Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sin and Repentance

I like this picture. I see a very young lady who takes her praying seriously.

I heard a story tonight of a man who went to the church altar to ask God to forgive him for stealing money from the business he worked at. Another man went up to pray with him and counsel him. As the man explained his problem to God and the counselor, the counselor asked him how much he had taken. He stated I have stolen over $1500 dollars. That's a lot the counselor said. Here is what you need to do. God has forgiven you and now next year you only steal a 1000 dollars, the following year only 800 dollars until you finally get to where you are down to zero dollars. That way you can withdraw from this problem slowly.

I think we all agree that is not acceptable. The man needs to quit stealing immediately. If he does not, he needs to get with his boss and try to solve this problem. Continuing to steal is not the solution.

Colossians chapter 3 is very strong about us not continuing in sin. This chapter is for Christians.
Verse 5 tells us to put sin to death, not to sleep, or in a closet, but death. If we have an area in our life, such as Pornography that has engulfed us, seek help immediately. Stay away from it, flee from it, don't try to live close to it - flee. You can do that. Mama and I will be praying for you because God wants you to live a victorious Christian life!

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