Friday, 6 August 2010

Tina !

Mama and I met TIna Monday the 2nd of August coming through the registration line for Girl's Camp. She was very scared and sobbing, stayed glued to mom & dad as she registered for camp. She wept openly, did not want to be here. Found out she was much of a loner and did not attend her local church very much. I believe she will be in the 6th grade this fall.

Mama and I are "Grandpa & Grandma" at Girls Camp this week - today it closes. Well, how did Tina do? It was very slow to start with. She was a loner the first day - very scared - no smiles. Grandma said good night to her every night, we hugged and encouraged her a lot. By Wednesday she was smiling and doing very well. It may have been the Teddy Bear grandma gave her on Wednesday night. Yesterday, she came to me big smiles, arms stretched out for a hug. She played the girl games as she stood in line for meals and even talked/listened about the importance of having Jesus in her life. She will go home today a happy camper! It was a great week!
We love you Tina

Update: Friday 4:30PM !! Mama and I stayed at the last "Checkpoint" as the campers left today so that we could say goodbye to them as "Grandma & Grandpa". One of the last vehicles was Tina and her parents. Tina was sitting in the front seat and as I leaned over to say goodbye, we both began to cry. She unsnapped her seat belt and we hugged through the window sobbing. Yep, it was a great week. See ya again Tina.


Parsley said...

What a blessing you are to these precious kids! I wish I could bring my 14 yr old daughter out to fellowship with those lucky girls! and Mama have been on my mind. I assume God wants me to pray for you so I am.

You'll find me on my public blog and email for now (currently no private blogging) so feel free to touch base anytime and know I'm lifting you up in prayer.

Peter Olson said...

I love that phrase "Happy Camper".
Great work as Grandpa & Grandma. :-)
I pray that those kids return home safely and remember the fun times at camp with fond memories.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - it was a very emotional week. Maybe next summer for camp! We have all kinds of camps!! You could even stay at our house and keep an eye on her!! LOL

Peter - WE LOVED IT! Many memories made! See ya soon!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Ah the love of grandparents can do so much! My own Grams became more of a mother after my own mother died when I was nine. I thank God for grandmothers but never knew my grandfathers.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle - it was special being 'grand parents" to a 150 young girls. It was a very special role - we really kept very active.

Ed said...

No one can be sad very long with you and Mama around, child or adult.

Love reading the about the time your share with kids, and how much you both enjoy it.

Life Adapted said...

Awwww - you guys are the best! God put you there and Tina there the same time for His good purposes. You were obedient and He rewarded you. God bless you both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, mama and I had a great time at camp! My emotions are still high, and I cry when I talk about these kids. We love them!

LA - God puts us all in places, situations where He expects us to be obedient. We are trying to do our best.