Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Special Prayer Request from Papa -

I would like you to meet Peter. I have not met him physically but we are both bloggers serving the same Lord. I met him through a mutual friend. He is fighting a major battle with Acute Leukemia (AML). In less than one week he will begin the process of a bone marrow transplant. He needs our prayers and encouragement - for him and his family. I would like you to go to Peter's blog and let him know you are thinking of him. I also have him listed on my blog roll. Put him on your prayer list.

Thank you for coming to this need. We are a wonderful family. God Bless!

Papa and Mama too!

Note: Mama and papa will be out of town Friday & Saturday. Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 29 December 2008

A Manatee Special Day!

Today was a very special day! Roxanne and Beth with their families from Washington State met mama and papa at Homosassa, FL to swim with the Manatee's! Some of our party actually touched Manatee's. Papa had a baby manatee swim right underneath him! We all wore wet suits and used masks & snorkels to swim with Manatee's. The water is spring fed and flows to the gulf. The Manatee's come to the spring area from the gulf in the winter to be in the warmer water.

After our encounter with the Manatee's we went to our place for a burger cookout. We had a great time - only heard one terrifying scream - precious Charlotte was holding a small lizard at papa's house when it jumped on a bare spot just below her neck. heh heh! Would have made a great GEICO commercial!

Papa and others wept as papa prayed and blessed the food as we stood and held hands. Roxanne also prayed and thanked GOD for our many blessings. Mama and papa love our blogging family.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas! From James The Shepherd

Christmas Eve papa was asked to do a devotional for the church service. I dressed up as a shepherd, staff and all. I greeted people as they arrived for the service and then later did a 15 minute devotional as one of the shepherds that had went to the manger scene. As I prepared this past week for the devotional, several things struck me about the story in Luke 2:8-20.

First, the fields where the shepherds watched their flocks was their home! They lived there! And, there were probably many shepherds who watched this story unfold. Basically, the angel and the Heavenly Host came into their homes! Next, I noted the shepherds were terrified! Can you imagine what that night sky must have looked like ?!! I think terrified would be an understatement!

I then went on to compare a shepherd to the "Great Shepherd" - Jesus. Did you know that a shepherd did not usually own the sheep?? He was a wage earner. We are God's children, his sheep, but God sent his Son to be our shepherd, and He gave his life for God's sheep. We are a lot like sheep - we sometimes get into trouble and the shepherd has to discipline us. At other times we tend to wander off so far that we have difficulty hearing the shepherds voice and we are lost. The shepherd always seeks after us.

What really made me think though was how terrified the shepherds must have been that night. Can you imagine what the sky will probably be like when Christ returns - the second - and final time? I would strongly suggest you get ready during this Christmas season. Because if you are not, terrified will not describe what you will experience!! Mama and I will be praying for each of you that this will be the Christmas Season that you will seek after Christ with your whole heart.

Monday, 22 December 2008

I have been tagged - by Beth!

I was tagged by Beth and asked to go to my fourth picture folder and the fourth picture, post it and explain it. So here goes!

This is papa on Amos, my Morgan horse. He is awesome! In the picture I am riding him in the outside arena - loosening him up for a ride. Before I begin a ride with Amos I like to first ride in a closed-in area and get him use to my voice instructions and my body signals - so each time we go out together we "rehash" them. If I sense he is not really paying attention to me as I bring him in from the pasture to the stall, I may get a 20' rope, tack him up and then put him on a lunge line and make him obey my voice commands of 'walk', 'trot' and 'whoa'. If he shows any hesitation or is not listening, we stay at it until he gets it right. Then and only then do we go out and trail ride together.

It amazes me - we as Christians jump out of bed each day and think that - 'well I was a Christian yesterday, so today I don't need to start my day with any instruction from my Master - I will be fine'. HE wants to help us get started each day - So listen - He may ask you to 'walk' when you want to 'trot'. He may hollar 'whoa' - will you hear him today? Maybe you had better stop right now and take a few minutes to pray and have a devotional time. I think today He is going to put papa on a lunge line - I have been a stinker lately - gotta go!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Manatee's - near mama & papa

No this is not a picture of papa swimming in a spring - it is a Manatee. Our Florida home is only 25 minutes from the Manatee's. Usually when we have visitors we like to take them to see the manatee's. You can even sign up for tours to swim with them - we are hoping to do that soon. We are meeting up with Roxanne & Beth in a few days to do that. Afterwards we plan to come to papa's & mama's place for burgers.

