Thursday, 30 July 2009

A precious picture!

This picture is precious to me. I will view it several times today. It is in a group of pictures that will rotate on my desktop as part of my "screen saver" on my computer. I will stop and weep a little when it comes up. There are several things that make this picture special - can you figure them out?

First, Sara on the slide jumps out at you - she loves the speed of this slide! She is one of my three grand children. Second is the "tot lot" where the slide is - walking distance from our home - what a great country we live in that we can walk out of our homes and enjoy moments like these. Third is in the background. Many people enjoying the activities of the 4th of July festivities here on the church campground. However, the fourth thing about this picture is the hand holding the other camera - it is mama's hand. I purchased the rings on that hand over 40 years ago - I still love and hold that hand as often as I can. I am concerned about that hand because mama has crippling arthritis in both of her hands. Look closely at her fingers. She has had that for years. She could not remove those rings even if she wanted to. Yet those hands are busy serving Christ each day. She rarely even mentions the pain in her hands and will work with those all day - yes mama is very special and a tremendous gift to papa. I love you mama.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gator Aid

Last evening Susan and I fed and watered about 20 horses at Shamrock Stables where Amos resides. I even mended a section of electric fence. Susan is my riding buddy and the lady that bought Amos. The owners of Shamrock Stables had to go out of town. We loaded the Gator up with buckets of grain and began our adventure. It was interesting as we went to each different pasture area and began putting grain in the buckets. There was a definite order in which to feed them - the 'boss' got fed first. We took turns scooping the grain and I did most of the gator driving. That was my first time driving a gator. Maybe I should get a gator for mama to do her yard work and chores. Maybe as a Christmas present.

Last evening was a beautiful time with the horses. I commented to Susan as we traveled along down the pasture lanes how blessed we were to be able to do this and to be a part of God's creation. We take so much for granted and miss what is going on around us. In fact I just stopped typing for a few seconds and glanced out the open window - the birds are singing beautifully - at least three different varieties! The sun is shining, I just saw an old man out for a walk and I prayed for him as he went by. A young lady in a nice spandex jogging outfit went by as well - after that I prayed for me! Oh my, the birds are just special today! Take time to enjoy the day - a biker friend of mine just peddled by, I think I will go biking as well! Take time to find God in your life today.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

"What is your biggest fear?"

Thursday, the 23rd, when the specialist announced I had Parkinsons, later he asked me what was my biggest fear. What quickly popped into my mind surprised me. My biggest fear has really nothing to do with mama or my family, they will be by my side no matter what, they are precious. We are together 24/7.

My biggest fear, is losing you - my blog friends and my Facebook friends.

I turned and looked at the doctor and began to weep as I answered his question. I glanced at mama and she was fighting back tears as well. She knew the answer as well - the biggest toll so far this disease has taken is my typing. I now have to use one hand, one finger. If I lose my blog and my facebook I will be devestated. We love you and feel that we have many friends and passer-bys that we have helped. We have opened our home to you, have given assistance and counsel to many. My fear is that if the day comes that I can not type - that door will close. So far we are doing fine, pray for us. Just as Blogspot and Facebook have become a ministry - so will Parkinsons.

God Bless!
Papa and Mama too

Thursday, 23 July 2009

What does the Future Hold? (Part 2)

Did not plan to do a part 2 - but after today thought that a part 2 would be appropriate. Today at about 2pm the doctor, a tremor specialist told mama and I that I have Parkinsons. We were not prepared for that, we had ruled that out. It is considered a mild form and we shall see what medication can do.

Not sure what the future holds but mama is there with me and we will cross the finish line together as long as God allows.

The picture was taken Labor Day when mama and I had just finished walking the Mackinac Bridge, approximately 5 miles.

Keep holding my hand mama, we aren't through yet.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What does the Future Hold?

I am sure, like me, you would at least like to know what the future holds. The picture was taken about 10 years ago - a very special wedding that mama and papa got to attend. The young lady in the picture is the daughter of very special friends of ours. I am sure that day she was excited but also "curious" as to what God's plan for her life would be. Little would she know that 10 years later she would now be in her 3rd State, full-time church ministry and a mommy of two children. Life changes and God directs our lives if we allow Him.

The young lady and her husband are now pastoring a good size church and she is now a "Pastors wife". Pray for them as they continue on their journey with Him. So far they are endeavoring to make the right choices - I wonder where the next 10 years will find them? Our prayers may impact that so pray they will follow Christ.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Beautiful Flowers!

