Sunday, 29 June 2008

God is no where! :o( !!

Today I have been thinking about my neighbor Sherry. You see her husband has had MS for 20 years, she is his primary Care Giver. He is almost totally incapacitated, even his speech is now difficult. To drink he has to sip through a straw. Recently he has been assigned to hospice and is still at home - Sherry has kept him at home all these years, wonder if she thinks God is no where? How is the rest of her life going ?? Her dad is gone, her mother has congestive heart failure, a brother has cancer, her sister has just had cancer surgery and the prognosis is not good ----- yep, God, is no where - Whoops - I see papa has been making a typo - that should read " God is now here!" Sorry about the typo - when you run the letters together Godisnowhere you can go either way - do you switch back and forth? The phrase Godisnowhere is not original with Papa it came up in SS Class this morning, a lady who heard it in Bible Study fellowship (BSF) shared the phrase. How do you break apart the letters - Godisnowhere ?

Friday, 27 June 2008


Well mama and papa are back - no place like home. I have been thinking all week about my last post - the three different boats. The choices you made were interesting. I was thinking about my first boat I had. It was a speed boat with a 50 hp engine - I thought it was the best! I was very contented! It served my purpose. It met my expectations.

But - I have since rode in Robb's high performance boat (see last post) - no comparison, I never ever thought I would ride in a boat like that!

How much power do you want in your spiritual life?? What are your expectations? Are you aware that there may be more power out there for you? or are you content with where you are at? Robb's boat probably has a gas tank of over a 100 gallons - it would cost close to 500 bucks to fill it today with premium fuel - thats a high cost. To power up those two high performance V8's in Robb's boat it costs! You don't get spiritual power without cost as well. We need to put everything we can into our spiritual lives. Prayer and scripture times are important - but don't neglect service for Christ as well. Lets power up people !! Yea !!! Don't get too content!!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Choose your boat!

This will be my last post for about a week - mama and I are going on a vacation to a remote cabin. soooooo, I have a challenge for you - so have fun while I am gone. Below are three boats - which one would you want if Papa could give you your choice - no cost. In your comments, tell me which one you would choose, why, and why not the other two? When I get back, I will give you some feedback. I will describe each of the boats below. I really want your input - you have a week.

The boat above belongs to a friend of mine Paul. It is a great fishing rig. I believe it is a 16' Polar Kraft all aluminum hull, all the fishing devices needed for a good days fishing. The motor is a 75hp four stroke Honda outboard - top notch! Will get you to that fishing hole quick. Top speed I am guessing around 45-50 mph.

The next boat is my boat - Precious II. if you remember it is a Malibu Sportster LX 310 hp inboard tournament class ski boat. Top speed right at 48 mph. Will pull as many skiers as you want to put behind her. Runs flat on the water - tops in her class.

Now the boat above belonged to a great friend Robb, who was also a working partner and my boss at one time. One afternoon Robb and I went for a ride in his boat and we went out on Lake Michigan. Here are the stats to the best of my knowledge. It is a Sonic high Speed boat. It has sleeping facilities below deck. It is a family boat and robb and his family used it camping around the Great lakes. The boat is powered by twin V8 engines over 500 cubic inches each turning right at 600 hp each for a total of 1200 hp. Top Speed - 80+ - I know! When you throttle this one up - heads turn!

Well? which one do you want? Why? Why not the other two? Only pick one! I will be back on line June 27th!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Why teach Sunday School Anyways??

I am sure many of you have been or are Sunday School teachers or doing other types of Christian service in a church or community. Is it worth it? Do you ever feel like; "Am I getting through? - Is this a waste of my time?"

First of all, thats not why we do it. We are to be obedient servants, serving where Christ asks us. He expects us to listen to his voice and go where He asks. It may be in a local church or maybe to South Africa to rescue children. Wherever - go!

Christ asked me to teach a youth Sunday School - teenagers - way back in the late 60's! Long time ago! I have always taken my role as a teacher very serious - I actually give out "homework" for most lessons that I teach. When I was a teacher of teenagers I actually expected the homework to be turned in and I commented on their answers in a personal way and gave it back. One option I had was that they could ask any question on the bottom of the paper and I would do my best to answer the question. The young (still young!)lady in the white top, Sheree, asked me a question one Sunday on her paper back in the late 60's something like this; "My parents announced they are getting a divorce - what do I do? Do they love me?" My heart was ripped out and I am sure I reassured them of their parent's love and God's love.

The two girls in the picture are sisters - both were in my classes as teenagers. Kay, the one in the green top was, and still is a very special young lady to me. The picture above was taken just a few days ago at Papa's house. The sisters drove over two hours to come and thank mama and I for having such an impact on their lives - we were over whelmed that they would do that! I have not seen them for many years. Sheree we had not seen since the 60's! Kay, the stinker, actually did come and visit us in Wisconsin about 1978 - she hitched hiked with her big dog all the way from Arizona - by herself! :o) !! Kay still lives in Arizona, Sheree in Colorado. They were here in Michigan visiting family.

The other day, when they came by to see us - was one of the greatest days of papa's life! You wonder sometimes if you really are having an impact? You are! Do not doubt - if you are following Christ's direction - He knows where He is taking you! During the couple of hours they were here, papa cried as both ladies shared their lives and gave us undeserved praise over and over. Pray for both of these ladies!

Tears are flowing now - no, I am not wiping these tears!

A very humbled Papa and Mama

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Please! Do not wipe away your tears!

