Friday, 16 April 2010

Home !!

This is a picture of our Florida home. It is a 2 bedroom, double bath, central air & heat 14x56 ft mobile home. We love it!! This picture is 4 years old - I need to take a new picture. But not much has changed. I look forward to going "home" to Michigan next week, but then we have to leave this one. Next fall I will have the "urge" to get to Florida once the cooler air starts biting. It seems I am always longing to go "home".

I am almost 67. I have Parkinson Disease, I have now had a bout with skin cancer. I sometimes now find myself getting the "urge" to go "home". I know my Heavenly Father already has a date established for me to come home. I wonder when that will be??

How are you doing?? Have you got a date established yet? Or are you still trying to decide where you want to go? You only have two choices ya know. By the way, I am not trying to rush going home, I am in no real hurry. Besides, I still want to ride horseback this summer. Now if I could take a horse ............


CrossView said...

After losing friends that were young, I learned that none of us know when our time will be up. It could be today for any of us. So I choose to fill each day with happiness and laughter with the people I love. Though there are some I didn't get to see this year. *sniff* STOOPID FLU!

Peter Olson said...

We look forward to seeing you home again here up North.
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Luke 12:34 (NIV)

"An Inspirational Poem
If Home is Where The Heart is ...
by John McLeod

If Home is where the heart is
Then may your Home be blessed
A shelter from the storms of Life
A place of rest,
And when each day is over
And toil put in its place
Your Home's dear warmth
Will bring its smile
To light the saddest face!"

Have a safe trip!

Carol said...

Papa, I fully believe there will be horses in heaven. Why would God create something as strong and beautiful as a horse, and then not have some in heaven? In fact, God gave me a vision of my mother after she died. She was in her 20's with long flowing dark hair (believe me, I never saw her young and with long flowing hair!), and she was riding up a hill on a horse at sunset. She had told me during those final weeks of her life how much she enjoyed horses when she was a farm girl. I never knew that, but I believe God was getting her ready to be rejoined with her "first" love. He'll have several up there for you to groom also, and ride, and teach others (like me) to ride. My vision of heaven is that it contains all those things I never saw or did on this earth. I'm pretty sure my first cruise will be in heaven....can you imagine the food buffet?

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - today is impoetant. At the end of the day I like to reflect on what I did with it. Not critical, just a good reflection.

Peter see you Wednesday if all goes well!! See you at "home".

Carol - See you soon at the lake! Someday you have to go meet Amos!!

Ed said...

I seems like only a short while ago I was reading your post about you going back your Florida home. Time does seem to go faster as we get older. Maybe it's time flies by when we are having fun. We are having fun aren't we? :)

I try to do what I can to slow down time. I work at thinking, and living for today, and spent too much time in the past being concerned about the future. Didn't get as much out of the present as I could have.

Of course I don't believe in life after death, and so don't plan for the eternity in Heaven as you do.

I hope you and Carol are right, and you get to spend your afterlife riding Amos as much as you want.

Where do I want to go? I am very happy right where I am. Since I see worm food as my final destination :) , I focus on today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Life Adapted said...

Bless you Papa, keep writing and blessing us with your reflections on life. Can you go to Michican from Florida, via NJ????