Thursday, 20 March 2008

Sorry, I was sleeping!

"40 Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping." Matthew 26:40 NIV

My pastor spoke on this very topic tonight - "Maundy Thursday" service. When Jesus needed his disciples the most, they slept through it. In hours - He was gone! Shortly thereafter Jesus was crucified. He wanted their prayers, he wanted their support.

All through the service tonight I kept coming back to one question; "Am I available when people need me? or am I sleeping?" When those we know are going through difficult times can they count on us?

I have seen the blogging world in action - you guys are wonderful. When those that are going through difficult times need encouragement - you have been there. I have appreciated your words of encouragement - so has mama. God bless and have a wonderful Easter.


NOTE!! Monday, the 24th, new post - be thinking - "What story/incident in the bible scares you the most ??" I will share mine Monday evening.


Ed said...

Papa, I hope you, Mama and your family experience all the love and joy this Easter can bring you.

Tam said...

It is a beautiful thing when brothers and sisters in Christ can come together, unified, in prayer for one another. I know you have prayed for us many times Papa, and we have for you as well...and will continue to do so. Thank you for that!

i love you and Mama very much!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - I have thoroughly enjoyed your postings on the Easter season. You have helped me to reflect on my own beliefs.

Tam - We appreciate your prayers - we love you too! Don't get too busy that you miss the Risen Savior this weekend.

Tanya said...

Thank again, this is so true, AM I availiable for others. I will definitly pray and ponder on this. You and mama, have a blessed Easter. God bless you both from Tanya and family.

Robin said...

Thanks for the post :) Your thoughts and prayers mean so much. You have a tremendous online ministry.

Tonight we had our Maundy Thursday service at church and my son was able to have his first communion. It was precious to kneel in the middle of my children and take communion. My husband was at work, so he missed it. My Pastor was so neat. I can't remember exactly what he said as he administered communion to my son, but it was heartfelt. I since so much love in my Pastor as if he loves my children as if they are his. But its nothing unique for my kids because he has that same love for all the children.

Happy Easter!

Robin said...

I'm tired... I know how to spell sense - you know those perfectionistic tendencies that just can't let a caught mistake go (I'm sure I make tons of others that I don't notice though).

Robin said...

I was tagged today and wanted to pass it along to you - see my post at

Tam said...

Papa, i promise I won't get too busy to reflect on the price that was paid!

i love Him so much!

Darla said...

WOW! How many times have I been spiritually asleep when I should have been more focused!

HE is risen indeed!!! HE is alive and everywhere!!! I love HIM so much too!!!

Love you and mama and lifting prayers for us all to rejoice in this goodnews and keep it all year!!

Darla said...

Where is my Papa? :) I haven't seen you on FIF..I want to play too..can't play alone..Hummmmmmf!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tanya you have a great Easter as well!

Robin - I will accept the tag and do the questions later. Have a great Easter!

Tam - I hope this is a "good Friday" for you I will check out FIF in a few minutes!

Darla - don't bug your papa when he is busy!! Mama and I just got home from volunteer work at a shelter for the homeless - Have a wonderful Easter!

Indian Lake Papa said...


My daughter JO did a comment on my last post "I failed as a father" - check it out. She is definitely Daddies girl! :o)

Heather said...

Hi Papa,

I linked here from my girlfriends blog, Tanya at Wilderness-Shilo.

I so appreciate your thoughts on 'sleeping'. As I wrote my blog on Thursday I pondered the 'sleeping' thing, too. I also appreciate your heart for God.

I will visit again soon!!

Blessing to you and your first wife:)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Heather - thanks for stopping by! I will stop in soon!