Saturday, 8 August 2009

Relay For Life - Allegan, MI August 7, 2009

Yesterday, Friday evening right after Girl's Camp mama and papa went to Allegan to walk with Peter and Kim in the Relay For Life (Cancer Awareness) event. It was a wonderful time. First Kim walked a lap designated for the 'Caregivers' then they had a lap for the 'survivors' of which there were many - most in purple shirts with the word 'Survivor' across the back. Peter is a survivor of Leukemia (AML) and had a bone marrow transplant from his sister 6 months ago.

He has done well with two exceptions. He now likes pink as his favorite color and likes to shop - must be that feminine bone marrow!

Stop by Peter's Blog and wish him well and let him know you will pray for him. His link is on my blog roll as well.


Peter Olson said...

Indian Lake Papa & Mama,
It was great to have you both with us at RFL and thank you for visiting with us afterward.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - oh how much you and Kim bless our hearts! Thank you so much for your friendship. God bless!

CrossView said...

Goodness! You've had a busy week!

I can't do a Relay for Life without tears. I know too many survivors and too many who didn't. Always gets me choked up just being at one!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - a busy but great week. Girl's camp was a blast! Then yesterday we got walk with Peter & Kim - a very emotional time~