Tuesday, 30 June 2009

4th of July - a fun time! I think!

This was mama last year - making homemade ice cream! In a day or two we will be doing this again. We make one of three freezers of homemade ice cream - we end up with 16 quarts of ice cream for about 35 people. Already some of mama's extended family have started to arrive. We will peak on Saturday with 35 to 40 family members.

Most of you know that we live on a church camp ground of over 300 acres. The camp has three motel units, approximately 25 rustic cabins you can rent, and 150 RV sites with full hook-ups. Every thing by Friday will be filled up! There are 175 homes like mama and papa's here as well. Most of mama's extended family will eat all of their meals at our house from Thursday through Sunday.

I have one question, does anybody have a spare room I could rent starting any day now until Monday noon?? Please ?? I'll bring some ice cream! Please take pity on papa!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Relay for Life - Cancer awareness.

This picture is not our group but helps you to get the idea.

As I type this, members of our team are still walking at a local high school outdoor track to support "Relay For Life". Our local church team will walk for 24 hours - until 10am this morning.
Mama and I walked as part of the relay team last evening from 8pm until 9pm.

We thought of many friends and family members who have lost their battle with this dreaded disease, but we also are so thankful for all of the survivors. There were many walkers with purple shirts on that indicated they were survivors. Remember my post about Wendy? Had nine children? She lost her battle with this disease a couple of weeks ago - yes, I am angry.

Two days ago a close friend of ours found out she has Pancreatic Cancer. I have come to a very profound revelation about cancer - "Cancer Sucks"!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Swimming Hole!

When my brother and I both learned to swim, probably at the age of 10 or 12, we got a big surprise. Dad took us just 2 miles from our small farm and took us to the local "swimming hole" that we did not know existed. He wanted us to know how to swim first - there were dangers. When you got into 4' of water it suddenly went to 15' of water had a sharp drop off. After a few visits and dad was sure we were safe he sat us down and gave us good news. We could go to the swimming hole by ourselves!! Wow was that special! Almost every day through the summer we would go. We could take the tractor or ride the horses! We preferred the horses - because we would play tag on horse back in the water! Every once in awhile the horses would go right off the drop off! If you have never rode bareback on a swimming horse - it was cool!

This past Tuesday I went to the old "swimming hole". A man with his kids was fishing but the access to the swimming hole was now closed - I was disappointed! I wanted one more dip!

Life has had many changes - some good, some disappointing. Tuesday, I got back in the car, disappointed, but thankful for the memories and thanking God for his blessings. And His protection as a kid.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fathers Day - I miss my dad!

I miss my dad - he has been gone since 1980 - a very long time. We lived on a small farm, 80 acres. The last time I saw my father alive was on that old farm. Dad could never afford new equipment, we had good equipment but usually it was old. Our work horse tractor was an old Oliver 70 that had 6 forward gears with a high and low range. Not as old as the tractor in the Buckley, MI parade you see on this post.

You know whats special about this picture? The tractor? No - the driver, I know him - no. Its the church in the background. You see that is the church that as a boy on every Sunday, including Father's Day my dad would put us all in the car and take us to church. Just a few weeks ago I went to church there again - oh the memories.

Dad, I wish you were here - so much I want to talk about. I miss you. Happy Fathers Day - see you soon. Love you!

Your son

P.S. Thanks for letting us as kids take the tractor to the swimming hole on hot days - but most of all thanks for taking us to church.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Taking the plunge!

The top photo is papa on the 40' tower just before I stepped off on the zip line. I was fine but will admit you become quite anxious just before you step off. The man at the top making sure you are hooked in properly is Paul a good friend and the encourager who says you can do this - even at 67 (mama's age). In the picture below is mama as she stepped off the tower and began her ride down the zip line. Mama was confident in the harness and instructions from the man at the top of the stairs - without either she would have been in serious trouble. If she would have showed up at the top of the stairs without a harness, she would have been rejected and turned back.

As we walk with Christ we are encouraged to make preparations for our walk. We need to be reading our bibles and praying. We need to do all we can to prepare. Are you ready to begin this journey with Him? Listen for His voice as He encourages you.

A side note - mama and papa's house is just behind the trees in the picture. We can hear the screams of the riders of the zip line from our front porch!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Making the best of the past!

A strange title for a blog post. We really can't do much with our past. What are you doing with yours? This picture was probably taken the summer of 1946. A long time ago - I was three. I am the one standing in my sisters lap. This picture appears to be a happy family photo - and in some sense it was - but this was a very dysfunctional time in our lives.

