Thursday, 17 July 2008

My new Holy Bible !

Saturday is Papa's birthday - mama took me shopping - she knew that papa wanted a new bible.
So I picked out a new bonded leather (burgundy - kind of like Tam's hair!) Life Application Study Bible NIV translation. I have already put the bible in my bible carrying case, with my markers and pens. My old bible was a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible which I enjoyed.

Papa does have a confession to make - of all my spiritual habits that need work on, studying God's word needs the greatest amount of work. I am very lax in this area of my life. Please pray with and for papa that I am a man that studies God's word! I think the Life Application version will be just what papa needs. Do you have any study tips for papa?


Heather said...

Hi Papa!!

LOVE this Bible! I mean seriously. LOVE. this. Bible!!! The Life Application Bible is the first Bible I ever had. I learned SO much! Then, it began to fall apart. It was a hard back and the binding was falling apart. So, I bought a new leather Bible. It took me forever to use it, but I finally got used to it. However, just recently I asked for another Life Application Bible and my kiddo's got me one for Mothers Day. Did I tell you how much I LOVE this Bible? OK. You get the point:)

Love YOU and MAMA!

Heather said...


I'm praying for you..right now:)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Heather - I am anxious to get into this bible and see how it works1 Tonight is the night! I really appreciate your prayers!

darla said...

Love you Papa..and I agree I learned alot in that same Bible too..and I still miss it sometimes..

happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Papa..happy birthday to you! next time we chat..I am not going to sing it..bc it would hurt your ears! Love you

Anonymous said...

I must confess that I too spend way to little time in the word. I put a bible in my truck today so i can read it at lunch. I read Romans 13, way better than listening to Rush.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Oh Darla - I am getting so old!! lol
Hurry and get here - I may be in a walker!

P365 - Rush? mama and usually listen to him in part but not three hours! I am trying to get into God's word just a little better each day. I think I need a good study plan.

Ed said...

Happy Birthday Papa. That is a beautiful looking Bible.

I reading all your post I can see your clearly live by the guidance in the Bible, even if you don't feel you study them enough.

In books like the Bible the definition of the words is less important than how they make you feel when you read them.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, I used it tonight at special services - like it very well. Some of the words just jump out at you. Thanks for the happy birthday - I think I will now be your age! lol

CrossView said...

Happy Birthday! =D

You're what? 30 now?

Jake and Jess said...

i thought he was closer to 35/37ish.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - yep, 30 sounds good! Heh, Heh, If I was 30 I could call you mom!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hey Jake & Jess - isn't this your anniversary ??? Close anyways! expecting tripletts anytime soon??

Indian Lake Papa said...

Jess - if I was 37ish, I could be your bro - younger one at that ! Did you know Alan H. passed away? Sherrie's hub?

Anonymous said...

I had a Thompson Chain Reference Bible for years and have had a Life Application (New Living Translation) for quite awhile now.

As for tips on Bible study: I've done it several ways. By subject, study a person, study a particular book. What I have found out is that if I don't MAKE MYSELF take the time to do it, the day is over and "I haven't had time". I'm sure Satan jumps for joy every time we neglect to read the Word of God.

Enjoy your new Bible papa!!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Janis - I love the new bible! it is really great! already marking in it!

Tam said...

Happy-Happy Birthday O-Young-One!!!

my bible just broke. from romans 12 on, just fell straight out. it cracks me up every time i open it - but i love it all the same!!!

i, too, am not in the word as much as plan to be. i'll plan it - then get distracted. off to jump into it and His lap right now.

i love you Papa!

i love you Mama!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - thanks for the birthday wishes for your old papa! Mama kept a bible for years after it began falling apart - I think she used a whole roll of duct tape trying to keep various sections together - I think it turned into about four volumes - it was her "bathroom study bible"!

Anonymous said...

Papa: Wishing you that happiest of Birthdays. You areeee sooooo beautifullllll to meeeeeee can't you seeeeeeee????? Just thought I'd sing ya something different!!! I love getting into Gods word....days just don't go right without a lil' o' His love to me going!!!! Love you, and give Mama a hug for me as well.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi deb! thanks for the birthday wishes! Suggestion; when you sing, don't drag out those "eeee's" so long - they get ear piercing! lol !!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Birthday! Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Birthday!
Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Birthday, to YOU!
That would be the "Bear in the Big Blue House" rendition (kid's show)!! :)
It is always so fun to get a new Bible! For studying, I go the computer route. I have PC Study Bible by Bible Soft. It is so fun to use because you start of looking up one verse or word, and all of the connections to the same word throughout the Bible, or the same topic, or commentary, or ANYTHING are all just a click away! I end up on bunny trails for a very long time:) I could literally get lost studying the Word in this program for hours! I also love reading books...that have the Word in them. Doesn't have to be between two leather pages with the words HOLY BIBLE on it to be studying the Word! And a tip, whatever is on your heart Papa, whatever you blog about...go search that in the Word. Easiest way ever. Just follow what the Holy Spirit is already stirring on the inside of you;)
LOVE YOU!! Enjoy that birthday! Don't get too wild and crazy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Papa!

