Saturday, 25 October 2008

Honestly Folks!

Roxanne Kristina has tagged me to list 10 honest things about me. Some you may know, some you may not - anyways here goes!

1. I love mama more than my own life - I would panic without her.
2. I wish I didn't struggle with being overweight - its a tough battle.
3. I will get in your face if I have to - I won't even blink!
4. I want to be your friend.
5. If I am your enemy, what do I have to do to be your friend?
6. I am a good horse back rider.
7. I do not have a self-esteem issue - humility? That's a different issue!
8. At times - Don't bug me!
9. Christ is my passion!
10. I know the books of the Bible by memory - do you? Why not ??

Have a great day! Any questions about my list? If so, see item 8! LOL


Tam said...


papa - you are so funny! and you were very honest here. wow. i love you. but i wont bug you. much!

Roxanne Kristina said...

This made me smile.
Great way to sign off a great day.
Have a wonderful sunday!!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - oh I miss you! Now its your turn to come see us! You can bug me anytime!

Roxx - Love you - this post was fun - I think I was honest! LOL

Carol said...

First day I met Papa he looked me straight in the eyes and rather angrily said, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Since I didn't know him yet, I was rather taken back by such a snarly person.

Then came the day he told me I was his friend...he knew I needed one that day. Actually, long before that day, I found Papa to be just one big tease, young at heart, and constantly looking for a way to get somebody's goat, with the motive of having a good laugh with them.

Let's just say Indian Lake Papa is a very unique individual...wish there were more like him. And his wife is an absolute jewel! Wish the world could be filled with people like her, and this would then be a sparkling place to live.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - love you friend - mama and I pray for you and Paul each day - He has called you to be a servant of his and you are obeying. Love you much.

Anonymous said... you AND your always make me smil!!!! Love the list! You would have to use a stool to get in my face, so I'm not worried>>>LOLOLOL

Indian Lake Papa said...

Deb - if I had a stool and stood in your face - I would weep - I love you too much! Either that or I would laugh too hard!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you are refering to as reasons for number 3, but my answer to
to number on not doing number 3!!!! Funny that you would list 4 and 5 right after 3. I hate any kind of confrontation, so I will walk away very quickly if there is a misunderstanding or problem. I will not add to it.

I heard someone say something nasty to someone once, and I immediately said, "Now go try to win that person to the Lord. Won't happen!"

On the other hand, if someone tries to cheat me....look out! Different story.... My fangs come out!

Windy here with chance of snow...Florida is sounding better all the time!


Anonymous said...

Whoops! I forgot about your Number 8. I'm afraid I have done it now!!! lol


Indian Lake Papa said...

Janis - I almost did not list #3. But it is a part of me. I try to avoid confrontation always - however, it's not that I am afraid of it - I think there is a better route. But do not think I will not face off if we have to. I have faced it - even in life threatening situations - and issues were resolved. See ya soon! Face to Face! LOL

DEb said...

#3 CRACKED ME UP...(and I TOTALLY believe it) but I liked the "and I won't even blink" part...



Annie said...

Hi Papa!! I've seen you several other places, and am so blessed that you dropped by callingtodeep! I like your list here. I also know all the books of the Bible - memorized them when I was 10 and they never left. #9 is a dead ringer. Totally know what you mean on #7. #4 is such a great outlook! Definitely respect #3 ... I think I need to be a bit more bold there myself. #2 - wow, I'm sorry it's such an issue for you! There are so many people in that boat. I wish I could say #6 about myself. Haven't met Mama, but everyone loves her, so I'm sure I would as well. :)

Thanks again for the visit! Come back any time, now, y' hear? (Classic words of my grandma - just sounded right. ;) )

Indian Lake Papa said...

deb - #3 - I am really not too mean! LOL However, some people think papa's niceness is a weakness - not even close! HA! I am not intimidated to easily. I LOVE PEOPLE !! BE my friend!!

Annie - thanks for stopping by. Darla suggested I stop by your blog. I love your confidence in your Savior. There are many Bible translations - all have there strong points and each has a purpose. Continue to show God's love on your blog.

Robin said...

Great List :) I'll try not to bug you...

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin - You can "bug me" anytime - just be aware I still have my switch! You are almost down to less than a month!

Annie said...

:D Thanks for the strengthening words, Papa! I've appreciated seeing you!

CrossView said...

ROFL @ #7!

Re: #8. You know that's like waving a red flag in front of a bull, right??!! =P

#5- Uh, no 3#? Just kidding! I can take it!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Annie - I really enjoy your blog and your words.

Crossview - I am curious what your list of 10 would look like??!! LOL

Anonymous said...