Thursday, 27 August 2009

Amos' girl friend

This is Izzy - Amos' girl friend - they share the same pasture together and are basically inseparable. The other day after riding Amos I took him from the stable barn and put him in his pasture. He was upset because Izzy was still back at the stable! Susan was still finishing up Izzy and taking care of Izzy's tack - but all Amos knew was she was not there! I went and got Izzy and put her in the pasture and all was well.

Izzy is one fine lady! She is a beautiful registered quarter horse - yeah! She has a shuffle gait - a walk with a slight trot - that is superb to ride on. She could go all day at the shuffle. her front quarter shoulder muscles catch your eye quickly, she has great confirmation.

They walk side by side on the trail - they trailer great together - they are just compatible.

However, one is in charge, is the dominant one - the boss. Can you guess which one?


CrossView said...

Gotta be Izzy, eh?
Sounds like Amos knows he's got a good lady! LOL!

Carol said...

My guess is Izzy is in charge, and Amos doesn't like to be apart from her for that reason. His security rests in her taking charge. Right?

Peter Olson said...

Izzy is my guess too! She is a beautiful horse.

Ed said...

I love reading stories about friendship, between humans or horses. It is great to hear that Amos has found the right home, near enough so you can visit him.

Amos has found the right companion in Izzy, as you have in Mama.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - you are right! Izzy is definitely in charge! Amos has a good lady!

Carol - yep, it is Izzy. Out on the trail, if he gets ahead of her, he will keep looking back checking on her.

Peter - izzy is a great horse - a much smoother gate than Amos and more laid back.

Ed - Good friendships are priceless. Amos is actually right where he was when he was my horse.