Friday, 13 November 2009

Good Morning Jesus!

Papa is slightly weeping now. I am not sure why God has blessed us so much - why does he do that?

The picture was taken last February at the Great Wall of China - that is my daughter and her hub. They were there to bring home our 3rd grandchild Sara. She was made in China! LOL

Life has been so special the last 9 months getting to watch Sara grow.

But what I want you to think about - is how God provides. In 1991 our family was going through great turmoil - my prayers to God were basic - for survival as a family. God answered those prayers above and beyond - now I weep again.

Thank you Jesus! I am so ever grateful.


Parsley said...

I rejoice with you. God's love is so abundant. He's smiling at you.

Deborah said...

Papa: It's because you're his favorite .... ;-) I'm praising God that He provided me with you and Mama at just the perfect time in my life as well. He IS smiling on you today! =)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - simply put, He really cares!

Oh Deb, I am so glad you are in our lives - and also glad your life is in his!!

CrossView said...

Yes, He does indeed provide! And so many times there were changes on the horizon that I fought against, tooth and nail. But they happened. And they were for the better. And I had to sheepishly apologize all the while thanking Him. ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - it sounds like we both get in trouble once in awhile! I am glad God answers prayer.

Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama:
Yes, I do thank God every day for saving our family from the disaster that could have been. There are times that I have to look back and rejoice at God's amazing love and HIS hold on each of us.

Ed said...

Faith is that strong foundation we need to fall back on when our troubles start to overwhelm us.

Hardship can't be avoided, it's our faith that allows to preserve.

You are now blessed with a loving, growing, family because you found a way to trust in your faith when life was at it's hardest.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - if we fail to learn during the hard times then we waste a golden opportunity. That is a major part of faith.