Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My Earthly Father could do Anything!

I have seen a couple of posts recently talking about memories (see Tam, Monday, July 28th, Leg Warmers ...) and relationships with fathers (see Life Adapted - Thursday, July 24th, The Tinkerer). Well I have a puzzle for you - see if you can figure out the solution.

When I was quite young I watched my dad build a go-cart for us kids. My dad was an exceptional welder, during world war II he was exempt from military service as he was an under-water welder working on bridges. Anyways, as he was welding the go-cart - I watched. Now I knew enough not to watch him strike an arc or watch directly at the weld as it could damage your eyes - the flash/light from the welder was very intense/bright so I always turned my head away as he welded - so I thought.

That night, about 1AM I woke up with a painful scratching sensation in my eyes - extremely painful. I came down stairs and woke my dad - he could fix anything - remember? I had "sun-burned" my eyes by catching flashes from the welder. In less than 15 minutes the pain was gone and I was sound asleep! No pain in the morning!

My question for you is; What did my father do to stop the pain?? If no one guesses today I will post the answer in the comments Thursday morning. Or if I get 30 comments I will give the answer after the 30th comment!

Monday, 28 July 2008

I want his eyes and respect!

This past weekend I attended a horsemanship clinic by Clinton Anderson. There were about a 1000 people in attendance. Several horses that had problems were brought into the arena and Clinton discussed how to eliminate the problems then began working with the horses to correct the behavioral issues. Theses were horses he had never seen before. Some horses had fear issues, others were just head strong. He insisted that ground work (working with the horse with a lead rope) is essential before you get on the horses back. He insisted that when the horse stopped that the horse must keep his eyes focused on the trainer. He further went through exercises to teach the horse to respect the trainer - when the horse learned to do well he was assured with approval by the trainer. Almost all horse problems are not really horse issues but handler issues. Once you have their eyes focused on you and gain their respect the problems disappear.

If I don't keep focused on Christ then I start to experience difficulties in my spiritual walk. Christ wants us to focus on him - but He doesn't force us to. Clinton forced the horse to keep his eyes on him. He would pull the horses head toward him when he would lose focus. Clinton took the horse through several exercises to teach the horse to respect his instructions. The horse learned quickly. Horses are amazing animals that learn fast. We tend to ignore spiritual instruction sometimes, we fail to pay attention - and show a lack of respect. Papa needs to keep his eyes focused on Jesus, pay attention and give him my respect so that I can follow him as I should.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Good Bye! or See You Again - Soon!

I hate separation! I just hate it! I have found family in Sweden that my family did not even know existed. I found them in 2002. Since then they have come to the USA twice to visit Mama and papa and we have been to Sweden to visit them. We do iChats quite often. Our families were separated from 1881 until 2002 - almost 120 years! What a day of rejoicing it was when we first hugged each other in August 2002! We have become close family. We hope they will come and visit us again in Florida this winter. When they go back to Sweden papa will say; "Hope to see you again - soon!"

In the past two weeks, Mama and Papa have attended two funerals of very close friends. Both were wonderful Christians and were too young to go! Both near the age of Papa. But what was exciting was that it was not goodbye but rather see you soon.

It bothers Mama and Papa that some that comment on our blog we will someday say goodbye to. That stinks! We wish we could say to you all; "SEE YOU AGAIN - SOON!"

By the way - Mama and Papa will be gone tomorrow - Friday until late Sunday evening - hope to see you all again - soon!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Pray for Brittany!

Papa went to the Prayer Cottage this morning and was deeply troubled. At the Prayer Cottage there is usually a stack of prayer request cards that can be prayed over. Today I checked the mail box by the door of the cottage and found several new prayer request cards. I would like to share the one written by Brittany a child - I do not know her - here is her request in her words;

THE HEAVIEST CONCERN ON MY HEART TODAY IS: "If I am ever going to see my mom or dad. If I'm ever going to really know god or Jesus."
PLEASE HELP ME PRAY ABOUT: "My mom and dad that are both in prison. Me knowing God"

Papa is broken today - I will carry this burden deeply through the day. Pray for Brittany and other children who are dealing with issues of separation from family.

Many of you who read papa's blog may have family separation issues, papa and mama will be praying for you today.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Why are you going there?

I have just finished a terrific week walking with God. I really tried to do my best to listen to all He told me and where He took me. The Camp Meeting Bible studies each day were tremendous!

I am not sure that mama and papa have ever went to a movie theater together. We just never made that a priority. We have watched some movies here at home and have a few DVD's - mama likes the comedy's, papa watches westerns and some others with a moral theme. Do you go to movies? Do you take your family? Children? Do you go anywhere the "Adult Content" is not appropriate for children?

I ask that question to get you thinking about where you go and who do you take with you? Somewhere this week it really dawned on me that since I have been redeemed and justified with Christ the Holy Spirit is in me and goes wherever I go! Then I think of all the times I must have grieved him where we went or even the conversations I participate in. I now listen for his voice better; "Papa lets not go there, that grieves me!" or "Papa, those words are not what I like to hear, we need to leave or share better words." You do know that the Holy spirit uses your body for a dwelling place - right? Where are you taking him today? He is right there - talk with him and try your best not to grieve him. He is a wonderful companion!

One other thing - Husbands and wives - your conversations with each other, are they pleasing to the Holy Spirit? You are one - with the Holy Spirit. Mama and I are praying that as a Christian spouse - the Holy Spirit enjoys that dwelling.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

My new Holy Bible !

