Monday, 7 March 2011

Life Changes

Today as I looked at this picture I wept. Do you ever lack faith? Do you ever just "assume" that God has enough to do and does not have time or resources to give you miracles?

Mama and I prayed for our children before they were ever conceived. We prayed for them before we even met. We wanted God's blessings on our family and prayed that God would help us be the best parents possible when that day arrived. But we did not really pray much about grand children. Maybe that sounded too old.

In October 1991 I prayed several prayers - we were in the midst of a MAJOR family crisis. These were the major prayer requests I had in 1991.

1) God please protect my daughter!
2) Keep her healthy.
3) Work a miracle in her education goals.
4) Restore her spiritually to your family.

I will not go into the details of the crisis, those of you that want to know can call or talk to me anytime about that - I will share.

I had faith that God could answer any one of those requests, But had doubts that he would answer all four, after all, her being alive at this time was even to me a miracle.

It is now 2011 - almost 20 years later. Lets reflect on those prayer requests of mine.
1) He did - she is doing fine - we were able to bring her home shortly after that prayer.
2) She is now a 40 (almost) year old young woman, doing well!
3) She went on and finished her RN education goals and is an RN at a major hospital.
4) I can remember the night several months after my prayer that she went to an altar and recommitted her life to Christ - a wonderful Christian lady today.

But the picture above? Oh my, as I weep now I am ashamed. You see that baby is my grand daughter Sydney - who will be 10 this month! Grandma is holding her in that photo for the first time. The picture was taken in 2001.

I did not pray for grand children - that wasn't even a remote possibility - I Had put God in a box.
He has blessed us with 3 wonderful grand children! Thank you God for going beyond my prayer expectations. Thank you. He can and will do that for you if you trust him.

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