Saturday, 10 March 2012

Where in the world are you going??

Looking Ahead

When Amos and I are trail riding we look more ahead than behind. We are more concerned with what is in front of us than what is behind. I do occasionally look behind, however that may be to keep track of someone who is behind or the result of something coming from behind. My main focus is I want to see what is ahead of us. We may be approaching new territory or I may see an obstacle that Amos and I may need to maneuver around. A common obstacle on some of the trails is a footbridge. They are designed for human traffic not a 1,000-pound horse. Amos would probably attempt to walk across the footbridge if I urged him to, unaware that he could get seriously injured or even killed. My responsibility is to look ahead and find the better route for us. Amos may prefer the footbridge to crossing the stream, even if the stream is only 6” deep and 2’ wide! Crossing water is a depth perception issue with him. But I know crossing the stream is by far the safer route.

As we walk along our life path I am afraid we sometime see the footbridge as the safer route rather than taking the alternate route. We often hear the voice of God but sometimes don’t take the route he lays out for us because we think we can make a better choice. We need to be careful. We need to look to Christ to guide us.

Prayer Thought: Lord help me each day to take the right path you have laid out for me.