Saturday, 31 May 2008

What in the world ........ ????

What in the world is mama doing?? can you figure this out?? We were at my "home town", in Buckley, MI at the Memorial Day Parade !! Mama was getting candy!! When is the last time you got some parade candy?? Mama gave most of it away - I got a few pieces of Snicker pieces - good!

Most adults would not do this - including papa - but mama is a free spirit - if she wants to do something, very little holds her back. She is my very special lady. She has confidence in herself and is not intimidated by what others may think - and yet she is the kindest sweetest lady I know - really!! I love you mama - never, ever, change. Thank you Lord for giving me mama.

Friday, 30 May 2008

The outside of the new home!

This is the outside of my brothers new log home. What you see most is the garage with a loft/bedroom yet to be completed over the garage area. The main part of the home also has a wrap-around three sided covered porch. Again, all the wood you see was made from trees that my brother cut and removed from the woods, forest plots. I think the outside of the home is just as nice as the inside.

Maybe I am opening up a can of worms, but how important is the "outside" to God? Does He have some guidelines as to how our outside should look as well?? We focus a lot on our inside but should we be focusing some on our "outside"?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A Beautiful Home!

Memorial Day Weekend mama and I went north for several days. We had it very rough - we had to stay in a log home designed and built by my brother. As you can tell it is just made out of simple ordinary trees from the woods. Look at the floor - what kind of wood is it? And what is unique about it? I will explain later.

Now let me talk about this log home. This home is not a log cabin kit. He didn't buy the wood from a lumber yard. He went to the woods with a portable saw mill and cut and sized the wood to fit where he needed. Different types of wood for different areas. Some hard wood (Oak, Maple, Birch, etc.) and some soft woods (Pine, fir, etc.). Each log that was used for the outside structure was cut from a tree by my brother over a period of a several years. I believe there are over 200 logs used for the main structure. Probably more.

The kitchen counter is 3 pieces that he cut and put together. The kitchen cabinets were pieces of wood that he took to a professional cabinet maker that used his skills to make a beautiful set of kitchen cabinets.

Curious question - God created you. He wants you to have fellowship with you and for you and I to serve others. How are you doing? Did you know you are unique and that each of us have a special purpose? Well you say; "I have ruined my life with bad choices, some which have even physically been destructive." So what???!! Give what you have, even if you think it is useless.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the floor. Have you guessed what kind of wood? What is unique about it? Most of the floor wood is a hard wood - a wormy Red Maple. Thats right, wormy, defective wood. As the tree grew worms got in it and lived throughout the tree "destroying" what the tree really was "suppose" to be. As a result the worms "scarred" the wood inside through and through. What was thought by the tree to be defective actually created a beautifully designed wood pattern prized by those who work with hard wood.

So maybe you are defective, maybe you think your flaws limit you. God created you and He wants to use you just as you are. Why not right now whisper a prayer that He will take what you are and give it to him to be a blessing to many others. He (heart) you! After all, He died for you so you can live!

Monday, 26 May 2008

The picture says it all!

This is a picture mama took Sunday Evening as we "chatted"! Kelly (the one without the hat!), was so much fun! Kelly is a blogging friend and this was our first get together. Check Kelly's blog. You can link here in this post or just go to my blog roll. We talked and laughed - and amazingly no one cried. We were very comfortable and I think we talked like we were old friends! She is sweet, very kind, and well trained by her hub just like mama was by her hub!
We visited for almost two hours and then sadly we had to depart. Please pray for Kelly and her hub ! They are having to move and need to find a place to live shortly!

They are a young couple who are involved in ministry - they trust their Savior and Lord completely. Please put them on your prayer list.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Big weekend planned - Whats your plans?

Tomorrow, Saturday mama and I head north for a big weekend. We will attend my high school Alumni Banquet at Buckley, MI Saturday evening. On Sunday we will attend church in my "home" church. Sunday afternoon we will get together w/Kelly a blogger for ice cream with her family. We have never met. We are all excited about that. On Monday morning we will attend a Memorial Day parade and then go visit cemeteries where are closest loved ones are buried.

