Friday, 29 October 2010

Prayer - sometimes not answerable!

Today I have been struggling with prayer. I have been trying to figure out how to pray a prayer that is not answerable - its too late. So some how I have to rethink this prayer thing. What to do.

My HS class of 1961 has their 50th reunion next year. We had 18 in our small senior class. Until yesterday we had located 17. Now we have located the last one - George. However, in 1975 he died. How do you pray for a man's soul after he has been dead for 35 years ?? I don't think you can. Its too late. His course for eternity was set on that last breath he took sometime in 1975. He started his eternal journey 35 years ago. I have no idea where that journey has taken him - regardless, he is on it. I have found myself whispering a prayer today that God has mercy on his soul. The problem is that is done - its over. George has made his choice. Frustrated. George was a good friend in High School. I never saw him again after graduation. Our paths went different directions. He had a difficult life - very difficult - various foster homes right through high school.

Maybe this should be my prayer; "Lord, I may not be able ask you to have mercy on George's soul today, but help me to do my part to make sure my loved ones and friends make the right choices in life. Make sure I never forget this important task you have asked us to do. If George left a family behind, I pray that you help them on their journey on earth. If one of my blogger friends have contact with his family - remind them we were called to be witness' for you. AMEN"

Monday, 25 October 2010

Condemnation VS Consideration

When Susan and I go trail riding off the stable property we have to trailer the horses. To date we have never had a major problem. Amos and Izzy load very good. A horse does not like getting into a trailer - It is unnatural. It is confining and a horse knows if he is confined he can not escape danger. It is a "dangerous" place for a horse to be. They have to learn to accept this condition.

I have seen horses beaten, shocked, hollered at, threatened, jerked around, abused by whatever means. Basically frightened and condemned into compliance. They had better load or else! Not good.

Amos loads fine. He would "prefer" not to, but it is okay. He sometimes will start in, then back out. I reassure him, then start him again. I usually take the lead rope lay it loosely on his back, lead him by the halter close to the entrance of the trailer, let go and he walks up into the trailer.
No hands on him, no striking him, just encouragement. He is anxious to please. He just gets a little nervous at times - its a frightening place to be in.

When your friends, family or others are scared, frightened or balk at something you think they should not be afraid of, what do you do? Do you encourage? Or do you condemn ? I too often condemn. I need to be an encourager. Lets see what we can do with encouragement this week - okay?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

When we fail to Trust!

A couple of days ago Amos failed to trust me and as a result we had a close disaster. I was physically injured in the process - but not seriously.

We were heading down the same lane in the picture and Amos starting getting up on edge. The horses on the left & right were running in their pastures nervous - Amos was not sure why.

Just minutes before this a work crew, headed out to work on the trai,l had walked through here - carrying rakes and other hand tools laughing making noise. I was trying to catch up with them - Amos could not see them or hear them. When we got to the woods he could hear them in front of him but could not see them. He froze! Finally I convinced him to move forward at my urgings - reassuring him. Suddenly he spotted someone with a rake and the leaves were flying!

Amos whirled and bolted full canter back towards the barn. When he whirled unexpectedly, I lost footing in one stirrup and between me trying to recover and trying to slow him I began falling more out of the saddle. I was getting him slowed and finally as he was almost stopped I rolled to the ground. It was a soft landing and he was stopped when I hit the ground. I did injure my hand with a rope burn - severe - trying to stop him.

I remounted, and we went back to help the group. He was still nervous, but we both did fine.

When we fail to trust those who we should trust - we get in trouble. The results can be serious. If you know that God is leading your life, you must trust! Do not bolt and run - if you do, not all is lost, start over.

There may be serious consequences as a result of failing to trust, but we go on. We recover.

I have to go - mama needs to change the bandage on my hand. Amos and I will ride again, Monday.

Friday, 15 October 2010


This is Keops, a great trail horse. He died some time ago. when this picture was taken in 2006 he was 27 years old - good health, lots of experience but near the end of his life expectancy. This picture was taken only the 2nd time ever I had ridden him - he really did not know me well as a rider. Yet he performed flawlessly - until we got to this stream.

He was hesitant to step into the water - he did not trust my urging to go ahead. Who is this new guy on my back? What made him go ahead? Several things.

First, he was learning he could trust me. I had been kind, had not asked him to do anything that I knew he could not do, and he had been at this stream before. Horses have a problem with stepping into water - they have no depth perception. Keops wasn't sure if his next step was into 6" of nothingness or stepping off a cliff. He is not trying to drink, he has his head down trying to figure out where his next step is going to take him.

There is another reason why he is stepping out - trusting my urging. In this picture you are not aware, but he watched two other horses cross the stream in front of him and they were just a few feet in front of him on the other side - and they had made it, waiting for him to cross.

How are you doing trusting your Savior to lead you? he will do a fine job, you can trust him. Others have crossed those same deep streams that are in front of you, they have made it, and are urging you to step into the water and trust as well. Go for it!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Are You Prepared For Today?

The picture is of Susan preparing to get ready for a trail ride with Izzy her beautiful registered Quarter horse. We had a great ride
that day - we were prepared and everything went off without a problem.

Scripture: “But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” I Corinthians 2:9


When I take Amos for a ride I always spend time in preparation for the ride. When I climb on his back to begin my ride for the day I prefer no surprises, I know before hand that he is ready for the ride.

Amos meets me at the paddock gate when I begin my approach. I watch closely as he comes. Is he alert? How is his gait? Is he limping? After we come out of the paddock I take him just a few steps and then look him over closely for any obvious injuries. I brush him down right there, letting him eat fresh grass. He loves the preparation time. I check his feet over. After about 15 minutes we head for his stall. He likes that as well, he always finds a treat in his manger. Again I look him over and then check over my riding equipment. After putting on the equipment I walk him to the inside riding arena and recheck my equipment. Then I mount, take a few minutes to ride in the arena then I begin my planned ride for the day.

I love the verse above! God is preparing something for me! Maybe it is something that is going to happen today! For sure he is preparing a place for me in heaven. Do the scriptures in His Word indicate I need to make preparation as well? I think so.

Prayer Thought: Lets see, what can I do to prepare me to meet God today?