Thursday, 25 June 2009

Swimming Hole!

When my brother and I both learned to swim, probably at the age of 10 or 12, we got a big surprise. Dad took us just 2 miles from our small farm and took us to the local "swimming hole" that we did not know existed. He wanted us to know how to swim first - there were dangers. When you got into 4' of water it suddenly went to 15' of water had a sharp drop off. After a few visits and dad was sure we were safe he sat us down and gave us good news. We could go to the swimming hole by ourselves!! Wow was that special! Almost every day through the summer we would go. We could take the tractor or ride the horses! We preferred the horses - because we would play tag on horse back in the water! Every once in awhile the horses would go right off the drop off! If you have never rode bareback on a swimming horse - it was cool!

This past Tuesday I went to the old "swimming hole". A man with his kids was fishing but the access to the swimming hole was now closed - I was disappointed! I wanted one more dip!

Life has had many changes - some good, some disappointing. Tuesday, I got back in the car, disappointed, but thankful for the memories and thanking God for his blessings. And His protection as a kid.


CrossView said...

There are quite a few places that I'd love to go back to, to relive memories. But usually I find that they have changed. Thankfully, we do have the memories but it would be so awesome if they stayed just the way they are in our memories!

By the way, come and "see"... =P

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - I love the past - I don't try to live there, but I hopefully learn from it.

i was very surprised at your most recent post!

Ed said...

It's a hot day here. That swimming hole, looks awfully inviting to me.

We had a swimming hole near where I lived. There was a big "No Trespassing" sign, which of course did not stop me and my friend from swimming there.

It is nice to read about the great memories you shared with your family.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - we had a great time at the swimming hole. We had one drowning during my youth there - a kid tried to swim across the lake and didn't make it - I was not there that day. I did know the boy. It was a good place and overall quite safe - if you could swim.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the memories are better than the actual deed. It is sad to see the changes, I love the memories and will be blogging about mine soon. Hope all is well with you and mama. Sharon

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi "Sharon"! Not sure which Sharon this is that commented! Let me know - did we ever go to the swimming hole late at night, all alone ???? LOL

Tam said...

that picture looks a lot like a swimming hole i used to frequent when i lived in alabama.

but, really, you rode the horses in the water? wow, that would be amazing.

oh, and hi mama and papa. i havent been making my rounds like ive been able to in the past. i apologize. i do love you so!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - many times we rode the horses in the swimming hole - in deep water - what fun we had - oh the memories!