What are your plans for this holiday weekend? Gas prices I am sure will put a cramp into the activities. I have also been thinking about my high school years. What memories do you have of your high school days? I was in the "Class of 1961". After tomorrow morning I will be off-line until late Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Celebrate your Marriage !!

Mama and I will have been married 43 years this July. We are going to do something special - maybe you can do this too! We are going to attend a "marriage retreat" at Mackinac Island, MI on October 6-7, 2008. It is called "Celebrate your Marriage!" Guest speaker will be Dr. Kevin Leman with Jay and Laura Laffon. Joby Saad, comedian will also be there. We are already getting excited - we will be staying at the Grand Hotel on the island! We would be tickled if you could be there also! To register you can go to Celebrate and check out the info.

The two pictures are of us - 43 years ago. mama's hair has a tint of gray in it now other than that she is the same today! Me? Well - I am about the same height!

Here we are sneaking out after the wedding. We wanted to go watch a baseball game on TV.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

"You serve me a six-course dinner ..."

Do you recognize the words above? They are scripture you know.

I was sitting on the porch with friends the other night and the lady was sharing her blessings with us. I was listening intently - you see, unless God intervenes cancer will soon take her life. She is several years younger than I - and yet she feels blessed. Can that be? After all their only child, a daughter was taken by that dreaded disease just a few months ago. The daughter was going through other tough issues as well and left behind three children. Yet - my lady friend considers herself blessed. Her husband laughed, joke and wept with us - soon he may be without his beloved wife - already having lost his daughter. We laughed, we joked, teared up, but had a nice visit thanking God for his blessings. The rest of that verse says: "... right in the presence of my enemies." Part of the 23rd Psalm (The Message). God loves you and will provide even when your "enemies" surround you! How are you doing today? You know he is right there, providing every thing you need - right?

Mama & Papa sure love you all - pray for us to be encouragers!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

I Love Horses - But - a scary ride!

I Love horses! They are one of God's favorite creatures! They are so intelligent! But, at times they can be scary - especially if they take control! That happened the other day! I was scared and was caught totally off guard!

I consider myself a fairly good good rider - even at 64 and with my physical limitations. As a youth I was good - very good. If you didn't believe it all you had to do was ask me. Any speed event I could do very well- I could hold my own! My brother thought he was better, but I just let him win some of the time.

About a year ago I bought Amos - my present horse. He is great! He always likes to test a new rider to see what he can get away with, but we have "discussed" that issue in detail and have come to an acceptable understanding.

Well the other day I rode a different horse and I couldn't control it. It was cantering too fast, would not turn and I could not get it to stop! Mama was in a panic - screaming and praying at the same time! Finally, after what seemed like minutes, but probably seconds, the manager of the store came over and just pulled the plug! Whew - that was close!

Have you ever gotten into a life crisis because you just thought you could handle it? Then found out - this simple issue - was more than you could take care of? You just needed someone to "pull the plug" so you could get off? Well - be careful - always use good judgement and listen to those who have good Christian sense. And it helps if someone knows where the plug or switch is!

After my near miss, mama was upset! She put a big yellow sign in the window! Trying to sell me!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Why Blog?

I was "tagged" by Brandy - and was asked to come up with a six word memoir. Here is mine, from my heart.


mama and I consider all of you under the age of 50 (Tam, I'm not sure where you fit in here) to be our children. Those over 50 are part of our "extended family". That includes Ed, I guess he is my brother - we are so close (??) in age we may be twins - not sure!

Mama and I pray each day for you all. We really do - we see this blog as lots of fun - but for us it really is a ministry. We have been blessed beyond what we expected from God and believe our life experiences as we share them may be a blessing to our blog family. That is why we blog. Some of you we have watched go through difficult times recently. I think of Brandy ("Little One") who recently had to move half way across the USA with her - family! That is traumatic! We prayed hard for her family! We pray for you all!

God Bless!
Mama and Papa

Monday, 12 May 2008

Serious prayer request for my sister

Hi friends - I just received word that my sister is in the hospital in New Albany, IN. Please pray for her. She is very special - almost like a "mom".

