Monday, 11 February 2013

Tolerance !!

This is Annie, she is a Bashkar Curly. She is well trained. On this day we did some training, exercising and also did a photo shoot. She behaved quite well.  I expect Annie to do everything I ask of her, without hesitation. In this photo I expect her to walk right behind my right shoulder with her head almost lined up with mine. Notice her left ear, that ear is cued in on me. She is making sure she is right where she should be. Sounds strict? You bet it is. 

When Annie and I go for a trail ride most of the events are quite predictable. Usually we go in familiar territory. She can predict just about what is next. But every so often I will change my plans and take her into new unknown territory. She now has to follow my lead, I do not want her taking off on her own, I have a plan and I expect her to follow - and she does. There is no tolerance for disobedience - and she complies, because she can trust me.

God has a plan for you. He wants you to follow it. His tolerance is different, he will let you choose your own way but the consequences can be deadly. His plan has a purpose and - you can trust him.