Friday, 23 October 2009


Last night I rode Amos - I know, I said I was not going to ride anymore. I struggle with the decision to ride almost each time I ride. My biggest concern is that I could fall and obviously be injured. With my Parkinson Disease that probably increases that risk.

However, I feel great and think I can do this. I have been on medication since the first of August and feel much better. I feel relaxed but have quicker response and I am more alert. So I am going to ride.

Thank you Susan for letting me ride Amos. Susan has been glad that we can ride the trails together. We try to encourage each other. I do not like to ride alone.

Some times making choices are not easy. I have weighed this decision quite hard. I think the exercise has been good for me, I am a confident rider, I think a good rider and I love being around horses, so, I am going for it. I can only ride until late November then go to Florida. So next Spring will tell the story.

God bless and I would appreciate your prayers and your counsel.



CrossView said...

Be smart, careful, and safe. But enjoy! Amos may need you more than you need him. Ride with no spirit of fear....

Carol said...

You look at home in the saddle, Papa. We only live once...enjoy it while you can!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - Amos and I do great together. I have no fear on horseback.I am not careless either.

Carol - I feel very comfortable in the saddle - I am careful and feel I know Amos well.

Ruth said...

You have my blessing... not as thought you needed it. ;)

The Lord will go with you, as He always does.

Be blessed!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ruth - I value the input of my friends - you are a real friend, I covet your input and prayers.

Ruth said...

You and Mama are always in my prayers, Papa... I make sure to keep a prayer list, just in case anything ever goes wrong with my memory.

I'm serious... you just never know these days.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Ruth !!! Please do not forget me!! LOL

Ruth said...

I will not, Papa... by His grace. ;)


Indian Lake Papa said...

Ruth - I sat in church yesterday - praying for you and wondering if someday we will ever meet. I pray for you often.

God Bless.