We love flowers! Here is a picture of Hollyhocks in our front yard. The flowers are 9' tall - I measured them this morning! They are beautiful! God's art work is untouchable! The kind of sad story is that sometime this fall they will die, they are already at their peak. BUT, next spring they will be back.

Another beautiful flower in this picture is mama! Isn't she beautiful - inside and out! I love mama. If God takes her before me, I will miss her. BUT just like the flower she will bloom again someday - and this time for eternity. I anxiously await the day that mama and I can walk hand in hand in God's flower garden.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wild Mustangs

This is a picture of wild mustangs - to me, they are beautiful! They run free in certain parts of the U.S. They appear to have a life of ease, but not so. Wild horses have their predators and are always watching for danger. Did you know that wild horses rarely whinny? The reason being is that the noise would give predators their location.

Wild horses may travel many miles in a day trying to locate water and an area to graze - life is tough for a wild mustang.

I have been watching many children this week here at the church camp going up and down our street on their bikes, laughing and playing. But this morning papa was shaken back to reality about the children.

At about 7:30AM I went to the Prayer Cottage and found several new prayer request cards. Some had apparently been filled out by children. One requested prayer for her father. "My dad has left and gone away, I am afraid I will never see my dad again." Another child, maybe same family, requested the following; "I wish I could hug my dad, I miss him."

I need to pay attention as much as I can as to who is hurting around me and make sure I listen when God prompts me to step in. I really don't want to miss helping when those opportunities come by. There are a lot of hurts covered up out there.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Slightly Sloppy Seas

This picture was taken when the forecast was "slightly sloppy seas"! Actually the seas were turning into a tropical storm. The picture was taken in the South Pacific near the Fiji Islands.
Harmon Schmelzenbach, missionary that is in charge of a boat ministry in the Fiji Islands took the picture. This was one of those days when the only word you utter in prayer is; "Help! - Amen!"

Recently mama and I have watched many lives being rocked by "Slightly Sloppy Seas". I don't understand why we have to go through sloppy seas, but we do. My parents did, their parents did and guess what my kids will - and are - as well. If any could be exempt, I wish my kids could be. But just not so.

We have our faith in God that sustains us and whom we can trust in. I am praying this morning that I will trust Him more - even when I have to pray "Help!"

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Horse Feed

Amos, the horse I use to own, is getting close to his senior years so his feeding requirements are changing. He doesn't need a high energy feed, his working requirements will decrease with age. However, to keep his body in good health we want him to have good nutrition. His new owner wants him to stay healthy for many more years.

How is your spiritual health doing? Recently I have been thinking about my health, both physically and spiritually. I have been reading the Bible for over 60 years, maybe I can quit now - think so? In a few days I will be 66. Maybe I will just close up my Bible and put it on a shelf. Prayer, that is another one I can push side - usually its the same old requests and petitions - He already knows anyways before I pray. Devotional reading? Naw, nothing new out there -

Actually - when I get done with this post I will be heading to the prayer cottage here on the church camp. I am so blessed to be able to spend time there. I love the time I spend with my Savior.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Meet Sydney!

Meet Sydney my grand daughter. She rode in the back of papa's truck during the parade and tossed out candy. I love Sydney! She is 8 and a very smart girl - she definitely has her papa's genes.

One of the special things I love about Sydney is she has a very tender heart. She is always coming up to others and throwing her arms around you and saying, "I love you!"

I want you to know that Sydney has already given her heart to Jesus. She gave her heart to Jesus one Sunday morning at church. She has a wonderful church and a pastor who loves the children very much. A few weeks later she asked her parents if she could be baptized - by submersion! We got to attend that very special event.

Please be praying for this very special girl that as she grows up that she will always remain true to her Savior and that she will be an instrument for Him.

I love you Sydney!


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Let Freedom Ring!

Yesterday was our big parade - lasts about 20 minutes - We won 1st place with our family float. There were several floats. Probably 35 kids on bikes, old cars, walkers, and at least 25 decorated golf carts. I even entered my truck in the old vehicles and shared 1st place ribbon! It was fun!

Today, as a family, 30 plus of us will worship together. Then we will walk to the camp dining hall where we will eat together.

God is so good - all the time! Let Freedom Ring!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Time for Family

The picture to the left is mama with her family. Mama's mother is sitting down the rest are her brothers and sister. Her mom is 91 and doing great! Fourth of July they all get together to discuss family, religion and politics. They are very conservative in their political views so you can imagine how the conversation goes!

Regardless of their views they are a close family and the 4th of July is the time they all get together for a couple of days. They have a very strong opinion on family values.

We will be praying that this special time of year will find your family values strengthening and that remember - "Let Freedom Ring!"