Monday, 7 February 2011

Pornography! I am ticked off!

Now this picture looks innocent enough. And is just fine, but its the beginning of a problem. Those three little critters are baby porcupines. They will someday be nasty critters. I have several horror stories about porcupines and have had a porcupine quill in my hand once - curiosity can be dangerous.

Pornography is destroying our country. Don't ask me to define it, you know what it is. I am upset. Almost daily I have to delete a posting to my blog that is pornographic. I have to block my blog and moderate all comments coming in. So if you are one of those attempting to put garbage on my blog, it ain't happening. And its not funny. Its stupid and ignorant. I delete it and report it to my account as SPAM.

There is another side to this coin. Pornography is destroying our homes and families. I am surprised and shocked how many of our "Christian" families within our churches deal with this issue. Whats going on folks? Don't we believe anymore that there is a thing called sin? Pornography is sin, if you mess around with it your going to hell - period. Sounds rough? Well, I hate to burst your spiritual bubble and theology - but remember, God loves you and sent His Son to die on a cross to redeem you from your sins. But, don't mock Him, He is also a God of wrath and you don't want to go there. I think that pornography is one of those issues that God doesn't weep over, He gets very angry over this issue. You don't think so? Well, you need to read His word and may be read the results of King David and his life. His life ended in destruction.

Praying much today.

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