Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The BIG "C"

This is a picture of mama and her brother. Both have dealt with cancer. Mama has been given a clear bill of health but her brother is in the fight of his life.

Mama's cancer hit us in the Spring of 2010 when the phone call came that the biopsy was positive for cancer. Prayers began immediately, treatment plans were put together. By the end of August 2010, 33 radiation treatments later, she was fine.

January 3rd, this year her brother received the diagnosis brain tumors, very serious, and a major battle against this disease has begun. The fight is on.

The Big C - Well, the Big C is not cancer. The Big C is Christ. He knows all about these issues, has a plan of action for each of us and is in charge. Cancer will not win out over Christ. Christ may let cancer run its course but Christ decides that, not the cancer. Mama and her brother have both put their lives in the hand of God and are willing to follow his plan. What a peace come over your soul when you know the "big C" is in charge. God bless and why not make sure all of your plans are in Christs hands? If you are in the fight of your life, make sure the "Big C" is with you - He wants to be.

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