That may be a strange request - but tonight God checked Papa! He told me; "Do not wipe away those tears - those are blessing tears and I want them to run down your cheeks and know that I am touching you through those tears." So I am asking you, the next time that God comes to you - let the tears flow down your face and know that He is touching you. I did not wipe them away. I just allowed them to flow.

Janis, her hub, Mama and I were at a Collingsworth family concert. It was awesome! I was blessed. They sang a song that God poured his spirit on this old soul. An old hymn - "Holy, Holy, Holy". No instruments - just their voices. Our God is so Holy - and yet He loves us so. The song after that said; "Jesus love surrounds us ..." you do know that this Holy God does surround you with his love - right? Then in that same song the words were; "Jesus love astounds us!" Do you really comprehend how much He really loves us? especially as we face the storms of life. One song mentioned that Jesus is always on the other side of the storm and He sees the rainbow before we do!

Today my son came to spend the day on the lake - on Precious II. Two weeks ago I almost lost my son. He lost control of his car at 70 mph on the interstate (heavy rain) the car went out of control into the median - flying past trees, landing in a mud bog out of sight from the road. no damage to the car, no injuries - had to be towed out. I confess, I do not know why God seems to put out his protective hand for some and not for others, but I know regardless - He surrounds us with his love - never for get that.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Please come pray with us! ( Major Correction!)

Somebody really prays well - !!! I mentioned in my post a few days ago (Please Come pray with us!) about a gentleman who lost his wife a few months ago and needs our prayers. Well - he sure does! He announced his engagement yesterday at a seniors luncheon - there were kisses and even a corsage! We think he is in his early 80's! She is a widow here on the camp. One couple here had a frank discussion about that - the lady looked at her husband and said; "If I die before you do, don't you dare find someone in a few short months and act that happy!" Everyone broke out with laughter!

The gentleman that is getting married sold the widow lady his truck a few months ago - he told the crowd yesterday he is marrying her because he misses his truck! LOL

Be careful how you pray - the answer may not be what you expect!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Introduction of "Precious II"!

Well this is Papa's toy! it is a Malibu Sportster LX 5.7 Liter V8 310 hp tournament ski boat. If you stop by this summer mama and papa will give you a ride. You can ride in the boat, ski or even ride the "tube".

Mama and papa decided several years ago to purchase Precious II. It is our drawing card. It is a fun activity that brings our family & friends down to the lake where we can be together. It is slightly faster pace than Precious I the pontoon).

The picture below is family enjoying a ride on the tube! Papa has a couple of rules - 1) If you are on ski's or a wake board, papa will drive at the speed you want and be as cooperative as papa can. 2) If you are on the tube - papa makes the rules! :o) 3) If you challenge papa and say that there is no way papa can "dump" you off the tube - heh heh!

No body has been able to keep papa from dumping them yet - if they challenge him! Papa is very cautious with children and adults. Are you ready for a ride ????!!!

P.S. Papa takes donations for gas! It has a 36 gallon tank and burns Premium! :o( !

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Shhhh! Mama's Birthday soon!

Shhhh! Mama has a birthday soon! Next Tuesday, June 10th! I never tell her age, but - if you put a name of each book of the Bible along side each of her birthdays you would come out just perfect! :o) I am probably in big trouble if she reads this - which means ......

In the picture is her birthday present - the two hanging plants on the porch. She hasn't seen them yet - I am curious how quick she will notice! I did it today while she is over at her mothers house painting. i will save her card for her actual birthday. So if you look at this post soon you will see mama's flowers before she does. I will update this post and let you know how quick she notices! I (HEART) MAMA !

Update: At about 5:30pm she finally spotted them after big hint!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The worse of the worst!

Recently several bloggers have "tagged" many people to perhaps list their favorite book in the Bible or list answers to a variety of questions - well, I want to do something a little different. I am not tagging anyone - actually I am tagging you the reader. If you are reading this I want/demand your comment - if you say that's not fair - I will give you a way out -

I want to know who do you think is the meanest, worst character in the bible? Who is the one character in the bible that really burns you? List the person, maybe a scripture reference, why do you dislike this person? Now - if you recognize my 'worst person' you do not have to participate , strictly voluntary - however, if you read beyond this point, and do not recognize my character than you must participate! My character is Adoni-Bezek - remember him? Didn't think so! You can find his story in Judges 1:4-7. His name in 'The Message' version is referred to as "My-Master-Bezek". He was one nasty king! Read the short story and see what he did!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Please come pray with us!

Recently Tam posted a topic on prayer. Prayer is one of the things that God has given to us as bloggers we can share in. Tam requested that we provide her with a list of our requests - I hope that you did that. I did, as I value Tam and Brent's prayers as much as I need you to pray for mama and I.

Several of you have given mama and I some very special and urgent prayer requests. I want you to know we take those very seriously.

Here on the church camp where we live they have a prayer cottage that is open 24/7. It is a short couple of blocks from our home to the cottage. Papa tries to be there praying and have my devotions there each morning. On Thursday mornings mama has established a ladies prayer group that meets there at 10am.

I pray that you are making time each day to have a prayer time. We can get so busy that we sometimes forget our Heavenly Father would like to spend some time with us.

Today as I went to the Prayer Cottage, one of the retired pastors that lives here was working on a construction project in the prayer cottage. He is building a prayer Closet! It will not be much larger than a closet, but will actually have an altar in the closet where you can kneel and pray in true privacy. By the way, remember him in prayer, he lost his mate a few short months ago.

Mama and I are hoping some day that all of you can stop by and that we can pray together!