Monday, 6 December 2010

We Are Blessed!!

Mama and I are blessed to have two church families. The churches are 1200 miles from each other. The picture to the left is the church up north, Michigan. We attend this church from late April until the end of November. The other church is in central Florida and we attend that church from December until the latter part of April. Our ministry involvements are different in both churches - but each church has a priority to serve the community outside their doors.

And yet the church is a close knit family. The year 2010 was a "difficult" year for mama and papa. We suddenly found both of us struggling with cancer. Mine was skin cancer. I was told, "If you have to have cancer that is the best kind to have." For some reason, that was not too reassuring. Mama's cancer was more serious, requiring surgery with 7 weeks of daily radiation treatments. Both churches rallied around us with prayer, cards and phone calls.

Both of us have been attending church since we were children. It has been a major focus of our lives. The church has been a place to worship, to serve our community and to draw ranks when the family is in need.

Have a great day and week serving Christ!! Pray for us as we pray for you. We are doing fine and serving our Lord.


CrossView said...

So glad you have two! Doubly nice. =)

I'm glad you two ended up with good news, too.

One of my FB friends has Stage 4 breast cancer. =(

I hate cancer.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - will be praying for your friend. Mama's was stage 1, very small and very treatable. Treatment has changed dramatically and it is much more effective now.

We really feel blessed with the two churches!!

Ed said...

You and Mama both had a tough year for health issues. You are both blessed to have beaten cancer.

The support of all your family, friends and neighbors is the Christmas present you guys got when you needed it.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Ed and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

This year, 2010, will go down as one of those that had a lot of anxious moments!!

Peter Olson said...

I agree with CrossView! "I hate cancer" too.

If you read my latest blog post, you can guess who the second paragraph is about. Ha! Ha!

Miss you both!

A more recent photo of your church up North has a lot more of the color white in it. ;-)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Peter! Thanks for stopping by!!

Crossview is quite the lady Ed, she does not mix words. We have met her a couple of times while down here.

Anonymous said...

Papa: The church is a family for me as well. I'm so thankful that you have two! :) I'm sure you're glad to be back with your Florida family for the winter. It's already cold. You made it just in time.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mandy, just talked (SKYPED) with my son and they may get 6 inches of snow by tomorrow night in Michigan and get very cold! Keep warm Monday & Tuesday! Its going to get cold!

We LOVE our church familes. They have been a big help to us and both have outreach and working in the community as a main mission.