NOw let's have some fun - let's name the Manatee in the picture using just the letters "M A N A T E E" - like "Man" (too bad we don't have a 'D' ) or "Tan".

Thursday, 18 December 2008


This picture is the first time that papa got to physically see my grandson. The picture was taken in October 2000 when Blake was 9 mos. old. Mama was so excited to see her first grand child. A day we shall not forget.

Some of you are considering adopting. Mama and I never adopted, however, in addition to our own two children, through the years have had over 30 foster children. One of the highlights we have had is taking 90 day old twins and placing them in the arms of their adoptive parents. That was hard - but God ordained.

If you are considering adoption - trust God. Discuss openly with those who have a say in the decision process. I think the bottom line is having trust in God that you are going down a road that He is walking with you. Adoption is an act of love, certainly He is there with you.

MY daughter and son-in-law are leaving any day now to go pick up my third grand child, Sara, their second adopted child. This last child has been a process that has taken time & patience. One of the key players in this process was my precious grand daughter - Sydney who my daughter gave birth to in 2001.

As they began this process a couple of years ago, my daughter was saying prayers one night with Sydney. Sydney's prayer went something like this; "Jesus, and please watch over Sara too! Amen!" My daughter asked Sydney who Sara was, Sydney said; "She is the girl that you and daddy want to adopt - I gave her a name, so Jesus knows who I am praying for." Sydney was 4 or 5 at this time.

If you are considering adoption, remember, God has one all picked out for you. After all, He chose you to be a part of His family, have you accepted Him yet?

Monday, 15 December 2008

Papa Has a Favor to Ask!

This is papa & mama's newest grandchild - she is 3. Her name
Yu Jing (Sara) from China. My daughter & son-in-law will go to China soon to bring her home, probably sometime between now and the end of February. I Have two favors to request!

1) Pray that the trip will go well.

2) Stop by their blog and let them know you are praying for them. You can link from my blog roll, 'My Family' or just click on blog above. When you get to the blog click on 'Slow Boat to Sara' for updates.

Thanks for doing this for papa & mama and check back on their blog for Sara's adventure now and then! God Bless!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Back to work!

Today was a great day! Mama and I went back to work - as volunteers. We will do this each Friday morning. We have the same opportunity we had last year, assisting ladies and gentlemen that are needing employment look for jobs. We provide transportation and encouragement as we take them to various places looking for employment. Today we took two ladies and one gentleman. The place we volunteer at is THE PATH, you can also link to their site from my blog. Pray for these individuals that they will find work and God's will for their life.

We asked about a couple of gentlemen that we helped last spring and were wondering how they had done. Both are employed now and are out on their own! Praise the Lord! Put us on your prayer calendar each Friday.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

God's Assignment today! Clean the bird feeder

Today I took the bird feeder down, the old seed had sprouted and some of the seed was moldy - it needed cleaning. You see, this was God's assignment today - and I don't even own a bird feeder. Let me explain.

It was the spring of 2005 I believe and a lady friend from church came up to mama and I, all excited, she was engaged and we were one of the first to know. She and the prospective groom were seniors, and were excited and had to tell someone!
A couple of weeks later, the pastor announced after Sunday morning service for everyone to remain seated after the benediction. Then the couple above came forward, exchanged vows, and were married! We all got to participate - what a neat way to start your marriage.

They are quite the couple - even today - but tragedy has struck. At about the same time, 2006, her husband and I started to develop moderate tremors - his advanced faster. His condition was diagnosed as Parkinson's, mine was not. As of four months ago his condition has required 24 hour medical care and he is now in a rehab center. Today I went to visit and pray with him. He sits in a wheel chair - and needs assistance to get in and out of the chair. We are hoping and praying with his wife that physical therapy will make some improvements.

