Thursday, 27 August 2009

Death - The passing of a man this week

I usually don't do two posts on the same day. However today I am as I am struggling with emotions. A man passed away this week that has my heart troubled - searching my own heart for answers as to why? Also what kind of legacy did he leave for others? What are my thoughts and what are my feelings? This man has impacted my life - and he will be missed.

Perhaps you may be thinking of Ted Kennedy. I am not. I am thinking of Greg. Just this afternoon I learned he had passed away from cancer. My reaction was; "oh no!" I did not realize he was ill. Our pastor from Florida sent out an email sharing the news.

You see, Greg was homeless, completely homeless. He lived in the woods in central Florida and rode a bike and lived out of a knapsack. He was probably 40 years of age or so. I remember Greg mostly from Sunday mornings. He usually would come into church after the service was in progress. he would spot a pew near the back, and then, carrying his knapsack, would work his way into the middle of the pew he wanted. People would smile, greet him, hug him and let him know he was welcomed. He has done this for several years.

Monday, August 31st there will be a memorial service at church for Greg. His Sister and his friends will be there. HIs church family will also attend - he loved them and they loved him.

No fan fare, no limo's, no one lining the streets but he will be missed. Sorry I didn't get to say good bye Greg. I will miss you at church Greg - thanks for helping me keep my priorities straight.

Amos' girl friend

This is Izzy - Amos' girl friend - they share the same pasture together and are basically inseparable. The other day after riding Amos I took him from the stable barn and put him in his pasture. He was upset because Izzy was still back at the stable! Susan was still finishing up Izzy and taking care of Izzy's tack - but all Amos knew was she was not there! I went and got Izzy and put her in the pasture and all was well.

Izzy is one fine lady! She is a beautiful registered quarter horse - yeah! She has a shuffle gait - a walk with a slight trot - that is superb to ride on. She could go all day at the shuffle. her front quarter shoulder muscles catch your eye quickly, she has great confirmation.

They walk side by side on the trail - they trailer great together - they are just compatible.

However, one is in charge, is the dominant one - the boss. Can you guess which one?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Best Friend!

A few years ago mama and I went on a Senior Retreat together. Below is a slide presentation I put together. Does anyone have any idea where we went? There were several hundred of us that went on this tour bus excursion. We had a great time.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Please pray for Carly

Carly had surgery to repair something on her heart. She had the surgery on the 6th and is
having to fight a few obstacles as she heals. It sounds like her heart is okay, but she has
had infections and other issues. She is still in ICU, which originally should have been for only 3-4 days.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as this very young child struggles to begin life. Keep her and her family in your prayers.

Thank you!! Mama & Papa

Update: Thursday August 27, 2009 - Did surgery again yesterday as scheduled, except a day earlier. This little one is 10 months old so keep her in your prayers. Will update when I get more info.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Baptismal Service this Evening

Tonight was a very special evening. We had a baptismal service at the lake here. There were over 150 people there and about a dozen baptismal candidates, half of which were children of various ages.

I especially love to listen to the children as they give a "testimony" just before being submersed in the water. The question usually asked by the pastor is; "(name) why are you getting baptized?" Their answers vary, but usually are simple - such as; "because I love Jesus" -

I love to watch children find Christ and taking steps along their spiritual journey. Their issues are usually simple, may be serious, but simple. Most issues center around behavioral decisions. What if their family members are not Christians? What if their friends make it difficult? They need good Christian coaching. Even getting a bible may be complicated. But most are eager to be baptized - and excited! Sara, our youngest grand child watched with great curiosity and had some questions - like - what are they doing? She is almost 4. Soon, very soon papa is confident that Sara will ask Jesus into her heart! But guess what ??!!

Next month Sara will be dedicated at church - remember, she just joined our family in February, from china! Her spiritual journey is already starting because of the faithfulness of her family. I pray that as her grandpa that I can help her along her spiritual journey.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bridge to no where?

Have you ever been on a road or bridge that seems to be going no where? The bridge in the picture appears to just go out into the channel and end - not so. Mama and papa have driven across this bridge a couple of times. The bridge goes out into the channel and then goes down underwater so that shipping traffic can go 'over' the bridge - vs. under the bridge.

Someday if you get a chance check this neat man-made structure out. By the way it runs fron the coast of Denmark to the southern coast of Sweden.

Perhaps each of us may cross bridges today that will impact our decisions for tomorrow. Make your choices well, some bridges may be a little scary, the one in the picture it is hard to see the other side - but you do get across.

By the way, always take Jesus with you. Now that I have Parkinson Disease I have some bridges to cross that I did not expect in life. Christ will go with me - and - mama is there too!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Choices R (yours) and Mine

This past Friday was a very emotional day for mama and papa. As the girls from girls camp left from camp we stood by each vehicle saying goodbye to each girl. Some we laughed or giggled, some we cried. You see, each one will go home to face life and the circumstances of home.

Most if not all the bloggers on my blog roll have contact with young children. We need to be sure that as we stand there having our adult conversations that we remember the little ears that are listening and sorting out their role and that we build them up. They need to feel secure.

If the little girl in the picture had just left your presence, having listened to your conversation, what would she be praying about? If it was my grand daughter, I am sure she would be praying for me and that it would be nice to see grandpa more. I get so busy that I fail to put them as a priority. Pray for papa that he does better. Papa loves children, especially my grand children, I can do better.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Relay For Life - Allegan, MI August 7, 2009

Yesterday, Friday evening right after Girl's Camp mama and papa went to Allegan to walk with Peter and Kim in the Relay For Life (Cancer Awareness) event. It was a wonderful time. First Kim walked a lap designated for the 'Caregivers' then they had a lap for the 'survivors' of which there were many - most in purple shirts with the word 'Survivor' across the back. Peter is a survivor of Leukemia (AML) and had a bone marrow transplant from his sister 6 months ago.

He has done well with two exceptions. He now likes pink as his favorite color and likes to shop - must be that feminine bone marrow!

Stop by Peter's Blog and wish him well and let him know you will pray for him. His link is on my blog roll as well.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Girls Camp August 3rd thru August 7th

Starting tomorrow, Monday, mama and papa will be off line most of the week. We are starting a new adventure - "grand parents" at girls camp here for a week. The ages of the girls range from 10 to 12. our task will be to watch for the girls that are homesick, having some kind of adjustment at camp. Papa will be carrying a back-pack stuffed full of stuffed animals to hand out to "girls in need". Mama and I will dress up for the week. Mama has a nice long "granny" dress to wear and I will wear my bib overalls.

There will be services each day with an invitation to the girls to accept Christ as Savior. Mama and papa will pray with these girls.

We are asking that you be our "Prayer Partners" this next week. Thank you and God bless!