Thursday, 24 July 2008

Good Bye! or See You Again - Soon!

I hate separation! I just hate it! I have found family in Sweden that my family did not even know existed. I found them in 2002. Since then they have come to the USA twice to visit Mama and papa and we have been to Sweden to visit them. We do iChats quite often. Our families were separated from 1881 until 2002 - almost 120 years! What a day of rejoicing it was when we first hugged each other in August 2002! We have become close family. We hope they will come and visit us again in Florida this winter. When they go back to Sweden papa will say; "Hope to see you again - soon!"

In the past two weeks, Mama and Papa have attended two funerals of very close friends. Both were wonderful Christians and were too young to go! Both near the age of Papa. But what was exciting was that it was not goodbye but rather see you soon.

It bothers Mama and Papa that some that comment on our blog we will someday say goodbye to. That stinks! We wish we could say to you all; "SEE YOU AGAIN - SOON!"

By the way - Mama and Papa will be gone tomorrow - Friday until late Sunday evening - hope to see you all again - soon!


cathi said...

yes! I most certainly WILL see you again soon!
I just love that certainty!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hey ! Cathi! great to hear from you - life has been interesting for you! hope you are well - better! See you again - soon!

Brandy said...

Ahhh Papa!!!

Where are you two going?? North Dakota maybe? Going to surprise a little one??? No? Bummer. ;-)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy - wish we were headed that way! We are going to stay w/grandkids & daughter - but during the day I will be attending a Horse Training seminar - both Saturday & Sunday.We shall meet someday, and when we do - I will see you again - soon.

CrossView said...

Good bye's aren't really good. =/

They should be Sad Bye's, maybe?

But in the case of you and your wife- I'm happy to say "See you again, soon!"...

And I HATE funerals. I avoid them when I can. No disrespect to the dead - but they don't know, anyway. Hopefully, the next one I attend will be mine - a long time from now. =P

Indian Lake Papa said...

crossview - I hate goodbyes, I hate funerals - almost a phobia. I was a pall bearer at the age of 12 for a neighbors child who died in a fire at the age of two. I can still remember the mother screaming & hollering; "they are taking my baby!" I hope to even avoid my own funeral if I can figure a way.

Tam said...

you WILL see me soon. hopefully sooner than THAT "Soon".

i love you!

Robin said...

Have a great weekend!

See you soon... whenever that will be...

Char said...

What a nice tie-in with your blood kin and your spiritual kin. I love finding new spiritual kin, especially in blog-land! Who would have thought?

P.S. I changed my avatar to blackberries because they're in season now and one of my favorite summer fruit. I think paperwhite's season is past.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Char -do you have a blog? Always glad to have my kin stop by -see you again -soon!

Tam - yes, we shall see each other soon. I am anxious for that day to get here.

Robin -see you soon - hopefully in this lifetime! You after all got Papa to do his own blog site!

i am at my daughters house - logged in on their computer this evening.

Char said...

Mama and Papa,

You can see my blog at

It's not "public" so you can't click my link and go to it, but you can access it through your browser. You get my profile which says nothing :^).

Birgit said...

Hi Papa, What a great story, being reunited with family :)
Which part of Sweden did you and Mama visit?
We visited Stockholm a couple of years back and loved it! It's a really beautiful city :).

Roxanne Kristina said...

Just wrote this post:

Letting you know it includes you.

Have great weekend!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Char - thanks for the blog address! i will check it out.
Had a good day today -I am attending a Clinton Anderson Horse handling seminar in Detroit.

Roxx - i will check out your post! :o) i enjoy having you stop by!

Birgit - my family is from Öland - an island off the coast of Sweden near Kalmar in southern sweden. Did you see the special"Ö" typed with two dots above the O makes it an "er" sound. Like "erland".

Roxanne Kristina said...

Hi Papa,

Received your comment. Tam is "In Progress:

Thanks for your kindness! You and mama are deary dears!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - Tam is one of those blogs that I enjoy - she is definitely one of my many blogging daughters! lol

darla said...

hey..welcome back! hope your trip went well..been missing you..a little funny-mama sent me the email she sent deb too..but its all good..just smiled and said..Gotta love Mama!

CrossView said...

So it's Monday and we should be *hearing* from you SOON!??!!
Hope you had a great trip!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - Iy is always good to be home even after just a short stay away.

Crossview - hope to do a new post today.