Monday, 31 January 2011

My apologies

This is a new friend! Last night at church she asked me if I was Jim. I said I was, and she said, " you are a funny man". She had been following me on facebook. She is a friend on my facebook as I know her fiance'. But, until last night we had never really spoke to each other. We attend the same church here in Florida. We have attended together at the same church for at least 2 months - we spoke to each other for the first time last night. We have even sat in the same pew on occasion - but never spoke.

I want to use this blog post to apologize to her for not speaking sooner. You see, she is fairly new to the church here as far as I know and I had never spoke to her. I am embarrassed by that. I think I have missed getting to know a lady who has a desire to serve Christ and would like to be welcomed into our church family. The next opportunity I get I want to apologize to her.

I wonder how many people we walk by in our lives that we have multiple contacts with that we could take the time to introduce ourselves? At church I have my "close" friends, we all do. But, of all places we should reach out and say hi, the church is that location. Some just would like to be part of the family, others may really need a friend.

Lord, forgive me for ignoring this wonderful lady you created. Help me to do better to see those around me. Help me to speak and help me to see those that need a friend. Thank you for this new friend. Amen

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