of the five men residents sat on the very front row! I went up to them before service started to "chit chat" and they asked me to get mama and come sit with them! What to do??!! So mama and I sat with them. There we were; Sean, me, Bill, mama & Tom! Right up on the very front row! The guys thoroughly enjoyed it! At the end of the service several people wanted to know who the three guys were. I introduced them as our "grand children"! The guys went ballistic! The guys straightened that out after a bit. Everyone had a good laugh.

Last night mama and I got the blessing. We have been praying that we will be Christian examples to these men and that they will accept us and be comfortable around us.

We head back north in two weeks. Pray for the men and women of the PATH the they will first and foremost commit their lives to Christ. Secondly, that they can get a fresh start on life. Mama and I? We are already excited about returning next fall!! God is so Good!!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Mama and I - Friday morning volunteers

The past couple of months mama and I have been getting up early and going to the Path. The Path is a shelter for the homeless with facilities for both men and women. Recently, Ed & Darla, blogging friends asked how it was going.

We arrive at about 8AM. We meet with staff briefly and then take Path residents, men & women, job hunting! We are not enablers! We do not go in with them, we are transportation volunteers. As soon as we loaded up, today we had three, mama prays out loud for us as I drive. Bill one of the residents thanked mama for praying and thanked me for not closing my eyes and bowing my head! :o) We drove a total of 90 miles today. Today was a mixed blessing day.

We had to get Sean to an assisted Living Facility between 9AM and 10AM for an interview he had lined up yesterday. He was excited but very nervous, they need a cook and that was his background. While Sean was in having his interview the rest of us waited, and prayed. Bill, Tom & I sat on a bench outside of the Assisted Living facility and talked while waiting for Sean. We talked about Tom being delivered from smoking and his recent total commitment to Jesus.

After about 30 minutes Sean came out excited. His interview he felt went well. The lady manager was pleased with his honesty, he openly admitted that he had felony convictions on his record and that he had a history of drug use. She said that was not necessarily a problem. She would present that to the board tonight - so pray for Sean.

Tom has heavy equipment maintenance background so we checked several places for him. Bill has a background in construction so we checked a few places for him. The job market is slow so pray for these individuals.

Next Friday is our last day to volunteer. We head back to Michigan soon after that. So pray for the Path and the residents.

God bless! Mama & Papa

Thursday, 3 April 2008

What's my name ????

Where do I start? Lets start at the beginning, what I remember first. I remember when I was about three weeks old, in my birth mother’s womb, I wondered, what am I? What is my future? Am I a baby?

As time went by I could hear my mother talking about abortion. I found out that here in Western Siberia Russia that 3 out of 4 expecting mothers abort their babies. Is that what I am? A baby? Abortion sounds awful! Will that happen to me? What can I do? Oh my, nothing! My mother seems sad, lonely and not sure what to do. Her future is not bright. Many young mothers die by the time they are 35, my mother is only 15 but still that’s not much of a future to look forward to. She has nothing, not even a husband to care for her. I really don’t have a chance do I. My future does not look good even if she gives birth to me.

Siberia! Oh it is so cold! I am now six months old in the womb. At least I am still alive. It is November here and already we are having many nights below zero! Brrrr! Keep me warm mother! I wonder why my mother didn’t abort me?? Certainly life will be much more difficult for her with raising a baby. What will she do?

That’s a new word! Orphanage! What does that mean? Is it something that will be a part of my life? Oh – it’s a place where children go who have no parents. Well, that doesn’t apply to me then, I at least have a mother. What! She plans to put me in an orphanage after I am born? I will have no mother! What will happen to me? Will I have a name?

Oh my is it ever cold!! The temperature is 30 below and it is the end of January! Something is happening! I’m coming out! Oh my! Where are we? A hospital? I guess this is my welcome to life. Oh it’s cold out here! I wish I could go back. The faces of all these people look funny – blank. They look sad – and lonely. Will I grow up like that? Maybe that’s the way life is. I am not sure I want to be here.

I think it has been a week since I have been born. Who are these strange people? Where are they taking me? Where is my mother? I have not seen her yet. Surely she is coming! Orphanage! There’s that word again. They are taking me to an orphanage! I want my mother!

This is a strange place. Lots of older children here, not very many of us babies here. I hate just laying in this crib thing all day. I wish I could get out and move around. Here they come – they are picking me up. What for? My diaper is dry – I hope they aren’t going to feed me that goopy stuff that they always give me. I sure wish I could have some milk.

Who are those people? They look nice. What was that bright light?? A flash! They took my picture! What for? I think I had better listen to what they are saying. This could be important. The picture! They are sending it to America. Where is that? Is that another town in Siberia? Oh I have so many questions! They are saying that in America there are couples that must mean husbands and wives that are looking for babies to adopt. I wonder if I really have a chance at this adoption thing. This town America probably isn’t much, but I would have a mom and dad. I wonder if they would give me milk. I wonder about many things.

