Sunday, 24 May 2009

High School Alumni Banquet

Memories! Good ole memories! The picture is of my brother and I, probably taken around 1953. Papa is the one with his hands crossed standing up.
Last night (Saturday) Papa and mama attended Papa's High School Annual Alumni Banquet. My class, 1961, had 10 attendee's at the banquet from the original class. As I looked over the group that was in attendance of my class, I realized that all of us were in the top 20 students of our class. We shared photos and talked about the good old days.

After the banquet a group of us met at the home of one my class mates, Karen, for a time to just relax and talk about our lives and bring everyone up to date. I had never been to Karen's house so she gave papa good directions on how to get there. It was out in the country of rural northern Michigan. I knew I had the right place when I pulled in because all the vehicles had handicap license plates.

Did I mention the size of my graduating class? There were a total of 17 in my graduating class of 1961. Oh the memories gone by - oh well, still have time to make some more. Memories for papa are fun to make, I have Mama as my companion for life!


CrossView said...

So were you 17th on the list? =P

You were quite the cute little one!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Like I said, in the top 20! Heh Heh! As far as cute - still am, eh?

Ed said...

Nice to see you got to meet old friends at your reunion. With a graduating class of 17 you can be sure you know everyone.

There were over 300 kids in my graduating class, also in 1961. I probably didn't know half of them.

1961 was a great year for high school grads. :)

CrossView said...

1961 could NOT have been a great year. I wasn't even born yet. BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - to have 10 there after 48 years is amazing for a class of 17. 2 class members have passed away. A couple their whereabouts are unknown. Of over 80 classes graduating from my school, we had the most in attendance.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - it was a very good year, mama graduated that year as well - a very good year! LOL