Saturday, 6 June 2009

A Place!

This is papa fishing on a stream in northern Michigan. Shortly before this picture was taken I caught a nice trout. It was a nice day, a beautiful day in fact. I spent the weekend with my friend Max and we just had a great time. I thought about the many blessings God has given me and I spent some time in prayer. The stream was beautiful and is still running - even though this picture was taken several years ago.

I have only been fishing on this stream one time and yet this stream has existed all my life. I have only been to this stream one time and will probably never sit on its banks again. Yet, that one time was a special day I will never forget.

Perhaps today you will go somewheres, meet someone that you have never met before or will again. What are you going to do with today? Papa is crying today, because maybe some of you who read this we will never get to physically meet but yet maybe by this blog, we have just met. Maybe for the first time - maybe for the last time.

Hi - my name is Indian Lake Papa - my Savior loves you.


Technonana said...

HI PAPA!!! I am so glad we have met and will meet, if not on this earth, in heaven!!
Sorry, it has been awhile, but my life is crazy right now..
as you can see birthdays galore, and planning an August wedding for our youngest daughter!!
Love to you and Mama!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Sharon - i think we are all busy - probably too busy!

Life Adapted said...

Hi Papa, even though we haven't met in person, I feel like I know so much about you and Mama. But through the power of the Holy Spirit we are connected - eternally - how cool is that?

Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Very cool LA! Hope we do get to meet this summer. our spirits have already connected.

Russ Hutto said...

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my music!

I love today's post, Papa! Especially this line:

"I have only been fishing on this stream one time and yet this stream has existed all my life."

Aren't we so small in the grand scheme of things!? Yet God loves us with a HUGE unimaginable love!!

Thanks for your words!!

Parsley said...

I truly believe that God has sent you and some others to my blog for a purpose. We WILL least in heaven...and I will be able to smile and tell you how much your blog and comments have meant to me.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Russ - As i type this, You and I are in two different lives - and yet that stream is running and will be there tomorrow. Our Heavenly Father is watching our lives as well. God bless you and your ministry - remember, "Nothing but the Blood."

Parsley - you have brought tears to papa's eyes. One thing is sure; "See you later!"

brainteaser said...

Hi Papa!

Perhaps we will never meet in person, but please know that your posts touch me so, and teach me precious life lessons.

Take care always and God bless you and Mama!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brainteaser - It must be evening there and morning here. We may never meet, but our lives have touched each other - as God intended.

CrossView said...

I'm honored to have met you! It's amazing to me that I could be here in Jawja and be blessed to meet you and your wife from Michigan!

I'm so glad you got to visit that stream. Continue to count those blessings. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how many places you have been and how many people you have met. And you still have more to go...

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - I too am glad our paths have crossed - you & your family have been a real blessing to mama and papa. We pray for you all. God bless!

Ed said...

Nice to read you had a great weekend, spending time with a friend, and enjoying some fresh trout.

Everyday is an opportunity to make new friends. This is one of the many things that keeps me looking forward to each new day.

Peter Olson said...

Kim and I are glad we met you and Indian Lake Mama too!
We are glad that we have another friend in common, Jesus!
God bless you!
May those tears be tears of joy.
Peter J. Olson

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, I think we all have those precious times - places we have been that we will probably never get to repeat - yet, will be in our memories forever.

Peter - We are not only friends through blogging, but now personal friends. I thank Jesus for that.