Saturday, 28 February 2009

Very Busy Day!

Mama: "What are you doing today?"
Papa: "Nothing!"
Mama (with a pause): "You did that yesterday!"
Papa: "But I didn't finish ----- !!"

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Red Envelope Day

I usually don't get involved in 'social causes' but this one has got papa's attention. Maybe you have already heard of it and I am just getting caught up with the rest of you.

It is an event where on March 31 everyone who opposes abortion and wants to let President Obama know about it will send an empty Red envelope addressed to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington , D.C. 20500

On the back of the envelop you should write:

"This envelope represents one child who died because of an abortion.
It is empty because the life that was taken is now unable to be a part of our world."

This would be a great way to let President Obama know that you don't approve of abortion.

Monday, 23 February 2009

My Country!

The video attached makes me get goose bumps all over!
I am proud of my country - tain't a bad place to live Y'ALL!

I thought this was very special.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

24 Hrs - Thu. 4:45PM EST thru Fri.4:45PM EST

Have you ever been on a teeter-totter?? I am sure most of us have. Have you ever been the "little one" on the end?? That takes trust! Do you think Sara in the picture is fearful that her new daddy will hurt her? Do you think he is going to jump off and let her fall?

The next 24 hours are scary for papa. As I type this right now at 5pm est, Sara should be on her first leg of a two flight journey to home in Chelsea, MI. The journey will cover 24 hours from Hong Kong, China to Detroit, MI.

I need to trust my God to get them home safely. But I think it's okay if papa prays a little - don't you?

The Plane has arrived!! 1:00PM EST !! All is well !! Everyone is tired! :o)

5PM UPDATE: Trip went very well - Sara stayed awake the whole trip!! She had fun was no problem. Only cried at Detroit customs when the Custom Agent picked her up - that had to be traumatic for her - she probably thought he was taking her. MAMA AND PAPA THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS - GOD BLESS

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

To my Loved Ones, Friends & Enemies

Mama and Papa are requesting prayer, not for us or our family, we are all fine. I am requesting prayer for "MaryAnn" (not her real name). MaryAnn lives at a shelter right now and is trying to find work so she can get out on her own.

MaryAnn has been employed before but now with a criminal record, jobs are very scarce for her.

Last Friday Mama and I picked up MaryAnn and three others at the shelter and took them job hunting. We do this each Friday, but this was MaryAnn's first time with us. Mama prayed out-loud as we left in our van. She prayed about them turning their lives completely over to God and that God would help them in finding direction in their lives.

MaryAnn was dressed very well, had her list of job openings, and her resume - but was terrified and discouraged. No job that day.

Please pray for all the "MaryAnn's" that need help and another chance. If you think of it, Pray for them particularly on Friday mornings as we go job-searching.

Mama and Papa Thank you!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A similar journey?

Okay, test time! This picture is very special! There is a very Special story here. Study the picture and see what you can find that is so special - stop now and look it over closely.

This picture was taken in China, true. These are Sara's new adoptive parents, she is now with her mom and dad. But that's not what I think is so special. Give up? Well let papa explain.

Look at Sara's right hand, she is clutching something very closely. It is a picture album.
The album was given to Sara a month or so before she met her "mom & dad". Jo, my daughter, Sara's mom, made up a picture album of "Sara's new family" including her brother and sister she is yet to meet. The album was mailed to Sara ahead of their meeting. She cherishes that album. The very first time they saw Sara she had the album in her hand - and pointed to Jo - she recognized her new "mom" from her picture album. One of the special things about the album is that a Chinese friend of Jo's put captions under the photos in Chinese so that the pictures could be explained to Sara before she met her mom.

Jesus has given us a "picture album" of himself to us. We call it the Bible. Will you recognize Him when you see Him? Will you be able to point to Him and smile? You are going to meet Him someday. Keep that "picture album" close, study it hard. You want to be able to recognize your Heavenly Father when He comes.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Where the journey began

The picture on the left is where Sara's major journey began. Approximately 3 1/2 years ago Sara was found in this location with a note pinned to her, probably by her biological mother.
She was a month old.

Although her journey for the next 3 1/2 years was not an ideal situation she was well cared for in a foster home and then placed in an orphanage for these last 30 days - now she is going home.

On February 20th Sara will take a 13 hour flight to home. She will have a family with a brother and a sister. It will be almost like being "born again".

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Sara Update - Wednesday!

Now you have to admit that Sara must definitely have some of papa's gene's! She is just too cute not to have!

All is going exceptionally well! We video chat every morning and Sara is a girl on the go - just bubbling with joy and happiness!

The trip to China is going well. They are having a great time and all is on schedule. Matt, Jo and Sara will be heading home the 20th.

Please keep them in your prayers!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Papa is crying happy tears!

Meet Sara! We met her this morning via iChat (web cam)! What a flawless child - just like her papa - I knew she had my genes! LOL

Matt & Jo have had her about 12 hours now - getting ready for bed now - and not one tear! She is adjusting well. They want to thank you for all your prayers. The prayers made a huge difference in Sara's adjustment!

Matt & Jo said when Sara saw them she had a big smile on her face - she recognized them from the pictures they had sent her ahead of time! Sara was carrying a photo album they had sent her ahead of time!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Guess Where ??

Well - guess where these pictures were taken - just yesterday! Your right, the Great Wall of China! If you look close at the picture on the left you can see Joellen & Matt hanging out the edge of the wall.

Today at about midnight EST they actually get to pick up Sara. The trip is going very well. They are in good spirits - still keep them in your prayers.

Update: Sunday 2/09/09 8AM
My error, no Sara until Monday at noon which is after midnight tonight here. They are 13 hours ahead of us - we video chatted with them just a few minutes ago !! Doing great!! Keep praying!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Sara is coming home!

As I type this Sara is in an orphanage in China. Tomorrow my daughter Joellen and her husband Matt fly from Detroit to China to go get Sara and bring her home. PLEASE PRAY!

This is a long trip miles wise and time wise. They will be gone over 2 weeks and won't return home until February 20th. I will update this post as the trip unfolds. Pray specifically for the following;

1. A safe trip.
2. That the adoption process will go smooth.
3. Pray for Sydney & Blake, left home until they return.
4. Pray for quick bonding between Sara & family.
5. That they have a fun trip.
6. That they will be good Christian representatives.

Mama and papa will not be able to hold our third grandchild until our return to Michigan the end of March. As most of you know we winter in Florida - so pray for us as well. We love our blogging family and count you as one of our true blessings.

1st Update: 2/05/09 - 10pm
They are on their way - some wheres on a plane between Detroit & Tokyo - first stop.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Special Gift!

The only time papa rides like this is just before he goes crashing to the ground - fortunately, papa hasn't had too many spills. To trick ride like this takes certain skills, lots of practice and a well trained horse. The horse and rider have spent many hours together practicing - they didn't just go to an arena one day and ride like this the first time. Do you know what is special about this picture to papa?

This young lady is terrific - probably one of the best trick riders around. However, what amazes papa is the horse. You wonder why? Because it is well trained, the rider trusts the horse literally with her life - she could be trampled very quickly. But What really amazes me is the breed of this horse. The horse in this picture was captured from open range - at one time it was a wild Mustang - true story.

Do you realize regardless of your life past or present, God has a special plan for you? He wants you to surrender completely to Him and let Him use you in the way He has plans for you. Many hours of work and training went into that Mustang above. Now it has a wonderful relationship with a very special person. We can have a special relationship with God's son. If you belong to Christ - be proud of what you do for Him - it is His plan for you - work at it.