When my mom got TB I was 2 - 1/2. My sis was 14. Mom was placed in a TB sanitarium and sis dropped out of school to take care of me. She had to postpone her education to take care of me- several years.

She is having colon problems, kidney infection and other infections. She has been unable to walk for sometime now and has been in a nursing home for a couple of years. Now everything else seems to be going to pieces. She was on a ventilator but is now doing okay and is having breathing treatments - Thanks, mama and papa

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mothers Day - How did Papa do? :o)

Here is a list of my Mothers Day Activities. How did I do ?? Please give me a score!

1. Breakfast in bed (egg, waffle, lit candle, bacon, juice - prepared by me!)
2.Bouquet of cut flowers
3.corsage for church
4.Special card
5. letter written by me of special memories
6.2 bags of Dove Chocolate pieces
7. For lunch I will grill Rib eyes, Corn on the cob - special dessert
8. (rain check on this) Sunset cruise for two on the lake.
9. I purchased and prepared the food
10. Lots of hugs and kisses - no more details on this one!

Thank you all for the many ideas and thoughts you gave me on my previous Mothers Day post!

(Rating Scale)
1 - Very Poor
2- Could have done much better
3- Typical - average
4-Above and Beyond
5-Outstanding - set the standard!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The letter!

The above letter was written February 1965. It was one of my last letters of about 800 I wrote to mama from 1962 to 1965. In the letter I tell her that I will be home on March 3, 1965 - almost 90 days earlier than she thought. We had not seen each other for 15 months, I was stationed on the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean. (quick side note: mama knows I am writing this and just held up her "wedding panties"" to show me she still has them! She says she will wear them on our anniversary in July - thats a long ways off! Now where were we??) Oh yes, when mama read that I was coming home early - she screamed and her mother panic'd and thought she had got hurt! Now she had to get ready to meet me - sooner than she planned - a wedding to put together and excitement at our soon meeting. No more letters to write - only a couple more coming from me.

You do know Jesus is coming soon don't you??? Have you been reading his letters, he has been telling you. Are you ready? Keep reading his letters. Someday you will read them for the last time.

You can "click" on the letter and it should enlarge so you can read it - I only did the first page - the rest is none of your business! Sorry about mama and her panties incident - didn't mean to distract you - you are not letting things distract you from getting ready to meet Jesus are you?

Monday, 5 May 2008

Spring is here! Time for Papa to Play!

Time to put Papa's toy in the water for the summer. The lake is walking distance from the house.

Looking good! everything is checking out just fine! Started up fine - Lets roll!

One final check before "precious" goes into the water!

Hey it floats! Thats good! Note in upper left corner you can see the "tot lot" for kids! My house is about 400 yards behind my hat. Mama and I have room for 8 more - stop by - please?!

Time for a quick run on the lake - check out the two swans ! They are getting ready to nest on the shore. Spring is here! The lake will have over a 100 swans before spring is over.

Well - time to secure "precious" until the next ride. She is ready to go - where are you?

Friday, 2 May 2008

Mothers Day is coming! I need ideas!

Mama is the mother of my children and I want get her something special this year for Mothers Day. Any ideas? Here are a couple I have been thinking of. I know she could use a new iron. rhe one I got her a few years ago is not working that well. Do they have any that have a built in FM or CD player she could plug in head phones. Item #2 I am thinking of is a beautiful flower print sun umbrella that will fasten to the push mower while she is cutting the grass. A little secret, I am hoping for Father's Day that she will buy me a nice new hammock for the back yard - plus some ear protection so she won't have to worry about waking me while she is mowing the grass.

Tam suggested already that I should serve her breakfast in bed, but that's impossible, she is always up before I am to start working on the list of chores I give her the night before. Tam also suggested a home-made card - I can do that! Maybe right on the back of the list of chores I give her on Saturday night before Mother's Day.

Any suggestions? Remember, mama is special! I also wanted to get her something that smells good, so I think I will get her some lemon scented Pledge.