Mom was in a TB Sanitarium, my older sister and brother had lost their birth mom by death years earlier, my brother (in dad's arms) was really staying with his aunt while mom was in the TB sanitarium. She was there 3 years. We were just having an outing at 5th Ave. beach in Manistee for the day. A fun day. The old pavilion in the background is still there the last I knew. All have moved on with their lives.

Mom and dad have gone to be with Jesus, the rest of us are still living our lives and counting our blessings until that day comes. In spite of all the years since this picture each of us has come through the years past doing our best to make the right choices each day. You do realize that the choices and events of today will make for your past tomorrow - right? How are you doing?

Monday, 15 June 2009

Friendship !

Friendships are precious! In the picture are two bloggers (Beth & Roxanne) Judy and I have met since I started blogging in 2006. We have physically met 24 bloggers - precious! We cherish your friendships.

We have opened our home, both here in Michigan and in Florida to your families and would love to meet you all. We have done our best to keep in contact with you and nurture our friendships - I am still trying to get a close friend to start blogging that you all would enjoy, but He has declined for the moment. His name is Jesus, He is my closest friend, I am doing my best to nurture that friendship. I wonder if He would use a Mac computer?? I suspect He would! LOL

Friday, 12 June 2009

Do Not Horse Around!

This was not a good day for Magic! Magic was getting his feet trimmed, teeth checked, medical checkup and groomed - the hard way. Magic, a 10 year old Arabian Stallion would not ever let anyone handle him with out being darted and tranquilized. You see, he just does not trust people - no way!

This picture was taken in April 2008 at a horse rescue farm in Florida where I worked as a volunteer. That is Papa in the background with the western hat on.

Magic had been there for over a year. He was not a mean horse, just terrified of people. He had been rescued from a place where he had been beaten severely and abused. He will have difficulty ever trusting humans - he remembers well. How sad - he is a beautiful horse with great potential.

Perhaps you have had incidents in the past where your trust has been violated. Surrender the trust issue to Christ - don't horse around carrying those issues. It will defeat you if you let it.

Magic does not know he will never be beat again. He does not believe he can trust anyone - but he is very slowly trying to trust. I have talked softly to him, fed him, even got to touch his nose in the pasture, but thats it.

Christ wants you to use your potential - trust Him to do that. Make a life for your self. Learn to trust - again.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Are you a Swinger?

Mama and papa are real swingers! How about you? Actually one of my blogging & facebook friends, Kelly, lives walking distance from where this picture was taken. The 'puddle" of water in the background is Lake Michigan.

Tomorrow, June 10th, is mama's birthday. I already got her a new riding mower for her when we renewed our vows so this time I got her flowers, candy, a card and a battery for her bike computer. I think after the mower, I am now back on her good side. I gotta keep my swing'in partner happy!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Place!

This is papa fishing on a stream in northern Michigan. Shortly before this picture was taken I caught a nice trout. It was a nice day, a beautiful day in fact. I spent the weekend with my friend Max and we just had a great time. I thought about the many blessings God has given me and I spent some time in prayer. The stream was beautiful and is still running - even though this picture was taken several years ago.

I have only been fishing on this stream one time and yet this stream has existed all my life. I have only been to this stream one time and will probably never sit on its banks again. Yet, that one time was a special day I will never forget.

Perhaps today you will go somewheres, meet someone that you have never met before or will again. What are you going to do with today? Papa is crying today, because maybe some of you who read this we will never get to physically meet but yet maybe by this blog, we have just met. Maybe for the first time - maybe for the last time.

Hi - my name is Indian Lake Papa - my Savior loves you.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A very special picture!

This is a picture of our wedding cake this past Saturday when mama and I renewed our vows. A very special day.

The cake has several layers of a strawberry cream with diced strawberries inside. A friend Rhonda made the cake - it was delicious.

There were several couples that renewed their vows thats why the extra pictures, plus I have a black & white photo on the table of me and my first wife.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Teach my heart O God!

Saturday mama and I renewed our wedding vows. Mama wore her original wedding veil. She also carried the bible she had with her at our first wedding. Mama has been so precious to papa.

I cried or smiled through most of the ceremony - except the last few minutes. I had to sit down - I became very emotional and had an anxiety attack of sort - almost dropped to the floor.

I have been praying, Lord, teach my Heart O God to be the loving husband that I want to be for mama. She is my best friend. I am so blessed.