Friday, 2 September 2011


What if, just saying what if, we were way off whack in our Christian faith? What if we have let our pursuit of the American Dream compromise on our faith. Lets see, what was the "Great Commission" again? Something about discipleship, something about teaching and praying hummmm. If Jesus were here, I'd just simply ask him what must I do to follow him? He certainly wouldn't discourage me from following him - or would he?

The book, "Radical; Taking back your faith from the pursuit of the American Dream" by Dr. David Platt, discusses the above in great detail. Did you know that Christ actually discouraged several from following him? Are you aware that 26,000 children around the world will die in the next 24 hours? Is that my problem or not? I've been thinking of maybe a new car. After all, the one I have is 3 years old now. Its not my fault or my problem the kids are dying. I am taking care of my family just fine. I give a few bucks here and there - above my tithe - to help, sheesh, give me a break!

The picture? Just a cemetery, relatively new, certainly less than a year old. All AIDS victims in South Africa. Not my problem, I don't live there. By the way, what kind of new car should I get?

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