I noticed outside his window two bird feeders - but no bird activity. He had a jug with some bird feed but I decided that the one feeder needed cleaning first before re-filling. I went outside got the feeder and brought it home and cleaned it. Mama and I then went and got more bird seed and went back to the rehab center. We rehung the bird feeder, filled the feeder, and then also refilled the jug. My friend was very appreciative and thanked us. He and his wife love to watch the birds come to the feeder.

This morning I prayed asking God to use me in any way He could - I was His for the day. I think my assignment today was; "papa clean the bird feeder." I Am glad I heard His voice.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Mama said I could!

Mama said I could take you for a sleigh ride! How do you like the sleigh? I think it is beautiful! Just right for two - mama gave me one of our quilts made by mama's mom - it is beautiful, red, black & white - a log cabin pattern. That will keep us warm! Here we go! I already have Amos hooked up, I checked the holdback straps they are secured: "Giddy-up Amos!" Oh my the snow is so soft and fluffy the front part of the runners are throwing snow in our faces! The moon is so bright and the stars are so clear - wow! Isn't God's creation so marvelous?! "Little faster Amos - we have a long way to go and a surprise stop along the way!" Look! There are some geese on the open end of the pond just to our right! I see four - wait, just a little further back on the pond by the river outlet are two swan! The river stays open year round and they stay here. Are they not majestic? Oh the snow is so deep - yet Amos goes so easily through the woods - trees just covered with snow - watch out! Now you look funny with all that snow that fell out of that tree on you head and lap! Look! There are three deer in the middle of the trail watching us as we approach them! They are stomping their front feet! They are breathing quite hard - you can see their breath in the cold air! There they go - must be the sleigh bells on the harness startled them. We are now in an open field - here, you can drive - head for that house in the distance that's where we are going for a special treat.

Well we are here! say hello to Jake, Brandy and the boys; Dylan, Aidan & Owen! - I hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate, fresh cookies and fruit cake! Sorry Brandy, we can't stay longer, it is a long ride back home. - "Shhhh, quiet Amos, I Think our passenger fell asleep! We are almost home!"

Mama And Papa hope you enjoyed your sleigh ride and that you have a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Sleigh Ride Anyone??

How many of you have ever rode on a horse drawn sleigh ?? Papa has - and papa has actually hitched the horse to the sleigh and driven. Only one-horse sleighs though. I learned when I was just a youngster - back in the 50's!

I remember hitching the horse for the first time and I thought I was finished and dad said; "not done yet, you need to hook up the two 'holdback straps' ". Now those two straps are important. They keep the sleigh from running into the back of the horse such as when you are going downhill or stopping.

I think God has a couple of 'holdback straps' on papa - maybe the principle is a little different, but He sometimes has to help me hold back - if not I get in trouble. Areas I have to learn to do better at are; my mouth (big one!), sometimes my attitude, getting too busy and not paying attention. Do you need 'holdback straps' ?

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Family Members

These are new members of mama and papa's family. The top picture is Papa with Russ & Lydia Hutto. We stopped and chatted with them for about an hour at a ice cream parlor. Russ is a media & worship team leader for a church in southern GA. Lydia is a speech therapist for children - a very unique couple. We are definitely family now. They were so very friendly and warm - gentle and huggable. lol

Our first encounter though was with Nanatrish. We met her for lunch earlier that day. What a happy, friendly, bubblie, lady! She has a very unique ministry. She is very excited about her life's profession ! She works for an Eye Bank Organization. She manages the office staff that makes this happens. She says the reward comes when others find sight - some for the first time. Can you imagine?!

This makes 17 bloggers mama and papa have met - when do we meet you? Maybe we have!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

We made it!

We are in Florida! We are still setting up! We got to meet Nanatrish and Russ Hutto & his wife on the way down - will tell more later. Face to face meetings with bloggers is special. Well gotta go - water pump is still needing attention. Mama needs water! LoL We are excited to be here!