Saturday is Papa's birthday - mama took me shopping - she knew that papa wanted a new bible.
So I picked out a new bonded leather (burgundy - kind of like Tam's hair!) Life Application Study Bible NIV translation. I have already put the bible in my bible carrying case, with my markers and pens. My old bible was a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible which I enjoyed.

Papa does have a confession to make - of all my spiritual habits that need work on, studying God's word needs the greatest amount of work. I am very lax in this area of my life. Please pray with and for papa that I am a man that studies God's word! I think the Life Application version will be just what papa needs. Do you have any study tips for papa?

Monday, 14 July 2008

Had a heart check lately?

Had a heart checkup lately? Mama and I decided to get ours checked today – it has been while. The last thing you need is to find out that something is wrong with your heart. We were hopeful that no blockage would be found. So we had our hearts checked today and the results were good. Our hearts are in good condition. Let me explain, we are in camp meeting. Tonight at the end of the service the preacher asked the crowd, “When is the last time you had a heart checkup?” He then gave an invitation to come to the altar and have a “heart to heart” talk with Jesus – to make sure that everything is clear in your heart. When is the last time you knelt at an altar, or by your bed-side, maybe in your living room, just someplace and asked Jesus to evaluate your heart’s condition? Tonight mama and I knelt together and prayed to Jesus at an altar that He would check our hearts. He really does love you!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

My greatest blessing!

I noticed on Blessed 1 that she was asking others to post their blessings on Faithful Friday. Here is my post.

Today is a very special day - it is the first day of year 44 for mama and papa. The bride above is just as pretty today as she was 43 years ago. See - I told you if you have trouble finding my blog just use the search term - "Tom Cruise look-alike"! Just click on it and it will take you right there!

Mama is very special - she has had Christ at the center of her life continuously since childhood and was always making her decisions based on what she thought Christ wanted her to do - somehow, I was fortunate to be a part of than decision process.

Mama - always has a smile - except if she has been hurt by papa w/unkind words. papa has done that in the past and has asked Christ to forgive me and also mama. Mama carries a burden for others. Yesterday was no exception - yesterday, on our anniversary - mama and papa both shed tears for our friends. Sherry laid her husband to rest yesterday, we wept at Sherry's lost, but rejoiced at Alan's gain. Rene still struggles with cancer and mama talked to her husband Don yesterday - he said; "I don't like God's process, but I am trusting him." Rene is in hospice care - mama came home in tears.

Mama prays for each of you - by name. We both consider this "'our" ministry. Some of you are real bio family, others of you have been adopted as our children, (Ed is too old to adopt as our child so he is my "older brother - lol) Some of you get extra prayer, like Brandy & Jake for being in new circumstances that life has put you in. Consider yourself blessed when mama prays. Just like E.F. Hutton - all of heaven listens when mama prays.

Mama - I love you! Thank you for our wonderful family and being my best friend!

Jesus - thank you for mama - I am very humbled that you blessed me of all people with this wonderful woman of God.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Precious II doing her job!

Precious II loves to pull people on a tube. Drop by for a ride! Papa loves to drive - mama will be our spotter! Heh Heh !! See anything unusual in this clip??? heh heh! The bouncing was rough water that day - but you get the idea! Or maybe you would like to learn to Wake board - this was Amy's first attempt! Yea for Amy!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Independence Day!

4th of July was very special this year! hope yours was as well. We had 40 people at our peak on the 4th. All were at our house for lunch on the 4th. The picture above was taken that evening in celebration of mama's mom's 90th birthday. Mama is at her mother's right shoulder. The others are mama's sister & brothers.

This is also a very special picture - This is Hoozat Lady - a blogger who has been stalking my blog ( lol ) and occasionally leaving a comment or two. You can check her blog out from my blog roll. She spent two days at our house - she is a good friend of my son's. When we hugged as she was leaving papa cried. She is a very precious lady - Love you Hoozat Lady!

I hope your Independence Day was a day of thanksgiving. We did a lot of family things together - only because men & women have sacrificed their lives for our freedom over the years. Do not take your freedom lightly. Be thankful for it - and when need be - stand up for it!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

When Time Stands Still

The picture above was taken last week when mama and papa went to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The river and falls is on the Taqumenon River. What I think is neat about this picture is that it appears that time has stopped - the water is not moving. How many times in life have we wished time had stood still or even reversed just so we can correct a moment in time. The trouble is, we can't do that. So making good choices at the moment as we go through life are critical.
Not sure how many can remember November 1975. I remember the morning that the news on the radio and TV announced that the ore freighter the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior. It was a fairly new freighter, one of the largest, 800' in length but got caught in a severe storm - wind gusts of close to 100 mph and waves estimated at 70' ! All 29 lives were lost - only a few miles from "Safe Harbor" bay. Papa took the picture of the "Fitz's" bell at the Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Pt. on Lake Superior. A few years ago a recovery team went to the bottom of the lake and removed the bell from the ship. A new bell was placed on her deck, as a memorial, with the names of the 29 men who lost their lives that frightful day. Gordon Lightfoot, folk singer, recorded the song, "The Edmund Fitzgerald" which became quite popular. I am quite confident that the captain of that ship that frightful day wished he had made some different decisions that could have prevented the loss of those 29 lives. He had no idea when he set out to sail that life would change that day. He could not stop the storm, could not see the future, but could have made better preparation. One of the major problems that occured was that he lost his radar, it was snapped off by the winds of the storm. He was relying on the voice communications from another ship a few miles behind that was also in trouble.

When you find yourself on the stormy seas of life, faced with those life changing choices, time will not stand still. Make sure you are listening to God - he is your radar and direction finder for your life - he will never leave you groping for direction - He will lead you to "Safe Harbor".