Thursday, 13 August 2009

Bridge to no where?

Have you ever been on a road or bridge that seems to be going no where? The bridge in the picture appears to just go out into the channel and end - not so. Mama and papa have driven across this bridge a couple of times. The bridge goes out into the channel and then goes down underwater so that shipping traffic can go 'over' the bridge - vs. under the bridge.

Someday if you get a chance check this neat man-made structure out. By the way it runs fron the coast of Denmark to the southern coast of Sweden.

Perhaps each of us may cross bridges today that will impact our decisions for tomorrow. Make your choices well, some bridges may be a little scary, the one in the picture it is hard to see the other side - but you do get across.

By the way, always take Jesus with you. Now that I have Parkinson Disease I have some bridges to cross that I did not expect in life. Christ will go with me - and - mama is there too!


Carol said...

cool picture!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - Maybe someday you can drive across it - ha!

Ed said...

That is a very cool looking bridge. Very creative of the Danes and Swedish to build the bridge to go under the water, for ships to pass over it, instead of building the bridge over the water, and make it high enough so ships can pass under it.

It's good that, in Christ (and Mama), you have found what you need to help you cross over those bridges life will put up.

I am now feel more like an old steamer ship, not a sleek ocean liner.

Life Adapted said...

Another metaphor - The Holy Spirit is like this bridge that disappears under the water but still connects you to the other side - Jesus Christ.

Very cool picture - great post!

Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, "Old steamer ship" is me with a leaky boiler. My rudder still turns but could use some lubrication. Then when I drop anchor, it is getting harder to retrieve it and get moving again!

LA - very good metaphor. Even though we don't see the bridge connected to the other side we are confident it is there. And, we don't even know that a heavy ship is about to go over us.

triednotfried said...

We are all there with you papa just as I know you are here with me. Right now it feels like the "underwater" part, but we both know the is the other side and we will get through.

Love you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

DEb - relax papa knows CPR - LOL! I will be there when you surface - love you! i appreciate your prayers as well.

CrossView said...

Looking ahead can be scary! But trusting in that one step at a time as He guides us makes it easier. We don't have to trust in what we see, just trust in the Lord.

And that bridge? No way am I going under! =P

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - got to look ahead! Looking behind does not help a lot. If we ever get to cross that bridge together - I will hold your hand - maybe Guy would let us take Annie for a ride there! LOL