I have been here 8 months now. They took my picture many months ago. I feel sad. But I guess that is the way my life is going to be. Oh, here they come to change my diaper again. I think I will give them a messy one, I am bored. What are they doing? They seem to be fussing over me a little extra today. Even a nice clean gown today! Where are they taking me? Whose office is this? Boy, this building is big. Who are those two people? They sure look nice! They don’t look like they are from around here. What are they doing here in Siberia? Why do I have so many questions? Oh no – they are putting me in the young ladies arms. I hope she knows how to hold me so that I don’t break.

That’s something new around here – the look on their faces. I have never seen the mouth turn up at the corners before. That must be painful! I don’t want to do that. They never do that around here. She sure is holding me close – that feels good. I think I will sneak a look at her face again. Yep, corners still turned up, it must be painful. Yep I am right, I see tears coming down her cheeks. Why does she do that then? But she doesn’t seem sad. I can’t tell how she feels, I have never seen this feeling. Now she is putting me in the arms of the young man. He is holding me close too – oh I like that. Wouldn’t you know it, his mouth is turned up too – and he is in pain – I see he has tears too.

What’s that? They are from the town of America? Oh my, they must be thinking of adopting me. They think I look just like my picture! Will they take me to America? Oh no – they are giving me back to the nurse. Wait, they say they will be back tomorrow to get me!

Where are they? I hope they come today. Yep, they must be here the nurse is fussing all over me. I think this is going to be a good thing. At least they hold me close. I wonder if they will give me a name?

Where are we? Who are all these people? Oh – we are in front of the judge here in Siberia! That must be important! What did he say? He asked them if I was cute! What is cute? The young lady holding me says “yes”! The judge says I now belong to them. I now have a mom and dad. I hope that’s a good thing. I am still curious, I haven’t heard my name yet. My dad says they are going to take me home. I am anxious to see my home. I hope it’s not too cold – I don’t like the cold.

Blake! That must be my name! Mom and Dad keep calling me “Blake”. I now have a name and that must mean I am part of their family – forever!

This thing they call an airplane is so crowded, lots of babies and children on this airplane. We must be all going to America. Something tells me that it is a long way from Siberia!

This has been a long trip, three different planes, I am getting tired of planes! Here we go again! Wait this is different. There are people I see that seem to know my mom and dad. They are putting me in the arms of this lady. Oh, it’s my mom’s mom, my grandma – and he must be my papa!

Wow – what are those things? Big round things on some kind of thread or ribbon – someone said balloons! Look at all the signs – there’s one that says:
“Welcome home Blake”! I like that! Hey, my face is funny, the corners of my mouth are turned up for the first time! I have tears coming down and it doesn’t even hurt! It is a good thing! And – its warmer!

Yep - I think I’m home!

(Written by Papa)

Picture of mama getting ready to hold her first grandchild who just got off the plane all the way from Siberia!

September 1999

I apologize for the length, but wanted to share!

LATE FLASH! Go to "A Place For You" a song by Wayne Watson that was sung at Blake's church dedication. Very special! The words apply to you and me as well!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

No - we are not flower children!

Ain't she pretty?!! This is mama in June 2003 on the island of Ă–land which is just off the coast of southern Sweden near the town of Kalmar. The island is about 9 miles wide at its widest point and is about 85 miles long. We were there visiting family, my family. I had discovered my mothers father had come from the island and I wanted to see my roots. We never knew we had family in Sweden until 2001. In 2002 four of them came and visited us and 2003 four of us went there. What a fabulous two weeks we had!

Anna-Lena, has become my Swedish daughter - It was after I met her that I started using the term "papa". I was her USA Papa! During our tip to Sweden they celebrated "Mid Summer" - the longest day of the summer, June 21st. Part of that festival time people pick fresh flowers in the fields, any field you want, including your neighbors if you want. Note: In Sweden the law states that you can go on your neighbors property and hike, even pitch a tent as long as you leave it as you found it! Anna-Lena took us looking for flowers and then helped us make our crowns!

The crowns? What happened to them? We hung them outside our cottage on sides of the cottage when we left to come home. Over the years they have faded and are probably gone but they remained there several years, no one wanted to take them down.

Friends - family is so precious! We worked hard, spent thousands of dollars to make this part of the family whole again. How precious is your family? What are you willing to do to restore broken / missing relationships? Some relationships cannot be mended perhaps but fix those that you can. This part of our family was separated physically from 1891 until 2002, 111 years! We never knew!!! Please - tell someone you love them tonight! Anna-Lena, I love you!