A Birthday during Campmeeting!! Wow! Almost too exciting to be able to handle!!!

Your campmeeting will soon be history. I pray many lives have been changed and God glorified through it all!


Anonymous said...

Thought I would come over to visit your blog...what a fun place!
Happy BD and Anniversary month!
I am finally trekking through the Bible, 'front to maps', for the first time. It's suppose to be a quick go-through "The Bible in 90 Days"...but I am doing the 18 month version. Ha! ^_~
(I'll get there, eventually).
I did read something interesting last night. Talking about how God doesn't have any EXPECTATIONS of us, but he does wait with EXPECTANCY for us to spend time with Him. I thought that had a more welcome feeling!
I don't have the LA Bible (yet)--now I'm tempted after hearing so many good comments about it. I do have a special story about one though...
I used to work at a Christian Bookstore. One day, a double shipment came in, 2 copies of the LA Bible. I called the distributor, and they said to 'give the extra copy away'. NOT TOO LONG AFTER THE CALL, A lady came in looking at Bibles, cheap ones--but she was having a hard time with the small print. I showed her some of the large prints....but I could tell she was hesitant at the cost. I said 'Just a minute...'
Went back to the counter for the LA Bible...handed it to her and told her she could have this one, as the distributor sent it by mistake and it was ours to give away. She clutched it tight....and couldn't believe it. As she left the store, I prayed that it would be a huge blessing in her life. It was in mine! The best day at work!

Roxanne Kristina said...


My husband just got a new Bible too. He is just as excited as you are. I can't imagine you need a single tip. We need to be learning from you!!! When I am in big hurries, I rely on "Our Daily Bread" devotionals. You know, the handy little paperbacks that are free. If for some reason you haven't heard of it or seen it in a while, here is how you can get signed up for free (they send you one a month, and I bet you can give them both of MI & FL addresses so you always get one):

RBC Ministries
PO Box 1622
Windsor, ON
N9A 627

Or you can go to their web site:

Thank you for your very sweet comments. I absoluetly love "It is well in my soul" also. That and "Daystar shine down on" me are two of my favorites. I always seem to have a lot of favorites, but these two never leave the list.

I have been painting a bedroom. Going to go make a mess now.

Talk to you soon,


nanatrish said...

Happy Birthday! I love getting new Bibles. You asked for tips and I will tell you what has helped me over the past years. I read the Through the Bible in One Year NIV. That way I got in the habit of reading it every day. I read the section for the day that has some Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. Then when I am done with that I have my regular Bible that I go to to study in a certain book. As I'm studying different studies I always have my Bible right beside me to verify what the teachers say. It's something that I have made a habit now and thank the Lord. I always admire your blog and you sharing your faith.

Robin said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is special!

Praise 365 - My husband loves listening to Rush also along with a bunch of others on talk radio.

Jessica - great comment :) Yes and Happy Anniversary guys! Triplets, well no pressure from me on that...but I must say I love babies!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Kelly - today was a work day!:o) mama and i and our daughter all helped my son move! we left here about 5:30Am and got back about 5:30Pm1 Whew - we are tired. Mama is soaking right now! Thanks for the tips and birthday greetings!

Janis thanks for the birthday greetings! camp meeting was very special for papa. I am sure I will be sharing more!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Foto - thanks for stopping by1 I will take your reading tips to heart. I actually gave my old bible away - the man was so tickled to get it. Mama gave him a nice cloth bag to carry it in! your giving away the bible was God ordained!

Roxx- I use a devotional each morning but is just a jump start for the day - not much scripture in it. I think the Daily Bread has more scripture - I may check that out. Actually our church also has a devotional I may try!

Nana Trish - thank you for the birthday greetings! I worked today - see above! I am going to work hard at reading his Word. Check on me every once in awhile!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin - i kidded Jake & Jess that they should have triplets so that papa could have more grand kids - Jess was not exactly enthused about that thought! Thanks for the birhtday greetings - it was a work day today!

darla said...

I love you! you and mama have an awesome Sunday!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - love you so very much! god bless and have a wonderful Lord's Day!

Beka & Bill said...

Nice new Bible Papa! And Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed day!!!

We spent the day over at Vermontville camp today. Rowan Fay was the speaker... do you remember him at all?

Indian Lake Papa said...

Beka - i love my new bible! yep, I remember Rowan Fay in fact talked to him last winter in Florida. In fact his son Scott is married to my brothers sister-in-laws daughter.