Monday, 7 April 2008

Serendipity For Sure! An unexpected Blessing!

When is the last time you sat on the very front pew in church?? For the whole service! 200 plus people behind us, preacher almost on our toes and the choir staring at us trying to figure out why we were there and who we were sitting with! What fun we had and what a blessing we received! Let me explain.

Remember Sean, Bill & Tom from the PATH? Well as residents of the shelter, they are required to attend church both Sunday morning & Sunday evening. Last evening three of the five men residents sat on the very front row! I went up to them before service started to "chit chat" and they asked me to get mama and come sit with them! What to do??!! So mama and I sat with them. There we were; Sean, me, Bill, mama & Tom! Right up on the very front row! The guys thoroughly enjoyed it! At the end of the service several people wanted to know who the three guys were. I introduced them as our "grand children"! The guys went ballistic! The guys straightened that out after a bit. Everyone had a good laugh.

Last night mama and I got the blessing. We have been praying that we will be Christian examples to these men and that they will accept us and be comfortable around us.

We head back north in two weeks. Pray for the men and women of the PATH the they will first and foremost commit their lives to Christ. Secondly, that they can get a fresh start on life. Mama and I? We are already excited about returning next fall!! God is so Good!!


CrossView said...

What an honor for you that they invited you to sit with them! =D

In the church we used to attend. we sat on the 2nd row... No napping up front! LOL!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Your right crossview - I was very alert last night!!! :o) I admit I felt like I was on display! I was kind of nervous!

Lori said...

I've really been enjoying your blog! I was directed here from Tanya's blog and plan to add your blog to my blogroll! I encourage you to visit my blog at Manna from
Look forward to seeing you again!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Lori for stopping by!

Robin said...

How cool!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin, the choir sits in the choir loft all through service - I was so blessed watching the guys react in the service positively, I wept often. The choir probably wondered whats wrong with him?!! It was cool!

Robin said...

One time when I was part of a choir I couldn't sing because the song touched me so deeply and the tears just poured down my face. It was a new experience for me because for so many years I only cried on the inside, but that time was the beginning of God showing me it was ok to let people see my tears.

It always touches me deeply when a man cries during worship or testimony times.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin - I am not sure when it became so easy for me to shed tears. I know what has caused it, a blessed brokenness that God has given me and I always pray I will keep it. I am fortunate that I have mama who is a good communicator and helps me to see when God is speaking.

Ed said...

In asking you to sit with them your Path friends show how much they respect you.

With direction now in their lives I think the Path residents will be okay.

I am not sure if Spring has made it to Michigan yet, it sure hasn't to Connecticut. In two weeks the warm temps should have made their way north.

Tam said...

Ed is right. They respect you. you've earned their respect. They trust you both.

There is so much beauty in serving, in reaching out to others. I bet you two were on a cloud that day!

I love your servant hearts!

I love you both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - respect is so important today. Mama & I were very humbled by it.

Tam - I wish you could have sat with us as well! Love you too!